Well, this building actually caught on fire many years ago. Luckily, no one got hurt, or actually one did! A dragon-like creature, he died in this fire. He was a bad guy, so who knows? He might have been the cause of the fire in the first place! He was buried afterwards. Heh, right below your office actually.
~ Phone Guy in Night 3 telling about Bowser

Bowser is the overarching antagonist of the Five Nights at Wario's series, serving as the main antagonist of Five Nights at Wario's 2.


Bowser is a great, evil, dragon-like creature who started the fire that destroyed the original building. However, he killed himself in the fire and killing toad in the process and was buried on the grounds underneath the new building that the player now works in, and was thought to be dead. It was after the burning of the old building that Wario decided to start the Food Factory, However, Bowser has returned after dying the fire along with Toad, and more demonic than ever, and he joins the cast of the villains stalking the player.

When the player beat all nights, Richard McRoy got more and more possessed and was on the run, meanwhile Bowser accidentally burnt off Wario's face leaving only his bones, annoyed at Bowser, Wario lifited the curse returning Bowser to his dead state.


This version of Bowser seems to be more zombie-like in appearance as he has blood all over his body and with a red shell and has a rather zombie-like skin to him.


Five Nights at Wario's 2

Bowser will become active on Night 3. Starting in the Hallway then going to the Working Room then finally the Garden before approaching the window to enter the Office.

His tatics when dealing with the player seem to be very aggresive compared to the other characters, and he will attack the player when he seems most docile.


The sound Bowser makes when attacking the player.



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