Bowser is one of the main antagonists of the Cute Mario Bros. franchise. He is Mario and Luigi's arch-nemesis.

Bowser appears the most out of all CMB antagonists, and is Mario and Luigi's main enemy, which means he is the overall main antagonist of the series. Even though Bowser is the overall main antagonist, Gonzo appears to be more evil than Bowser since Gonzo is arguably the most evil antagonist of the CMB series.

He is voiced by Tyler Zanon.

In Cute Mario Bros The Movie, Bowser is a member of the bad guy army that tries to defeat the Mario brothers.

In Evil Prevails?, Bowser has an army of minions such as the Oogie Boogie Man, Wario, Hammer Bro, Koopa, Goomba, Chain Chomp, Freiza and Bullet Bill. However, it was revealed that it only happened in Luigi's nightmare.

He also once appeared in Puppet Pals. He was one of the few criminals who tried to rob a gas station. He was later killed in an explosion. 


He used to be portrayed by a cat named Charlie, but only in a couple of episodes. He is currently portrayed by a Bowser plush. 

The first and only videos where Bowser was portrayed by Charlie the Cat is the Pilot Episode and Find Yoshi!.

The first episode where Bowser was portrayed by a plush was Meet Jack Skellington.


Bowser is grumpy as it was shown in a few episodes like Evil Prevails? where Hammer Bro has an extremely annoying voice, causing him to get mad. He is constantly willing to kidnap Peach and make her his wife. 

Bowser can also be selfish, as it was shown in episodes like Find Koopa!.

He is good at doing things such as playing guitar and fighting.

Despite being a villain, Bowser is not completely evil as he had a soft side in Mario's Rock Band when he joined Mario's band, and in Find Koopa!, when he thanked Mario for a good fight.

Bowser is also homicidal as he was willing to kill Mario and Luigi, and also wanted to kill Yoshi by eating him.


Bowser is a yellow koopa with orange hair and eye brows and white finger nails and toe nails.

Despite being a koopa, he used to be a black and white cat.

In Find Koopa!, he was wearing a moustache while using a disguise to steal a Koopa from the Mario Bros. which was hatched. However, since Bowser's plan was foiled by Mario and Luigi, it is unknown if Bowser will ever be disguised as Mustachio again because the Mario Bros. are aware that Mustachio is Bowser.

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