Adolf Hitler appears in Legends of Captain America. Hitler is the big bad of the series.


Denying Siegfried

When Zemo was trying to get a second in command for Hydra, Siegfried and Johann Schmidt were interviewed by Zemo. Unknown to Hitler, Schmidt and Zemo began to plot against him since neither of the two liked Hitler. Siegfried arrived at Hitler's office to see if he got the job in Hydra but Hitler simply responded by shouting Nein.

Interrupted meeting

A meeting was taking place in Hitler's office between Hitler, Werner Von Kranz, and Heinrich Zemo. Kranz and Zemo were arguing about Hydra when Siegfried interrupted the meeting. Siegfried warned everyone tat Captain America was heading to Berlin after stating that he should also have had Red Skull's job. Hitler then had Siegfried kicked out of the room. Then Zemo told Hitler that Red Skull would be investigated.

Meeting Red Skull at a parade

Hitler was at a parade and went to join in with Zemo, Kranz, and Wrawn. They ran into Red Skull. Red Skull informed Hitler that he failed to retrieve the artifact he was sent to get. Hitler was upset but decided to give Red Skull another chance. Hitler assigned Red Skull with getting a powerful object. Hitler, Zemo, and Wrawn went to join the parade.


  • Hitler has currently appeared in only three episodes
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