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No one's taking anything from me ever again.
~ Ash Graven.

Ash Graven is one of the main protagonists of the fourth season of Pastamonsters. She is a young Serepentian woman with strange telekinetic powers who joins the Proxies near the middle of Season 4. 

Ash is an extremely powerful alien originating from the planet Serepentis to which her people worshiped Zalgo as a god under the belief that he would save their planet, which began dying from lack of resources. Her powers first emerged after she watched Zalgo devour her sister during a sacrificial ceremony. In a fit of despair and rage, Ash's powers were activated in a powerful energy blast, which inadvertently killed her parents and several other cultists. Following the traumatic experience, Ash made it her mission to find and destroy Zalgo and put an end to his tyranny.



Ash and her sister, Harp Graven, were the princesses of the planet Serepentis. On her planet, she lived with her parents and her sister, and they grew quite close. However, when their planet began dying from lack of resources, Ash's father, the King of Serepentis, was forced to seek help from the Lord of the Pit, Zalgo. After summoning him, the Serepentians begged for Zalgo to keep their planet from destruction. Zalgo seemingly agreed, but only after he had the race of aliens build statues in his likeness.

Over the course of a month, Ash's father became more and more obsessed and fanatically devoted to Zalgo, which Ash and Harp took notice of. In one instance, Ash's own father had the Cult of Zalgo kidnap her, strap her to a restraint chair, and, in an attempt to get rid of her mortality, forced her to be injected with a liquid that caused Ash an incredible amount of pain that nearly drove her insane.

Once the statues were finally built for Zalgo, Zalgo returned to the planet and decided the people of Serepentis to enter a portal to a safe dimension in the meantime. However, as Harp and the remaining population stepped into the portal, Ash realized something was wrong and tried to stop her sister and the others from continuing on, but Zalgo's Inquisitors as well as Ash's own parents held her back and forced her to watch as Harp and the others were devoured by Zalgo. Ash angrily demanded to know what Zalgo did to her sister, and Zalgo revealed that he sent them to the Pit of Despair, where Harp and the remaining Serepentians will be tortured, enslaved and brainwashed into zombies for Zalgo's army, before laughing and calling her a fool for falling for his tricks.

Enraged, the serum that Ash's father injected inside her was acticated and gave Ash incredible powers that she unleashed in a purple enrgy wave, killing Zalgo's Inquisitors in the process. However, Ash's parents, as well as a few other Serepenians, were killed in the blast, horrifying her. Zalgo merely laughed at this and mocked her parent's death by telling her she should have watched her temper, causing her to try to attack Zalgo, but Shadowlurker and X came to Zalgo's aide and attempted to subdue the fierce warrior, but she continued to fight back, even managing to nearly blast X's face off. Unfortunately, Shadowlurker easily countered Ash's attacks and defeated her by telekinetically smashing her into various rock formations. As she laid beaten, X, enraged by Ash nearly burning half his face, clawed her right eye out, causing her a massive amount of pain and agony, but Shadowlurker stopped him from killing her. Afterward, Zalgo mocked Ash that she would never see her sister again, before saying he would take care of her in a sinister manner. Afterward, Zalgo used his powers to destroy Serepentis before teleporting away with his two henchmen. Painfully getting up, Ash crawled to her sister's crown, the last thing remaining of her. Cradling the crown, she openly grieved for her sister by her name only get no response. Ash silently concluded that she had nothing to live for without her sister or her planet, and did not make any attempt to escape, comfortable with dying along with their planet, which finally exploded around her. However, Ash's incredible durability kept her from death and left her as seemingly the only survivor of her race.


I got off that shithole planet, thanks to Princess Bubblegum back there. Oh, you'd love her. Very practical, only a tiny bit psycho.
~ Jeff to Ms. P.

Ash is shown to be obsessive, vengeful, fierce, violent, and a little creepy. She is bipolar when using her powers, but is very much capable of having a caring side, as shown with her powerful relationship with her deceased sister, and her protectiveness of the Proxies. She is often very insecure, pushing back the people who want to help her, and she feels the need to act tough and be in control and has understandings of the situations around her, even if she truly doesn't.

Ash losing her sister and planet was the catalyst for her falling into a state of grief and rage that fueled her path of vengeance, becoming extremely ruthless, murdering anyone associated with Zalgo, whether they deserved it or not. Because without her family, the only thing that was important to her, she was reduced to only her skillset used for killing people. Despite seeing her actions as necessary at the time, Ash believed herself to have gone too far for redemption. Ash also suffered psychological damage and night terrors because of Zalgo, as she constantly had nightmares of Zalgo and his forces finding and destroying what else she had left. Because of this, Ash tried not to get too attached to others, as she knew that they would be targeted by Zalgo if he found her again. However, she was able to overcome this, mainly to honor the Proxies, who still believed in her, and risked their lives to help her with her goals. Because of their support, she is very loyal and thankful for them. By the end of her time with them, she becomes stable enough to run an entire planet thanks to the Proxies' help. She is particularly close to BEN, Ticci Toby and Ms. Pencil Neck.

Ash is known to be highly sadistic, even being referred to as the biggest sadist in the galaxy by an alien on the planet Shikk and she seems to take pride in her sadistic killing of her targets, with her proudly telling Jeff that "The screams of my victims can be heard through the galaxy", which Jeff replied in stride by saying that it was because Ash often took a long time to kill her foes because she talked so much first. She also violently attacks Jeff after mistaking him for her childhood crush, is seen laughing menacingly while melting Zalgo's minions with a flame thrower, and highly enjoyed killing Enderman and Zalgo's minions in brutal ways. She is also somewhat masochistic, as she displays enthusiasm about contracting a UTI, described the graphic effects of snacks from her homeworld with joy, and other disturbing things. Even after joining the Proxies to kill Zalgo, Ash shows no visible signs of regret for her own crimes and she was perfectly willing to murder and torture anyone tasked to her and anyone who stood in her own way, although most of her victims typically deserved what was coming to them. However, she did say that she would help the universe by killing Zalgo, indicating that after her encounter with him and his army, she not only saw Zalgo's death as vengeance but also to save other children from suffering at his hands.

Like Jeff and most of the Proxies, Ash greatly despised Zalgo, for destroying her planet and taking and killing her sister. Zalgo devouring her sister fueled Ash on her quest to find and free her sister. However, she was too late, and by the time she finds Harp, she was reduced to a malnourished, mentally broken slave who didn't even remember Ash. This encounter greatly demoralized Ash, and only made her hatred for Zalgo even stronger. Her hatred for Zalgo eclipsed any fear she had of him, as she went as far as to infiltrate the Pit just to try to kill him, which failed miserably due to her not knowing how to awaken her true powers. Ash also greatly hatred X and Shadowlurker as well, especially X, for him taking her right eye and stopping her from killing Zalgo.

Ash was capable of showing a more playful and humorous to side to her, mostly around the Proxies. She was capable of being just as sarcastic as Jeff could be, revealing her to be not as serious as she lets on. She also happily finger painted Jeff's blood-covered helmet to playfully make fun of him. She was shown playing video games with BEN and at one point played a game of Thimbles with the Proxies in order to help Slenderman and Jeff settle an unknown argument. She is much more open around the Proxies and is shown to generally enjoy their company. Due to being an alien and an outsider, she is still rather new to Earth and its customs. (For example, she chastised Jeff for not knowing how to play Thimbles, which Jeff truthfully didn't know how to play since the game originated from her planet. This leads to much confusion for her and others, such as the awkwardness in casually drinking mustard as a beverage, and thinking cotton candy and cotton balls are the same things. Interestingly, the manner in which she acts hints that she tries to act normal, but fails miserably.


Ash has light blue skin, a pink eye, and long pink hair that reaches her waist and covers the right side of her head. Notably, her left eye is her only eye and side under her hair is just a blank stretch of skin. She wears a black, body glove-like garment with black, fingerless gloves, a gray cowl with purple vertical lines and matching skirt with a simple purple snake-like head on the front, gray gauntlets with purple screens on her forearms, pink leggings, gray boots with purple knee pads, a pink snake armband on her upper right arm, an amulet with a pentagon-shaped gem around her neck, and a magenta choker. Ash also has a tattoo of Serepentis' Multiverse Crystal on her left arm, which she claims all Serepentians are born with.

Whenever Ash activates her powers, she emits a purple aura with white outlines. The white in her eye also turns black except for her pupil which still maintains a pink color.

Powers and Abilities

You guys sure we needed an army for this?
~ BEN to Jeff when Ash wipes out most of Zalgo's army.

  • Serepentian Physiology: Ash's father injected her with a painful, but magical serum made from Zalgo's essence. After Zalgo devoured her sister, something triggered inside of Ash and she was able to unlock her powers. This greatly enhanced Ash's physical abilities, such as her strength, durability, speed, reflexes, and agility to cosmic levels. These levels can be increased even further by Ash's emotions, the angrier she gets the stronger she becomes. When she uses her powers she becomes surrounded by a purple aura & the white of her eyes turn black. She is also trained in the arts of battle by years of fighting Zalgo's minions and she has come to rely solely on her fighting skills, strength, and telekinetic blasts. When she unlocked her true power, Ash demonstrated much greater control over her powers, which makes her one of the most powerful beings in the cosmos and allowed her to overwhelm a being as powerful as Infinite Zalgo, as she was able to briefly overpower the Dark Lord until his healing factor allowed him to take control.
  • Superhuman Strength: Due to the magic serum running through her veins, Ash possesses superhuman strength that can reach immense levels using her dark energy. With this, she was able to defeat many demons and enhanced humans with relative ease. Even before unlocking her true power, she was already strong enough to knock out Jeff the Killer with a single punch without the use of her energy blasts. Her superhuman strength generally allows her to send her opponents flying through the air with simple blows and kicks. When she rescues Jeff from several of Zalgo's assassins, she punches one of the assassins in the face so hard her fist goes through his head, rips one of the assassin's hearts out, and kills the final henchman by ripping him in half. After unlocking her true powers, Ash became considerably stronger, enough to dominate Zalgo's most powerful form with almost no effort, as well as escape from his corrupting powers through sheer willpower. During her battle against Flagg's army, she is shown to be strong enough to push hundreds of soldiers larger than her off the mountain cliff without difficulty, as well as breaking their spears, armor, shields or pulling the arm of an ogre out of its socket with her bare hands. Afterward, she picks up a large stone slab to protect a little girl and herself from a hail of arrows, lifting it above his head before destroying it. During the Battle of the Multiverse, she was also able to take down gigantic creatures such as dragons, demonic gorilla-like monsters, and hydras by punching through them at high speeds. She is also shown to be able to go toe-to-toe with the cosmic entities known as the Titans. In her battle with Zalgo, she was able to disperse Zalgo's dark energy using punches and kicks that released powerful shockwaves of energy. Ash also exerted her strength in both arms to push back a powerful energy beam from Zalgo, overpowering the Dark Lord and forcing his own attack back at him.
  • Superhuman Durability: Ash's skin density, muscles, and bones have increased exponentially due to the serum injected into her. As such, Ash possesses resistance to blunt trauma, falls from high altitudes, energy shots, and large explosions. After her powers awakened, she managed to remain conscious after having been badly beaten by the Shadowlurker, and even survived X nearly clawing her face off, whereas X's claws would typically shred people apart like paper, once again proving she is significantly more durable and resilient than the average person, although X implied he could have crush cut her in half any time he wants when he threatened her in the Pit. Even when Zalgo destroyed Serepentis, Ash survived the massive explosion, although the combination of Shadowlurker's assault and the explosion rendered her unconscious. During her and Jeff's encounter with Shadowlurker and X, Ash was hit with X's red energy ball and was only momentarily stunned and powering through it. When one of Flagg's soldiers hit her directly in the face with a sword, the sword broke on contact and Ash simply turned and punched her head off his shoulders. She also resisted the explosion of her and Jeff landing in the Under Realm on an escape pod and was only slightly dazed but came out of it without a single scratch. Ash's incredible durability even allowed her to hold her opponents' energy blasts with her bare hands without suffering any damage. Later, she was able to fly through several of Zalgo's ships without any effort and passed through the armored ships to destroy it while being left completely unharmed by the great explosions that were generated. When X threw a massive ball of energy at her and the Proxies, Ash came out with a broken arm, but was still relatively unharmed and the arm healed after a couple of hours. She also survived being hit with a lengthy amount of Zalgo's lightning, although it did cause her an incredible amount of pain and Zalgo was merely toying with her at the time. When her full power was unleashed, her physical condition is elevated to cosmic levels resulting in her body generating cosmic energy from within without causing any physical damage or fatigue. She resisted a large lightning bolt from Infinite Zalgo and was completely unharmed when she was hit with torrents of energy from Zalgo's eyes. Ash's incredible durability allowed her to resist being thrown away by Zalgo and was able to quickly get up to face the Dark Lord again. During another sequence where Zalgo fires an energy beam directly at her, she did not flinch and proceeded to fly straight through the attack. However, she is not completely invulnerable, since getting hit by enough of Zalgo's attacks, was enough to weaken her.
  • Superhuman Speed: Ash is capable of moving at great superhuman speeds. She is shown to be able to tag X in hand-to-hand combat, and dodged his wild attacks while landing her own blows as well. She is one of the very few characters who can keep up with X and easily overpower him in a fight. She was also able to keep up with Jeff while running with him. Also, she can fly at the speed of light.
  • Enhanced Senses: Ash's reflexes are far higher than any human's senses, alerting her to dangers around her as a sixth sense. During her final battle with Zalgo, Zalgo trapped Ash in his form, creating a void of darkness around her. But she was able to use her senses to elegantly dodge and attack the invisible lightning bolts, corrupting clouds of darkness, and other magical attacks that were heading towards her, and find Zalgo's core. When Zalgo seemingly asked for her forgiveness and redemption, Ash detected that the Zalgo was a fake and was able to send the true, invisible Zalgo that was beside her flying back with an energy blast before he could kill her with heat vision.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Ash can react to as well as dodge objects that travel at high speeds, with her dodging many of the attacks from her enemies with relative ease and almost effortlessly. Also, while flying, she was able to dodge the fire from Zalgo's dragons and energy guns from his minions.
  • Superhuman Agility: Ash has greater agility, dexterity, balance, and body coordination than a regular human being. She was also able to dodge many of X's physical attacks and overcome him in their fights. She was able to easily keep up with and surpass Zalgo when she awakened her powers.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Due to the Serepentian blood running through her veins, Ash possesses a relatively small, but impressive natural healing factor, with an example being that there was no scar after having her eye clawed out by X, although her eye itself did not regenerate. Another example was when the resulting explosion from X's energy attack left her with a broken arm, only for her to heal and recover a few hours later. Ash also recovered without any problems after being hit by Infinite Zalgo's attacks.

Ash while using her powers.

  • Dark Magic: After being forced to watch as Zalgo devoured her sister, Ash unlocked her powers, granting her various dark magical abilities, or a "thingy thing" as Jeff calls it. The dark energy souring through her body was unleashed in an explosion strong enough to kill Zalgo's Inquisitors and, indirectly, her own parents. Ash can also envelope herself within her energy, which emits itself as a glowing purple aura surrounding her which causes her eye and hair to glow radiantly. Her powers are usually triggered by anger, which for better or worse is easy for her to come by. If the circumstances alone won’t do it, she can just ask someone to mention prom. She can fire purple energy blasts that are comparable, if not stronger than, Ms. P's attacks, and she has the ability to fly at incredible speeds. In addition, Ash can also accumulate her energy into her hands to increase the damage behind her blows, which she used to disperse Infinite Zalgo's essence.
    • Energy Blasts: Ash is capable of directly siphoning her dark energy into dense powerful blasts strong enough to pulverize landscapes or send opponents flying away into the air. The first time she used this power, Ash used a blast that instantly killed Zalgo's elite Inquisitors. During her time killing Zalgo's enemies and destroying their bases, Ash completely destroyed several planets that were occupied by Zalgo's forces, showing the raw amount of power she possesses. Her energy blasts were powerful enough to destroy portions of Fear's form as well as his Nightmares. During her fight with the Shadowlurker, Ash absorbed a lightning bolt from one of the lightning rods surrounding the platform they were fighting and used the energy of the lightning in conjunction with her own powers to launch an incredibly powerful and extensive blast of purple and white energy at Shadowlurker. Having dropped his guard, Shadowlurker was struck head-on by the blast, and was severely damaged and temporarily crippled by the bolt. After overcoming her fear and awakening her true potential, Ash was able to release the energy as a shock wave that was powerful enough to disperse Infinite Zalgo's corrupting energy. She also used her energy blasts to shoot down and destroy several of Zalgo's faces.
  • Pyrokinetic Abilities: Ash has the ability to create purple flames, typically as a form of offense. She also used her fire powers for conventional means such as making a fire for her and BEN to keep warm by when the two were on a mission to obtain a Multiverse Crystal in the blistering cold of the Nightmare Realm. Interestingly, the flames that Ash can conjure are the only ones known to be able to burn in the Nightmare Realm whereas no fire from any realm could exist. Whether this is a testament to Ash's power, or simply because of her foreign magical nature is unknown.
  • Telekinesis: Ash possesses the power to lift people and objects with her mind with impressive proficiency. She was able to lift objects from people to household items and is also capable of lifting herself with telekinesis, allowing her to levitate and fly. She is also capable of tearing people's limbs off or even make their limbs and bodies explode by using her powers.
  • Flight: While enveloping herself with dark energy, Ash can fly, glide and float through the air and vacuum of space without outside help. She can fly at incredible speed, allowing her to take off into the atmosphere and even outer space and land safely on the planet's surface with ease. She can also maneuver with great precision in any direction, as well as float in one place. She quickly mastered the power of flight to the point where she could fly to the center of the multiverse in seconds to battle Zalgo, even in her weakened form.

  • Expert Combatant: After fighting hoards of Zalgo's minions for months, Ash became a highly-trained unarmed combatant. Even in her weakened stage, she knocked out one of Zalgo's strongest henchmen, X, and fought evenly with the Shadowlurker for a short instance, though he had the upper hand. She is skilled enough to an entire army of Flagg's underlings with relative ease. During her later fights against Shadowlurker and X, Ash was able to fight defeat X fairly easily and fight Shadowlurker on more or less equal terms, although this time with more ease and ultimately managing to defeat him. Ash was also able to subdue X, by putting him in a headlock. During the final battle, Ash was able to fight Infinite Zalgo while almost managing to completely destroy him but was ultimately bested by his overwhelmingly powerful healing factor.

Combat Stats

Ash Graven's statistics




  • Unnamed parents † - Parents and Indirect Victim
  • Harp Graven † - Sister





Ash Graven: Thank you for everything you did to get us here.
Ash's Father: Don't thank me. Thank Zalgo. It's time for us to join Him in the light.
~ Ash before the sacrificial ceremony.
Ash Graven: (levitating with a distorted, menacing voice) You're not going anywhere! (flies down; normal voice) Whoa! (laughs) I can't believe that worked.
Jeff: Begone, self-doubting, adolescent demon!
~ Ash meets Jeff for the first time.
Ash Graven: I'm warning you, dude. I've killed so many people, the screams of my victims can be heard throughout the galaxy..
Jeff: Is it because you talked so fucking so much before you did it? Jesus Christ, just stab me already!
~ Ash and Jeff.
Ash Graven: It's a wonder you're still alive. (points to Smile Dog) Will you get this walking carpet out of my way?
Jeff: Well, excuuuse me, Princess!
~ Ash and Jeff.
Ash Graven: Jeff, quick, ask me about prom!
Jeff: Why?
Ash Graven: Everything prom-related brings me to a very dark place.
Jeff: Move over, sister. Everything about prom brings me to an even worse place.
Ash Graven: Oh, really? Have you ever even had to find a dress? Fix your hair? Impress Jordan Hammerstein who you hate with all your guts because he won't even look at you?!?! LOOK AT ME NOW, JORDAN! (her powers begin to activate)
Jeff: I'm not- Who the fuck is Jordan?
Ash Graven: Ask me to the prom, Jordan! Ask me right now!!
Jeff: Ash, will you go to the prom with- (Ash screams and destroys Zalgo's minions with a torrent of energy)
~ Ash uses her past to enhance her powers.
Jeff: Uh, I think we're about to fucking crash.
Ash Graven: You have a really bad habit of stating the obvious, Jeff.
~ Jeff to Ash as their escape pod barrels towards the Under Realm.
Oh. (starts drawing images on Jeff's bloody helmet) Finger painting. (giggles) Who's got goggles with a little mustache? You do. (laughs)
~ Ash finger painting Jeff when his helmet became covered in the blood of one of Zalgo's minions.
Guys? I know I'm new here and you're just getting to know me, so I made you something out of BEN's hair. You better love it.
~ Ash giving the Proxies a doll made from BEN's hair.
Ash Graven: What are you arguing about?
Jeff and Slenderman: WE DON'T KNOW!
Ash Graven: Well, on Serepentis, the only way to solve an argument was through a good game of Thimbles.
Jeff: I... don't even know what that is.
~ Ash to Jeff and Slenderman.
(in a demonic voice, throwing magical blasts at the Proxies) If any of you dare go there, I will reign down destruction the likes of which you've never seen! (normal voice) So, none of you are going, 'kay?
~ Ash warning the Proxies to not go to the Pit.
Ash Graven: It was supposed to be the greatest day of my life.
Jeff: That's usually how the worst day of your life starts out.
Ash Graven: Something became unleashed inside of me.
Jeff: Oh! Your thingy thing?
Ash Graven: Yes, dude, my thingy thing.
Jeff: Oh, wow. Okay, so you killed your parents?
Ash Graven: Yeah, and that makes me a bad person, right? "Oh, look at me, I'm a parent killer. Watch out."
Jeff: Uh, oh. Sorry, my bad. I didn't mean parent killer in a judgmental way.
Ash Graven: Oh, so when you and X said parent killer, you two meant, "Great job, Ash!" How is that non-judgmental?
Jeff: You know, if it makes you feel any better, I killed my parents too.
Ash Graven: You monster!
Jeff: No, no, it's totally cool! They had it coming. Way I see it, you and me are now the leaders of the Parent Killers Club. Fuck parents! Who needs 'em, right? I've spent the last couple years without them and I'm doing just fine. (sniffles)
~ Ash revealing her backstory to Jeff.
Ash Graven: I'm going to the Pit.
Ms. P: Are you sure you're ready? If you go, your mind has to be clear. You know he'll try to get to you.
Ash Graven: It is.
Ms. P: (referring to the hole in the wall that Ash blew during a nightmare) Those walls say otherwise.
Ash Graven: It's my call. I don't need you mothering me.
Ms. P: Hey. I'm just looking out, okay?
Ash Graven: But I'm sick of being afraid. And I'm finding my sister!
Ms. P: How do you know she's even alive?
Ash Graven: ...I have to try.
Slenderman: (poking his head through the wall) Right after you try fixing this Ash hole.
~ Ash decides to return to the Pit.
Ash Graven: I recommend snake sandwiches, snake burgers, snake shakes, snake cakes, but not the snake flakes.
The Unwanted House Guest: Mmhmm, makes sense.
Ash Graven: Those'll make you projectile vomit from your kidneys. (laughs)
The Unwanted House Guest: Oh, really? Cool, cool.
Ash Graven: And then you'll bleed for days, and days, out of your eyes. It's amazing.
~ Ash to the Unwanted House Guest as they walk through the City of Zalgo.
Ash Graven: (levitating in a distorted voice) ZALGO!! Show yourself! But you won't! Because all you are is fear, and hatred, and weakness!
Zalgo: (after a very long pause, Zalgo ascends from the depths of the Pit) I already told you guys to stop bothering me- Wait.. You're not the cult! Wait a second... The Proxies? The Unwanted House Guest?! (stares at Ash) And who might you be?
Ash Graven: You took my sister! Give her back or I will flay you!!
Zalgo: I took your sister? I've taken a lot of people. You're going to have to be more specific.
Ash Graven: Princess Harp of Serepentis! She was good, she was kind, and you took her!
Zalgo: Hmm.. Oh! Silly me! I remember you now! You're Ash Graven of Serpentis! I thought I recognized that energy! (laughs) What have you been up to? Kill any family members lately?
Ash Graven: GIVE HER BACK!
Zalgo: Why? She has served me so well. Besides, why would I give her back... When I can have you both?
~ Zalgo and Ash confront each other.
Ash Graven: We were told being offered to Zalgo was beautiful. That we would go to the Embrace and live eternity in joy.
Laughing Jack: Can we all agree that they stretched the truth, hon? Yes, not sure this was worth the wait.
~ Ash after seeing Zalgo's victims in the Pit of Despair.
Illusion Harp: Ash? What's happening?
Ash Graven: Harp? Is that really- (reaches out by stops) No! No! No! I know it's not real, Zalgo!
Zalgo: (teleports behind Harp and grabs her by the neck and hangs her over a pit of flames) Do you really know? I guess you wouldn't mind it if I... (drops her into the flames as she screams in terror)
Ash Graven: (Ash tries to ignore it but jumps down to save Harp anyway) I'm coming, Harp! (just as Ash grabs her she hits a hard surface)
Zalgo: Hehehahahahaaa!!! Even when you know it's not real, you can't help but fall for my tricks. That's what I like about you, Ash. You're much more gullible than Slendy.
~ Ash being tormented by Zalgo's illusions.
Ash Graven: Harp? Is it really you?
Harp Graven: (zombiefied) Gone. She's gone. Gone. She's gone.
Ash Graven: Oh, no.
BEN: Ash! I hate to be that guy, but it's really time to leave! Ash?!
Ash Graven: (touches Harp's face with tears streaming down her face) Harp, it's me. Don't you remember? Come back to me.
Harp Graven: She's gone. Gone. - She's gone. Gone...
Ash Graven: I came to save you.
Harp Graven: Gone. She's gone. Gone. Gone. She's gone.
BEN: Ash, I don't know much about her, but I know that's not a person anymore.
Ash Graven: I can't leave her again!
~ Ash discovers her sister's fate.
Ash Graven: (returning from the Pit) Okay... Say it.
Slenderman: Say what?
Ash Graven: You.. (looks away with tears in her eyes) You told me it was too late to save her and I didn't listen. So say it! (voice breaking) Say I told you so.
Slenderman: ....I told you so.
Ash Graven: (imitating Slenderman) "You are naïve, foolish girl!"
Slenderman: That is also true. But do not take your anger out on me, girl. Take this as a lesson.
Ash Graven: Yes, sir.
~ Ash accepts her sister's fate.
Jeff: So, your sister is dead and your quest is pretty much over. What are you gonna do next?
Ash Graven: He will pay for what he did to her. My quest is far from over. He'll come for us, and I hope he does. Cause when he does, I'm gonna be ready. When he does I will buy a warship with every conceivable instrument of death. I will hunt him down like a dog, and I will tear him apart slowly, piece by piece, until he knows some semblance of the profound and unceasing pain I know every single day!
Jeff: (stares in shock) ...Yeah. I was thinking maybe you would go on vacation. Or maybe get a nice pet, y'know. Somethin' to make the other girls go "Oooh, that's nice!" Anyway, uh, happy trails.
~ Jeff to Ash.
What's happening? Am I dying? Oh, please say yes...
~ Ash when Proxy Mansion is under attack.
(laughing maniacally) Eat flames, you dipwads! Bathe in my punishing fire!
~ Ash killing Zalgo's minions with a flamethrower.
Don't hurt him! I.. kind of like him! (the Proxies stare at her) Hehe... I mean, whaaaat?
~ Ash protects BEN from Slenderman.
Ash Graven: Harp...
Harp Graven: What took you so long?
Ash Graven: I was looking for you this whole time.
Harp Graven: I couldn't find my way outta there. Take me home, Ashy. I wanna go home. I miss you, I wanna be with mom and dad!
Ash Graven: (begins crying) I want more than anything for you to be home, with Mom and Dad. I miss you so much.
Harp Graven: I love you, Ashy.
Ash Graven: I love you too. (she kneels down and hugs Harp) Don't worry. Love finds a way.
Harp Graven: Is that what you told yourself.
Ash Graven: (Ash suddenly punches "Harp" through the chest and leans in her ear) That's what Harp told me, X.
~ Ash to X.
I was a little girl, trying to live day by day, not knowing or understanding the pain other children suffered from Zalgo's rule. But now I understand everything. There are many other children out there, like I was. They can still be saved. I can help them, by killing Zalgo.
~ Ash to the Proxies.
Ash Graven: So if we can do this, you know, go back in time... why don't we just find baby Zalgo, you know, and... (makes a gesture of strangling someone with a rope)
Masky: Okay, first of all, that's horrible.
Ash Graven: It's Zalgo!
BEN: I am not entirely opposed to the idea.
The Unwanted House Guest: And secondly, time doesn't work that way. (whispers to Ash) Believe me, I've tried. (turns back) In our universe, changing the past doesn't change the future.
~ Ash, Masky, BEN, and the Unwanted House Guest discuss time travel.
The Unwanted House Guest: How do we get this dirtbag to cough up the combination?
Ash Graven: On my planet, if you forgot something, they'd tie you up and beat you with pain sticks until you remembered. And you did. (camera zooms in on Ash's face) You always did.
~ Ash to the Unwanted House Guest.
The Unwanted House Guest: Into the darkness we go. Everyone pick a partner.
Ash Graven: (to BEN) This one's coming with me! (pulls BEN by the ear) Get over here!
BEN: I'm not a pet.
Ash Graven: Says you. (pets BEN's head) I like you because you're all fluffy.
Unwanted House Guest: I think he's fluffy, too! Hooray!
~ Ash picks BEN as her partner.
BEN: How long have these dickwads been in this place?
Ash Graven: Look, pets don't think. They just sit there and look cute, like you. Got it?!
BEN: Uuuuh.
Ash Graven: Great. Keep doing that, and you might get a snack from my pop pop. Right, Mr. Yumsters?
~ Ash treating BEN like her pet.
Ash Graven: I was going to take your big thumper, Jeff-
Jeff: You don't say...
Ash Graven: -And put it with the rest of my collection. Don't worry, you're the only heart. (puts her ear on Jeff's chest and smiles) The rest are spleens.
~ Ash to Jeff after he recovers from his coma.
Ash Graven: (while killing Enderman's minions) Die! Die! Die! Die!
BEN: Whoo-hoo-hoo! Get 'em, Ashy!
Ash Graven: (levitates in front of BEN's face) You can call me Ash, Miss Graven, or Ma'am, but NOT Ashy. (flies back to Enderman's men, continuing to brutally massacre them) Eat it!
~ Ash brutally kills Enderman's henchmen.
Slenderman, my father tried to sacrifice me to Zalgo, and yours is still worse. (Slenderman glares at Ash, who smiles) Your sucky-dad game's strong, dude.
~ Ash to Slenderman.
Ms. Pencil Neck: (sits next to Ash on Proxy Mansion's roof) Hey, it's okay.
Ash Graven: I'm not like you guys.
Ms. Pencil Neck: The robot or the duck? (Ash laughs a little) Ok, you got me. I don't know what to do either. You revealed me.
Ash Graven: I'm supposed to save the world.
Ms. Pencil Neck: Well, there's your problem right there. You can't just think about saving the whole world, you gotta think about saving one person, Ash. You just think about someone you love.
Ash Graven: (thinks about it) ...Harp. My mom. My dad.
Ms. Pencil Neck: In that order? You wanna talk about that? (Ash laughs again) Listen, Ash, this whole "saving the multiverse" thing? It gets really, really, complicated. You'll lose things. And, look, maybe if I could turn back time and never have to deal with this, maybe I would do things I wouldn't do, ok?
Ash Graven: You wanna talk about that?
Ms. Pencil Neck: (chuckles) Seriously though, Ash, don't do it like I did. You have to do it like you.
Ash Graven: When will I know about my true powers?
Ms. Pencil Neck: You won't. It's a leap of faith. That's all it is, Ash... A leap of faith. (Ms. P lovingly runs her hand through Ash's hair, who smiles at her. Ms. P then walks off the roof and past Jeff, who was watching everything from below)
~ Ms. P and Ash reconcile before the final battle.
Enderman: Serepentian! You're our last hope! You need to think about what you're about to do!
Ash Graven: I know, but... I have to do this. I have to fight!
Enderman: This isn't a fucking contest! Sit down and use your brain!
Ash Graven: (screams in rage and becomes surrounded in a fiery aura) HARP, THE UNWANTED HOUSE GUEST, SLENDERMAN, TICCI TOBY! How many people need to die before you realize I can fight back?! I REFUSE TO TAKE THE DEATH OF MY FRIENDS SITTING DOWN! They were good people, one of the best I've ever known! The fate this bastard dealt them was the last thing they deserved! He has taken everything from me! He destroyed my life! And I am not leaving until I see him die!
~ Ash to Enderman before fighting Zalgo.
Ash Graven: You lied to me. You killed my sister.
Zalgo: (laying injured on the floor) And it has haunted me ever since. You and your sister were good people, Ash. I've tried to hide it, but I always felt regret tearing you two apart at such a young age. ...I'm sorry. Sincerely. I treated you and your people so harshly when you needed my help the most. I am genuinely... sorry. I know I can't ever make it up to you but... (conjures a Multiverse Crystal in his hand) Here. You deserve this.
Ash Graven: (Ash suddenly fires a blast of energy at her side, revealing the Zalgo she was talking to be an illusion, and injuring the true Zalgo beside her, who attempted to kill her with heat vision while invisible) You can't trick me anymore.
~ Ash to Zalgo after he attempted to kill her while faking redemption.
BEN: Listen, Ash. You can't save someone who doesn't know they're lost.
Ash Graven: I thought the only reason I got these powers was to get her back.
Ms. P: Maybe you got them for something amazing down the line.
Ash Graven: What does that mean? You mean like... Something that hasn't happened yet?
Ms. P: Yes. So, great job. You're going to do great things. (leaves)
Ash Graven: (turns to BEN) That freaks me out even more.
BEN: Why?
Ash Graven: Because that means on the other side of this... There might actually be something good.
BEN: Oooh, that is terrifying. (Ash laughs) No, but, for real, I'm there too. And I think there's a word for that.
Ash Graven: ...Hooooope?
BEN: Heh. Yeah, hope. Kinda stupid that neither of us knew that. Maybe I'll try it on for size.
Ash Graven: Well, how was it?
BEN: A little tight in the crotch but... Good. Wanna give it a go?
Ash Graven Maybe after you leave.
BEN: Oh, cool. (gets up to leave)
Ash Graven: Hey, BEN.. (BEN turns around; Ash smiles and slicks her hair back) ...Thanks. For everything. (BEN lets out a dorky sequel)
~ BEN and Ash's final exchange.
Ms. P: Your people need you, Ash.
Ash Graven: How do I know I'm not gonna screw it up?
Ms. P: You won't.
Ash Graven: (smiles) Right. It's a leap of faith.
~ Ash's goodbye to Ms. P.
I'll never forget you guys.
~ Ash's final words to the Proxies before leaving the Under Realm and going to New Serepentis.


  • Ash was first advertised on Reddit when Comickit said there would be a new major character in Season 4, even saying "you could go as far as to say they are the main character".
  • In a character profile, Comickit revealed that Ash is either 16 or 17 years old during the events of Season 4.
  • According to both Comickit and their close friend Scoutkln, the serum that Ash's father injected her with was a solution made out of magical darkness drawn from the Pit as well as mystic magic from Aton's realm.
  • Comickit has stated that, while Jeff is ultimately the protagonist of Season 4, they personally viewed the season as Ash's bildungsroman.
  • Ash suffers from a case of monophobia (fear of being alone) and states to the Unwanted House Guest that she fears losing others she cares about such as Ms. Pencil Neck, BEN, and Jeff. The cause of this case is most likely related to the death of her family.
  • Ash has a habit of rubbing her arm and wringing her hands together, especially in situations that could be seen as stressful. This implies a nervous tic.
  • A running gag is characters referring to Ash as Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time because of their similar hairstyles.
  • Her voice gains a menacing distortion when she powers up.
  • Her name means "sculpted ash".
  • It is revealed in "The Dark Zone" that Ash doesn't like being called "Ashy". Despite this, Harp is seen calling her this without provoking her, so it's likely that that name was reserved for her only.
  • "BEN Gone" reveals that Ash has a spleen collection.
  • Ash is obsessed with BEN and is a little possessive of him. It is also implied in many episodes that Ash has special feelings towards BEN, possibly being in love with him. This is demonstrated when she protects him from Slenderman in "Revelations", and lets it slip that she "kinda" likes him. She also gave the Proxies a doll made from BEN's hair and immediately chose BEN to be her partner when the two were in the Nightmare Realm.
  • Ash's behavior in "The Other Side" strongly imply that she is a pyromaniac.
  • In expanded material, it is revealed that the reason why Ash couldn't heal her eye after it was clawed out by X was because she gained her healing factor after her eye was injured. Even with that being said, it also would not be out of the question that her healing factor simply was not strong enough to heal such a complex thing as the eye.
  • It is unknown if Ash was informed of Jeff's death at the hands of Laughing Jack.


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