I am you're worse nightmare
~ Malachi to Vanessa
Bloody Slave (Creepypasta)

Bloody Slave (Creepypasta)


Malachi a.k.a Bloody Slave is the main antagonist of the story of the same name. he a teen slave who was working very well and love his master. But one day he see a black slave girl bebaten by her master in the market. So the boy decide to save when the night came a mob enter in his master home and took him to the forest. Before be killede the boy swear to kill anyone who came to the forest before be killed by one of the man. So when a little girl named Vanessa is lost in the forest she meet him. He was appeared to be friendly to her just before show her his true self. By saying "I am you're worse nightmare". He kill her in cold blood and at the end when the little girl is found her face is bloody ripped and one of her eyes cut off.