"Nothing personal, kid"

Anti-Bunni is the Dark Mobian version of Bunni Rabbot from the Sonic: Cosmic Crusade multiverse, she would leave her native reality by choice and enter mainstream Mobius, where she grew obsessed with replacing Bunni Rabbot and later with cybernetic enhancements and a criminal lifestyle that was at odds both with the Cosmic Crusade and her old "masters" in Dark Mobius.


Anti-Bunni was raised in Dark Mobius and like most Mobians in her reality believed herself to be superior to all other species, at a relatively young age she was caught in the blast range of an experimental roboticization weapon and found parts of her body to be converted into cybernetics.

Anti-Bunni would lose her social status due to her new appearance, which forced her into a life of crime - she also grew to resent the Dark Mobian regime as a whole, seeing as she was denied her previous life of luxury and treated as a second-class citizen simply because of her appearance, which she blamed on the neglect of her superiors.

Despite this Anti-Bunni had to keep her crimes small enough to evade the Dark Mobian police and when the call came for all Mobians to aid in the conquest of a new reality Anti-Bunni decided to "tag along", figuring that this new reality could provide her with a means to escape Dark Mobius and start a new life for herself.

Anti-Bunni's plan worked for the most part and as Dark Mobius fought with mainstream Mobius she made her escape into the Mobian wilds, where she stayed - she would venture out to witness the destruction of the Dark Warp Ring, which denied Dark Mobius further access to Mobius and also denied her a way back to her native reality : both scenarios pleased Anti-Bunni.

Anti-Bunni would spend the next few months becoming a feared outlaw and bandit, her crimes soon came to the attention of Mobian authorities and the Cosmic Crusade, with Bunni Rabbot being blamed for the crimes - determined to prove her innocence the team set out to the wilds to find the truth, Bunni had to stay under watch with authorities but later escaped to pursue the truth for herself.

When the team arrived on the scene of Anti-Bunni's latest crime they found her to be a formidable fighter and recognized her as an alternate Bunni, though due to her criminal nature they suspected her to be from Evil Mobius - she mocked their idea of "evil" and nearly defeated them before Bunni arrived and engaged in battle with her duplicate.

Surprised at there being more than one Bunni Anti-Bunni fought even more fiercely than before, forcing the group to work as a whole to take her down but she managed to escape via firing upon innocents, distracting the group - however in the process Mobian authorities saw the truth and Bunni was excused of her previous charges (though she still had to face minor punishment for her escape from watch).

Anti-Bunni would return after these events and became a personal rival of Bunni, seeking to replace her and take away things she loved - later still she would stop obsessing as much over Bunni but developed an addiction to cybernetic enhancements, which further fueled her criminal tendencies.

Metallic Madness Past - Sonic the Hedgehog CD Music Extended-0

Metallic Madness Past - Sonic the Hedgehog CD Music Extended-0


  • chaos-absorption (while Anti-Bunni can not naturally absorb chaos energy, being born of Dark Mobius, she has managed to obtain this trait via cybernetic upgrades and can thus now obtain super-transformations when she has collected sufficient power from chaos-relics such as the Chaos Emeralds, Master Emerald or Power Rings.)
  • extendible-limbs (Anti-Bunni can extend her arm and legs to incredible lengths, she has even shown the ability to manipulate her limbs so as to whip opponents, constrict or restrain others - the maximum range of her limbs appears to be roughly five-times her entire body length.)
  • superhuman-strength (Anti-Bunni is immensely strong, capable of going toe-to-toe with beings as strong as Knuckles for prolonged periods of time.)
  • rocket-flight (Anti-Bunni can fly via powerful blasts of energy from her feet, akin to rockets - the jets of flame this produces can also be used as a form of attack, the resulting "flight" from these bursts of energy enable fast, sudden movement but also does not last long : thus it is more akin to short but powerful leaps.)
  • superhuman-durability (Anti-Bunni is incredibly durable, though her organic parts are much less durable than her virtually indestructible robotic parts - thus while her limbs are virtually immune to any form of damage she still has to take care not to be hit in her exposed organic areas, such as the head or torso.)
  • arm-cannon (Anti-Bunni's robotic arm can convert into a cannon at will, which can blast powerful rays of energy capable of either stunning or incinerating an individual, depending on the intensity of the beam - which she can control with remarkable precision.)


  • one of Anti-Bunni's most memorable moments was when she attacked the Cosmic Crusaders for the first time and uttered the "nothing personal, kid" line - this is an out-of-universe reference to the infamous meme / fan-character of Coldsteel (who became known in the Sonic fandom for its deliberately "terrible" status).
  • the character of Coldsteel would actually appear in-universe as a Metal Series robot, after Anti-Bunni's out-of-universe reference to the meme (unlike said meme the in-universe Coldsteel is a serious threat and played straight rather than for comedy).
  • Anti-Bunni is unique among the Dark Mobians in being much more anarchic and criminal in nature, opposed to the usual fascist law-obsessed nature of most Dark Mobians.
  • despite her resentment of the Dark Mobian regime she still holds a xenophobic attitude towards non-Mobians, viewing them as "inferior", as well as a "survival of the fittest" attitude in regards to her own wrong-doings : these are her most telling traits of being a Dark Mobian.
  • there is no known Bunni counterpart in Evil Mobius, as a result Anti-Bunni is often considered (if wrongly) "Evil Bunni".
  • due to being a Dark Mobian Anti-Bunni understands the concepts of "good" and has largely rejected them in favor of wrong-doing, this is another trait that separates her from most Evil Mobians (who largely can not understand "good".) : Anti-Bunni demonstrated her ability to understand "good" when she fired upon innocents, knowing that the Cosmic Crusade would go to the innocents aid and allow her a chance to escape - further empathized by her stating that their actions were predictable : "good guys always gotta play the hero - later, chumps".
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