Bullies can be defined as people who use violence or humiliation as a means of displaying power and dominance. Usually, they can be Tragic or Insecure because they have sympathetic pasts or they don't know how to express their feelings in a healthful way. Others may even be because they actually love the victim secretly, but don't know how to show it, Usually in anime, they might even stalk the victim to prove that. Otherwise, it can be a sign of perversion or domination towards an intended victim to show that they are in control, or worse yet, they might even be sadistic, and actually enjoy causing misery and humiliation. In these kinds of scenario, those bullies might even become Pure Evil, (examples of this would be Steven Universe, Gorefield, and Jerome Valeska) specifically if their bullying has actually caused lasting effects on a character, if their bullying was especially heinous, bordering on abusive and destructive, or if it caused psychological damage to the victims because of their actions. Furthermore, sometimes, the victims might even become bullies or otherwise villains themselves if the bullying was bad enough. (A notable example would be Catra.)

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