Aku...So he's the one who saved me from Stanley's mind. That memory eraser did a number on me, Stanley would've died before I could fully piece myself, I would've gone for good, but thanks to him, I'm good as new!
~ Aku Cipher explaining his return.

Aku Cipher is the main antagonist of Dtoons's Team Teen crossover series.


Aku Cipher has the same personality as Bill Cipher, he is humorous and sometimes jokes with his victims. He seems to have some kind of psychic connection with Aku, as he followed him when he needed his help, while seeming he was mind controlled, even through he considered earth dangerous.

Aku Cipher is also very smart, he instantly knew where dipper and mabel were, knew how rick sanchez traps worked and ran away in the best moment. 


After Bill Cipher was destroyed with the memory eraser, he shredded into thousands of pieces inside Stanley's mind. As he stated, Stanley was going to die along with Bill before Bill recovered all the pieces. But then Aku entered Stanley's mind after escaping from Rick Sanchez's laboratory. Aku then restored all of Bill Cipher's pieces and fused with him, creating Aku Cipher. Bill Cipher then escaped from Stanley's mind with his new Aku form.


Team Teen: Ressurrection

After escaping from Stanley's mind, Aku Cipher tries to kill him, but Rick Sanchez appears and temporarily destroys his arm with his gun. Rick Sanchez then locks the entire house in order to prevent Aku from escaping, but Aku Cipher uses telekinesis to force Rick Sanchez to unlock the house, and then escapees breaking the windown.

Team Teen: The Rematch

Aku Cipher tries to kill Dipper and Mabel and grabs them, but since Rick Sanchez injected immunition into the two, Aku Cipher's arms end up being destroyed temporarily. Aku and Rick Sanchez keep fighting until Rick takes him down. Morty Smith tries to finalize him, but Aku Cipher throws lasers in everyone.

They all try to capture him, but Aku Cipher resists and summons an army of mind controlled students. Dipper easily shrinks them with his Crystal Flashlight, but Aku Cipher goes away while he is distracted.

In outerspace, Bill explains alone his origin, states Rick Sanchez is too dangerous and decides to abandon Earth and explore the universe, but he is then attracted by something on Earth, which is possibly Aku.

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