Mimi Na: We have failed you.

Aleph Z: No, you have not. 1 failure means nothing in our plans to remake Paradise Island into a country where man and woman are welcome.

~ Mimi Na and Aleph Z talking
After I rebelled against Circe, my former teacher, she put this curse this on me. All I could only think of is to plunder, to burn, and destroy, like a soulless monster. One day, a woman saw me shedding some tears. She then used her watery magic to remove this curse on me, and I thanked her. She saw from my heart that I was a troubled person.
~ Aleph Z explaining to Connie how he and Mimi Na first met

Aleph Z is the leader of the Dark Brigade and is one of the main antagonists of the Invasion of Paradise Island series along with Circe, his former teacher. Unlike other villains who come to invade Paradise Island with selfish ambitions, he wants to remake it into a country where man and woman are welcome.

Realizing that Paradise Island has its flaws, he destroys the Amazonians who still enforce Aphrodite's Law as the White Horse Rider.

He treats his men with respect and does not take advantage of them.

After Aphrodite is eliminated in the Season 1 finale, he becomes the final antagonist of the series. He then keeps his word, and grants Laine the permission to leave Paradise Island.


In the past, he was a man attending Circe's academy. When the villains at Circe's academy teased him, he started become vengeful towards them. This resentment towards them allowed his hatred to grow to not just killing villains at Circe's academy, but other villains as well. This hatred fueled his transformation, allowing him to access the move Scarlet Lake of Fire. He went on a rampage, killing a cop who was morally corrupt. This would extend to other villains (e.g. Close from the Pretty Cure multiverse) until Mimi Na calms him down, telling him from her heart that she felt the same pain he felt. Over time, he treats them with kindness.

In the present, he is a man who cares for his comrades. When they fail him, he motivates them to become stronger, saying that 1 loss is nothing in his eyes.

He becomes more mature after Mimi Na stops him from killing his teacher.


Aleph Z originally was a student in a prestigious villains' academy whose teachers taught them that they should abuse their henchmen and rule with fear. He was a lonely person because no one in his class would share his ideals of masters and friends. He then realized what his parents said ruling with fear - that it encourages betrayal. Because of his ideals, he was a nobody at Circe's academy and the villains at the academy picked on him.

He used Kimi Oona's powers to choke two truant officers that Circe sent. Circe realized that danger to her academy, and sent a red alert to other villains at her academy, saying that they will be trampled. Aleph Z then took a dagger (named it Velo Mono O-on Z) and dipped in a vat, and it enhanced his powers. His eyes began to glow red. Eventually, the other villains at her academy began planning to destroy him, and this caused his anger to grow stronger.

This danger not only affected the villains at Circe's academy, but other villains in general. He became so scary to the point where other villains would destroy him rather than helping him. Using his dagger, he stabbed several corrupt cops who used their powers to harass people.

However, that was not the end of his rampage. He put on a hockey mask on and began destroying any villain that stood in his way. The anger from his heart turned his scarlet flames into a deadly magical ability, which he named Scarlet Lake of Fire which he activated by saying the word "Akagi". He attacked villains whose names included Joker and Phantom, or whose hearts were morally corrupt.

As a result, Circe steps forth and put a curse on him that turned him into a shadow. This only furthered his rampage, as he attacked a corrupt officer that was about to bring a bad fruit to other people and calling it good. He then went back to the academy to test his new powers on the ones who bullied him. Villains who saw him warned others about him, calling him the Cure of Ruin.

After rampaging through Circe's academy, he noticed a woman looking at him. She saw how lonely he was, and to his shock, she shares the same ideals as him. She sensed in her heart that he wanted to be respected as a person. She talked to him. Realizing that he was lonely and wanted to have a friend from within his heart, she uses her powers to remove his curse, turning him back into a human. During the conversation, he asked her her name, and she told him that it was Mimi Na.

Mimi Na sensed in her heart that Aleph Z's destructive tendencies were not because of being powerful, but loneliness. She sensed in her heart his rampage, his heart crying for someone to call a friend. She shed a tear, saying that he is a monster on the outside with massive anger issues. Mimi Na then approaches Aleph Z, and hugs him, stopping him from killing the other villains.

She then asked him to calm down, but she saw the anger in her heart - the anger that is Towa Akagi as a mindless rampaging beast who only sought to destroy. Aleph Z is confused, but she tells him that his anger is what made the other villains label him as the Cure of Ruin. She tells him to calm down and think about him and her being in the ocean waves, with no one to bother them.

He then asked Mimi Na about Circe, saying if she's a monster. Mimi Na told him that she didn't know, or she may have a secret that she hid from others. She then asked him if that they could walk away from the academy.

He then found a map about Paradise Island. By reading the pamphlet, it shocked him. Under Aphrodite's Law man shall be put to death. He realized the flaw in the law - it's prejudging people, not giving them a chance to be treated equally.



Where do you think you are doing, you corrupt cop? Prepare to face my Scarlet Lake of Fire!
~ Aleph Z to a corrupt cop named Randall before leaving him with scars on his body

Season 1

You cannot serve two masters - you will love one but hate the other.
~ Aleph Z to Connie when she is unsure
And I will put enmity between you and me, you will crush my head, and I will strike your heel, you filthy serpents.
~ Aleph Z to the Amazonians who follow Aphrodite and her law
Aleph Z: I am a murder because I killed Aphrodite. My men are in my steps, because they killed many Amazonians on Paradise Island ... these Amazonians followers of Aphrodite.

Laine: It's ok. I forgive you and your men.

~ Aleph Z and the Dark Brigade receiving forgiveness from Laine in the Season 1 finale, Man's Land
Aleph Z: Goodbye Laine, I'll miss you.

Laine: You and men did wonderful things for me. By the way, before I leave for Man's World, I would like you to meet some friends of mine.
Aleph Z: Truth is, my heart is sick and beyond cure. I am a human ... a sinner ... a sinner whose heart is sick.
Laine: It's ok, Aleph Z. I know you and your Dark Brigade can do it. Aphrodite's Law is so prejudice. My friends never liked Aphrodite's Laws in the first place. And also, you may be a villain, but you have something the other villains don't - compassion.
Aleph Z: Thanks, Laine, I'll miss you.

~ Laine giving Aleph Z and the Dark Brigade confidence before leaving for Man's World

Season 2

Season2 Episode 1

In my kingdom, here are the laws that you Amazonians must follow. You shall NOT covet, give false testimony to neighbors, commit adultery, murder, make graven images, and have other gods in my presence. Honor your mother and father.
~ Aleph Z enforcing the Amazonians his laws.
Suite: There is an adulterer in your kingdom.

Aleph Z: Tell the Amazonians this, if a man commits adultery with his wife, both the adulterer and adulteress shall be put to death.

~ Suite warning Aleph Z when she sees the 1st adulterer


  • Aleph is the 1st letter in the Hebrew alphabet.
  • The way he deals with his former teacher, Circe, who put him through suffering is remarkable. Usually, villains want revenge on those who tormented them before, but Aleph Z forgives Circe for all the pain she put him through. Because Aleph Z had forgiven Circe, Circe then tells him about why she acted that way. It takes courage for one to forgive another of their wrongdoing.
  • His plan to defeat Aphrodite involves the book of Daniel. He would start by telling his men to build a statue with a golden head, chest and arms of silver, belly and thighs of bronze, legs of iron, and feet partly iron and baked clay. Aphrodite would then respond by sending out the beasts that correspond to each part of the statue in retaliation.
    • Not to mention that when he rescues the protagonist Connie from Aphrodite's prison, he tells her about the day-year principle, which is key to interpreting it correctly. He tells Connie that she'll be imprisoned for 1260 years (Aphrodite locked Connie and Aria for a thousand two hundred and threescore days).