Master Mueller:You're evil!! Nothing but PURE EVIL!!

Xuriah D'arcmast'r: Why thank you. Though it does give me power, it is entirely irrelevant.

~ Xuriah D'arcmast'r to Master Muller.
I know what I am doing is wrong, but why should I care? Doing the wrong thing is fun! Tell me, what would you do? Slit a little girl's throat or watch paint dry? You see! IT IS FUN!!! And that is why... you will die...
~ Saevus Caedis explaining that he knows what he is doing is wrong and that he enjoys it.
A Card-Carrying Villain is a type of villain who is aware that they are evil and takes great pride in it. They are the total opposite Delusional Villains who sees themselves as good, as well as Outright Heroes. Normally a character calls them out for being ruthless, power-hungry, evil, but most commonly calls them a monster.

There are, in general, three spheres of Card Carrying Villainy. A lot of villains combine one or more, though:

  1. Control - the Villain wants to rule; be it a gang, a city, a state, the country, the world, or a similar goal, and have everyone else below them obey their every whim. Sometimes goes so far as thinking of themselves as being of a superior race, a perfect being, or even a god, and therefore entitled to it.
  2. Corruption - the villain wants to turn other people evil just like them.
  3. Destruction and Evil - the Villain wants to destroy and kill for its own sake. Taken to the extreme, the first and second spheres may recognize that this includes them as well, so this often results in evil versus oblivion if the villain teams up with the heroes so they can take over the world at a later date. 

In other words, any character who would or does openly describe himself/herself as a "villain" or "evil" belongs in this. Characters also qualify as Card Carrying Villain if they laugh or smile while doing something villainous.

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