This category is restricted to characters that have a history of abusing others, especially relatives or close loved ones, such as spouses/partners, their own children, or even henchmen, etc.

Domestic and child abuse are widely seen as one of the more heinous crimes, alongside things such as rape and murder, so characters in this category are often hard to redeem; even Sadomasochists (villains that hurt themselves) or those who bully another can qualify in this category.

Bullies are characters who like to pick on others, especially those they see as weaker than themselves - bullying can vary in intensity from childhood pranks, stealing lunch money and name-calling to physical or emotional abuse (Like Bonfilia Meratti and The Harlequins in ​Good Wolf). Extreme examples of bullying can push a character beyond the classification of a mere "bully" and into the realm of being an "Abuser". All of them have insecurities which they want to push off onto weaker people. The reason being is they think they are important enough to be as nasty as they want to whoever they want but will normally respond with an almost insane rush of hostility to anyone who is obnoxious to them in retaliation to their nasty behavior.

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