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Gamers, welcome to my boulders!
~ Bathaniel Nandy's catchphrase.
I am way better than Nathaniel Bandy. Pink Gold Peach is my waifu. I love small houses.
~ Bathaniel Nandy's twitter description.

Bathaniel Nandy, often abbreviated as BN, is the central antagonist of the Nathaniel Bandy YouTube channel and the titular main protagonist of the Bathaniel Nandy YouTube Channel.

He serves as the main antagonist of the Nathaniel Bandy TRIGGERED series and the Nathaniel Bandy Sketch series and a cameo antagonist of Mini Super Mario 64 ROM Hacks 3. He is the fictional evil twin and nemesis of Nathaniel Bandy who strives to annoy his brother.

He is portrayed by Nathaniel Bandy, who also portrays himself.


Being an identical twin to Nathaniel, Bathaniel looks exactly like his brother. The biggest difference, however, is that he sports either a backwards baseball cap or a cap with the initials 'BN'.


Bathaniel is the entire opposite of his twin brother. He is cruel, malicious, sadistic, rude and mean-spirited. His traits also exemplify the difference between him and Nathaniel (eg while Nathaniel hates Pink Gold Peach for being an unoriginal clone, Bathaniel loves Pink Gold Peach, considering her to be his waifu).

He is also extremely apathetic to other's situation, as shown in How Dr. Mario World TRIGGERS You! where he acts as a doctor in the Zucc Medical Center. He uses improper methods to sort out Nathaniel's fever and also forces him to play Dr. Mario games. This malpractice even results in Nathaniel dying from his illness, though he is revived by Luigi with a 1-Up.

In Mini Super Mario 64 ROM Hacks 3, upon discovering that Nathaniel and his friend Carl Bayliss have obtained godlike powers by breaching the simulation. Bathaniel runs away in worry and confusion and finds the Orb of Power. Due to the orb's powers, it could be considered that Bathaniel could become a more powerful and dangerous threat in future videos.


  • The name 'Bathaniel Nandy' is a spoonerised version of Nathaniel Bandy.
  • Seeing that they both have different surnames, it is unknown how Bathaniel and Nathaniel are twins, although they could be adoptive.
  • Before being renamed to Nathaniel Bandy 2, Nathaniel Bandy's lets-play channel was formerly named Bathaniel Nandy.
    • However, when Bathaniel takes over the channel so as to win a bet by gaining 100000 subscribers, it was renamed once again to Bathaniel Nandy.
  • Seeing that he has now obtained the Orb of Power, Bathaniel may become one of Nathaniel's most powerful enemies in the future, alongside BUP and The Spirit.
  • Due to his medical quackery and malpractice, Bathaniel is currently the only known villain in the Nathaniel Bandy series to actually kill Nathaniel, though this was later undone by Luigi.