B*tch! I'm fabulous!
~ Bowser presenting his Swag to Luigi

Bowser is a fat...turtle...dragon...thing who is usually Mario's arch-nemesis. In the earlier videos, Bowser was the main antagonist of the bloopers alongside SMG3. He is the leader and king of the Koopa Troop army. His main goals include capturing Princess Peach and trying to conquer the world, although his plans almost always failed, and he often needed the help of SuperMarioGlitchy3. Bowser has been shown to have used other methods of destroying Mario and SMG4 as well, such as creating 4 Mario robots & giving people nightmares with a crystal stone. Also, he ran a cooking show with Mario on 3 different occasions!. In the newer videos however, Bowser is much less evil and behaves just like Mario and is obsessed with swag. Bowser has started to decrease in appearances as of April 2017.


In the earlier SMG4 episodes, Bowser was similar to his canon counterpart, kidnapping Peach and hating Mario. However, as the blooper series went on, Bowser began to like Mario, and much of his personality appears to influence Bowser, making him act in a rather retarded way.

He is shown to be friends with Meggy


As in Nintendo canon, Bowser has the ability to breathe fire. He is also apparently a good racer, as he was able to outlast most of the other racers in Stupid Mario Kart. However, he was eventually killed by Mario when Fishy Boopkins spread banana peels across the track and his kart fell on top of him.