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Do you truly believe our species can coexist?... Even after you saw what they did? No...I won't put our kingdom through that pain again. I'll follow the rules our king left for us. If you still desire to go against his rules...then... Fight me.
~ Agate Lightvale

Agate Lightvale is a major antagonist in Glitchtale; she serves as the posthumous overarching antagonist of season 2, the protagonist of Glitchtale Origins: The Black Beast and she will probably appear in the prequel with a major role. She was the twin sister of Copper Lightvale, the older sister of Amber Lightvale, the wizard of Bravery, and she was also responsible for the creation of Bête Noire, making her responsible for everything that happened in Season 2.

She is voiced by MEMJ0123, who also voiced Jessica Grey.


Glitchtale Origins

Copper and Agate were watching the scene and just saw what could most likely be their mother dying. Her soul, which is presumably an Integrity soul, cracked and eventually shattered upon Amber's birth.

As Amber got older, Agate befriended her, Agate and Copper raised Amber together. But eventually, it was revealed that she had a special green and blue soul, otherwise known as a two traited soul. However, things began to change once the two siblings started to argue over whether the barrier should be kept or not. This eventually led to them battling, with Copper winning due to his determination soul's strength. Agate's loss humiliated her, causing her to lose her trait, and flee the kingdom. She started looking for a trait that had a chance to defeat DETERMINATION, and in doing so, she found it: FEAR.

Later, Copper and Agate were reunited, though something seemed different about Agate this time, so once again she challenged her brother, however, it was against his will. This time though, she ended up winning because, during the fight, Agate had killed Amber, causing Copper to lose his trait out of fear. She then proceeded to kill him whilst he was frozen on his knees, shocked over what he was witnessing. Knowing that her time was running short because her soul was cracking, she performed the Bête Noire spell in a cave and used Amber as a vessel for it.

Season 2

Agate is mostly just mentioned in Season 2. However, she did appear as a vision in Hate when Betty was fighting Toriel and Asgore.


Originally, Agate was a kind and selfless young woman that greatly valued her family and seemed to act like a motherly figure around Amber. However, it was no secret that Agate believed that the barrier should be kept up. Though, this wasn't because she hated monsters but rather because she believed that humans and monsters living together would cause more wars, meaning that she was simply trying to keep the peace. She also might've been bold and confident, as shown when she bravely challenged Copper. But it comes to a surprise, that she was not mentally brave, and she always followed what her superiors had to say, showing that she was also submissive.

Unfortunately, everything changed after she lost her battle with her twin brother, Copper Lightvale. This brought unbearable humiliation upon her, causing her to lose her trait, and run away. In fact, she became obsessed with ensuring humans and monsters never live with each other and began to seek revenge on Copper for humiliating her. In fact, she was willing to go great lengths such as committing murder in order to achieve these goals.

After inverting her trait, she turned completely insane, immensely violent, horrifyingly ruthless, and highly sadistic, always smiling psychotically in the face of her opponent's pain. She clearly didn't care about the people she hurt (even if they were children) and showed no problem with corrupting innocent people. A perfect example of her cruelty was when she smiled and showed no remorse when she forced Copper to watch her kill her own sister, Amber Lightvale, who was completely defenseless and innocent; she did nothing but act as a loving younger sister to both Agate and Copper. All Amber wanted was to be a good and loving sister, but due to the cruelty that humanity contained, Agate, the true monster, murdered both Amber and Copper in cold blood.

Even after all she did, Agate seemed to have believed that she was a good person and failed to see the wrong in her evil deeds, but it is obvious that she is far from sympathetic the moment she willingly embraced evil.

Agate used to have redeeming qualities but lost them out of her quest for revenge because she used HATE to do so, which caused her to completely lose any redeeming qualities she may still possess before.


  • Due to having her soul, Betty has all of Agate's memories. This shows that Betty is indeed Agate in a certain way
  • Agate, even when dead, is still responsible for the creation of Bete, and it is still her fault for creating the conflict in Season 2 since Bete Noire was created to fix the glitches.
  • If Agate used Copper as the vessel for the Bete Noire spell, the spell would've been stronger than the currently known Bete Noire, but she didn't because of her massive hatred and bitterness towards Copper.
  • Asgore knows that Betty is actually Agate.
  • When Agate and Copper were children, Copper would always manage to get himself hurt despite Agate's warnings beforehand. As teenagers, these roles switched with Agate becoming the more rash one.
  • Camila Cuevas confirmed that Rin and Agate were very close. Some even speculate that they could have been in love.



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