~ Bowser being demanding and blatant
Oh? You wanna kill us? Well, why don't you do it then?
~ Bowser's last words before his death

Bowser is Mario's arch-nemesis and a minor villain in the Puppet Pals franchise. He acts similar to his Nintendo counterpart. The only difference is that the Puppet Pals version acts more blatant, and he is not on & off unlike his original counterpart.

Unlike his original counterpart, this version of Bowser does not usually speak as he is mostly just a minor cameo character. He did speak in a few episodes, however.

Role in Puppet Pals

He appeared in Puppet Pals The Movie as one of the audiences of the movie.

He appeared in Pink Evil the Vampire when he tried to kidnap Princess Peach, but Peach was later murdered by an evil boxing target named Furious Bob which made Bowser unhappy about his evil plans failing. At a cinema room, he was one of the people who witnessed the death of Furious Bob the Boxing Target.

He also appears in Evil Mickey Mouse tries to commit genocide. He appeared when Mickey Mouse's imposter, Michael Mouse invaded the Mushroom Kingdom. He acted somewhat demanding and blatant by wanting Mario (who called himself Marlio) to tell him where the princess is, so he could kidnap her, which caused Michael Mouse to ask Bowser if he is possibly the worst villain ever, which made Bowser say "WHAT? HOW DARE YOU!". Michael responded "How dare me? How dare you be so blatant!", and asked why a hero would tell the villain where the princess is if his goal is to kidnap her. Bowser planed on kidnapping Michael Mouse and Michael acted like he was scared of being kidnapped. Michael asked what the evil King of Koopas' name was, and he answered that his name is Bowser.

When the Fake Mickey (who is Michael Mouse) explained that he was going to kill everyone who is not owned by Disney, Bowser asked "Oh? You wanna kill us? Well, why don't you do it then?" which were his last words.

He was defeated by Michael Mouse killing him and stomping on him. Michael thought that Bowser farted before he died.

Despite his death, Bowser returned in the Puppet Pals short, Thwomp Ruins. He, along with the other racers, were crushed to death by Thwomp caused by French Italian Shrek's roars.

Bowser also returned in the non-canon Puppet Pals short, Furious Bob the Builder enters Mario Kart. He was one of the people who participated in racing at Thwomp Ruins. Towards the end of the episode, Bowser threw a blue shell at Furious Bob the Builder and Grabber which caused them crash into the water and drown.

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