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Brooklyn T. Guy (also known as The Brooklyn Guy, Brooklyn Guy and The Brooklyn Firefighter is a character in SuperMarioLogan's YouTube videos.

He is the main antagonist of the SML Home Alone videos, the Bowser Junior Goes To Military School videos, The Diamond and the secondary antagonist of The Purge.

He is voiced by Chris Netherton (also known as Pablo Sanchez), who also voices his evil identical brother Does Bad Things Guy and Nancy.

Early life

Brooklyn Guy was born on August 21, in Brooklyn, New York, so his birth sign is Leo. Along with his identical brother, Does Bad Things Guy, he has thirteen non-identical brothers; Does Good Things Guy, This Guy, What Guy, The Guy, A Guy, Chicago Guy, Manhattan Guy, San Francisco Guy, Las Vegas Guy, Miami Guy, Philadelphia Guy, Frank, and Family Guy. His father would never let him go into the lake because a kid (Jason Voorhees) drowned.

Villainous Roles

Home Alone 1, Home Alone 2, The Purge, Jeffy's Home Alone! and The Diamond!

He commits crimes.

Bowser Junior Goes To Military School! Part 1

He made Junior and the other kids at Military School do the things they didn't want to do.

Bowser Junior Goes To Military School! Part 2

He burnt Thomas in the fire, and he made Junior eat dirt.

Black Yoshi's Blank Check!

He arrests Mario for no reason.


Brooklyn T. Guy is shown to have a sarcastic personality and gets annoyed by other characters.

He can also be rude and mean sometimes.

Appearances that are not part of the SML franchise 

Brooklyn T. Guy was also a minor character in A Project Guy, however, he has a black mustache.

Brooklyn T. Guy also appears in Puppet Pals videos.


  • He is portrayed by a Walter Blaze puppet from Melissa & Doug.
  • Although he is voiced by Chris Netherton, he was voiced by Lance in his first appearance, Stuck in a Tree as Chris wasn't an SML actor until 2014.



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