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It was fun being the puppet-master... but now i grew weary of the flanderization you suffered... It is time to put you in your place.
~ $py64
Congratulations! You've found all seven notebooks! Now all you need to do is... GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN! (laughs horrifically)
~ $py64

SpyroDoomfire64 (or Spy64/$py64) is a supporting protagonist in The Punkettes. And one of the Main Protagonists of $py64 and Yuki's Crazy and Retarded Adventures.

She is the creator of the series. Spyro Doomfire describes her as "a shadowy figure composed of a producer, storyboarder, character designer and a Jake Paul-hater."

Despite not technically being a true villain, She is arguably the true villain of the entire series. While Pepper, Spyro, Junko, Jeno and Mina are the usually primary antagonists in many episodes and arcs, She still trumps all of them as the Bigger Bad of the entire Punkettes series.


$py64 the Wolf if often described as being a true party animal. She loves partying and goofing around. Sometimes she takes almost nothing seriously, in fact, the reason why She didn't take action when Pepper stole the Universe crystals and destroyed the galaxy is because she was too close to beating King Dice on Cuphead to bother.

Spoony can be incredibly petty, callous, cruel, selfish, lazy, and unpredictable. In fact, she is feared by Pepper, Spyro, and many for this very reason.

Under that innocence, Spoony is half devoid of qualms, second-thoughts, or even regret. She doesn't even get a warning. She also holds very little regard for the inhabitants of her creations  and often laughs at their misfortune and misery. The only time she ever cares for anything with them, is when it concerns her own livelihood. She is also very egotistical and is willing to put her name and face on anything.

She has shown a good side such as she was willing to assist the Punkettes whenever they absolutely needed her help. She admired Leaki's moxie when the Punkette snapped at her for her lack of action against Pepper and rewarded the Punkettes by recreating Kiota's spellbook and diaries. As well as her feeling sorry for Spyro about her tragic past and that was suffering from depression, and when she is disgusted with Jeno for knowingly making a sundae that would make the team ill.

According to her real-life self, something happened in her life that made her the sadistic creator she is today. Unfortunately, the staff hasn't had any time to make a story for that yet.

Villainous Acts

  • At Doomfire's Fright, She pranked Yuki and Sparks with the story of Pepper Satanica with aid from her monitor lizard just for amusement. This shows that Spoony is a sadistic bully.
  • She took Yuki's boots away from her, because of the squeaky noise. The squeaky noise hallucination forced her to tell the truth (similar to the Narrator of "The Tell-Tale Heart"), eating them, and at the end of the episode, she got hiccups sounding exactly like the squeaky noise of the boots.
  • Steals various objects from people and lies to Feesuka and Spot/Scott about borrowing. The lesson she taught them caused them to fight after a candy bar incident and the lollipop incident (Feesuka also accused the policemen).
  • Spoony steals a anaconda egg and abuses Free Day. Feesuka believed she was the one who did it, but it was Spot/Scott who became the scapegoat and people threw peanuts at him as revenge. The zookeeper explains Spoony angered the Anaconda by stealing her egg (containing a baby anaconda). Spoony doesn't apologize, only making up the excuse "But it's Free Day!" and the people all throw peanuts at her.
  • Opened an illegal stand by a museum, which had free admission, and forced an old woman to pay for entering. Then the woman told a guard on her causing Spoony to run away from him.
  • Doesn't tell Kashi about Pepper's forest causing her to steal a demonically haunted doll and get the Minu Krab cursed.
  • When Shira returns to the punkettes after her "Death", Spoony says that when she claimed that Shira could not come back, "EVER", she reveals that she "lied".
  • Adds Artistic Advice on the menu for $25 after Kashi said it wasn't on the menu, and forces her to give advice to Jeno.  Then while Spoony was scolding Jeno and Junko for taking her customers from her and selling merchandise made from her own, which was illegal, Jeno explained to Spoony that she was trying to follow Kashi's "advice", making Spoony blame Kashi for being responsible for her actions.
  • Carving "KS 4EVER" on an inhabited planet.


Hello, friends. Bonnie is dead. This next song goes out to my forever boyfriend.
~ Spoony possessing Bonnie.
Oh, I am crazy. Crazy for you.
~ Spoony admitting to being obsessed.
Spoony's not here, she's in hoodie town.
~ Spy64.
Fine. I'll do it myself.
~ Spoony takes action.
Hi, Welcome to Chilly's!
~ Spy64
For the people saying Pepper has returned… I didn't know Pepper had came back. I don't know when you even started calling her by that name. You made her real, now she knows who you are, and she's coming for you. Just why... Why did you do this...?
~ $py64 to the theorists about Pepper's return.
I. Love. Looking like a jackass.
~ $py64.
Dude: You broke into a celebrity’s house.
$py64: Which one?
~ :/
Spyro: Long time no see.
$py64: (playing Minecraft Hunger Games) The food and drinks are in the cooler. Feel free to log into the Wifi, no password, obviously. Ugh... Mina, he's back. That kid on the TV just called me a dickhead again.
Mina: Geekmaster.
$py64: Yeah, Geekmaster92.
Mina: (takes the headset) Geekmaster, hey, it's Mina again. You know, the Commander of the Boboku Forest? Listen, buddy, if you don't log off this game immediately, I am gonna fly over to your house, come down to that basement you're hiding in, rip off your arms and shove them up your butt! Oh, that's right, yes, go cry to your father, you little weasel!
$py64: Thank you, Mina.
Mina: Let me know if he bothers you again, okay?
$py64: Thank you very much, I will.
~ $py64 and Mina vs GeekMaster92.
Cruel, selfish, stupid? That's Koko Minudaka for ya!
~ $py64 about Koko.

Kisekae Code


Her Guitar











  • Spoony admitted to tampering with the personalities.
  • Spoony is able to figure out the player's actual name by reading their minds. She will not reveal their actual name if they are recording.
  • Spoony is aware when the finale is being live streamed and will attempt to jumpscare anyone who is watching the live stream.
  • Unlike other characters, when Spoony is killed, her consciousness is still present and continues to be present.
  • Spoony seems completely unaware that some of her trivia questions cannot be answered. Whether this is actually the case or not is up to debate, though.
  • Even though Spoony did not create Shira and Pepper, she still refers to them as her own.
  • On extremely rare occasions, after the Game Over screen, or when starting up the game, a full screen image of the eyeless Spoony hallucinations sometimes appear. The image goes off when white pupils begin to appear.
  • Spoony once tried to yank her tooth out.
  • Spoony once claimed her boobs are haunted.
  • Spoony has given everyone in the series a nickname, almost never calling them by their real names.
    • Mina: Skip/Pissy.
    • Pepper: Evil/Redhead/Crazy Devil Bitch.
    • Junko: Despairhead/Despairface/Harley Quinn.
    • Jeno: Midori/Knifeface.
    • Celestia: Shion.
    • Luka: Mion.
    • Spyro: Stocking/Twilight.
    • Shira: Sunset/Kotoura-san.
    • Leakianmishi: Fluttershy 2.0/Sparks 2.0.
    • Kiota: Blondie 2.0/Angel Queen/Cutie Pie.
    • Topaz: The Fake/The Masked Clown/Masky (as The Masked Heroine.)
    • Calli: Cala.
    • Marie: Maria.
    • Lisako: Panty shot perv.
    • Fukyu: Fucko McDickerson/DJ Fucktard.
    • Sparks: Sparky.
    • Herself: Panty/Kesha II.
  • She has an IQ of 137.
  • She has an older sister.
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