Save Me Goku Love Anne Frank by meatmissile

Adolf Hitler is the main antagonist of the infamous Dragon Ball Z fanfic entitled Goku and Anne Frank in: Until the End of Time.

Goku and Anne Frank in: Until the End of Time

After Goku had teleported the young Anne Frank to Berlin, he found himself face to face with the Fuhrer himself, Adolf Hitler. The two proceeded to stare at each other for what seemed to be hours, and they soon began to fight in mortal combat. Goku tried to use a machine gun on the mad man, but it proved to be futile. In a shocking swerve, Hitler revealed himself as being a Super Saiyan and he then proceeded to give Goku a thorough beat down. While his enemy was putting him down with his words, Goku suddenly remembered his love for the young Anne Frank, and he then graduated from mere Super Saiyan to an even more powerful form called the "Super Ultra Power Saiyan." He then charges up a Kamehameha in his hands and he then throws the pure energy on the empowered Adolf Hitler. After Hitler's destruction, Goku takes Anne Frank to Australia, and they marry there.


Initial reaction to this fanfic has been mixed. Many critics to this fanfic find this story to be hilariously bad and extremely hard to take seriously. Other critics, however, declare this fanfic to be one of the worst pieces of fiction that they had ever read citing the age gap between Goku and Anne Frank as a major detractor.