Akumi Hanashi is a major antagonist in the Miracle Loving Fortune Saga. She is the actual leader of the Warriors of Fortune.


Akumi appears to be a cheerful, kind, caring, charming and empathetic person. However, it is shown that she is actually an amoral, deranged and sociopathic and manipulator. While being extremely polite and respectful, cutesy, she is able to easily manipulate the other Warriors of Fortune. She even resorts to sexual extortion. She is very intelligent for her age and is specialized in robotics.

She idolized Pepper Satanica seeing her as a big sister and an example. She dedicates her life to be more like Pepper and continue her reign of Misfortune.


Akumi first appears in the news reporting room with the other Warriors of Fortune warning any survivors that they intend to kill all adults and that they should remember them. She then says goodbye and cuts the news report.

Akumi appeared again as the Warriors of Fortune welcomed and introduced themselves to Haruka Minami in their airship, the Xovira. She cheerfully self-proclaimed "life of the party" of the group. She reveals the Warriors' plan to make "a paradise of children, for children, by children". Not long after the Servant arrives and set the misfortune Bracelet to Haruka, Akumi and the other Warriors of Fortune open a trap door, resulting in Haruka falling through and back down into Oten City.

Kisekae Code


As Pepper






  • Pepper Satanica - Idol and Sister Figure.
  • Warriors of Fortune


  • The Punkettes
  • Margra Batto
  • Kyra Verbeten
  • The Minu Krab


  • She is based off Monaca Towa.
  • Akumi faked her kindness to get attention and sympathy.


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