Crackers are technologically-based Criminals; they often use their skills to steal information from confidential sources for blackmailing or other purposes, money from bank accounts or the disruption of computer systems to cause havoc or framing people for crimes they did not commit. At their most extreme they can be Cyberterrorists.

They are commonly confused with the similar-but-not-quite-so Hackers. In actual facts, a hacker is a more neutral term, one that only means being skilled at making machines in general do things outside their original specifications while Crackers use these skills illegally or at least immorally. As such, all Crackers are Hackers but it is not always vice-versa.

Sadly, these are another kind of Real-Life Villains whose work examples can be found in proof of cybersecurity breaches and other cyberattacks; they have become especially more prevalent in the modern eras since the rise of the new age of technology.

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