Villains who have died. This category is also for robots or machines that were destroyed/deactivated permanently or ghosts/spirits that were banished to the spirit world as well.

NOTE: Do not add villains who died but got revived in this category unless the revived villain died again and died forever. Also, Undead villains cannot count unless they are also killed for good. This also include villains who were erase from existence.

There are many villains who have died with dignity or without it, though it is possible for a villain to die without having none of them.

Various means how a villain died/remained dead includes:

  • Violent Death: In this case, a villain wind up killed in violent/disturbing ways such as fatally incinerated by explosion, mutilated alive, etc.
  • Died in Honor: The villain has accept the fact that their demise is inevitable and had dignity to face it. Many of the villains whom died in this way are honorable ones. Thus, circumstances were includes:
    • Chooses to Die Rather Than to be Saved: Honorable villains whom defeated by heroes choose to take his/her own life, preferring to die in honor than to live in shame like cowards. When they killed themselves, they can either give the heroes sometime to escape from disaster that they already started but cannot undone it (ex. the battle between the hero and the villain took place in the damaged ship/building that about to be explode as result of the villains' own mistake or heroes' effort to foil their evil plan) or have the hero whom defeated him/her gave him/her mercy kill.
    • Heroic Sacrifice: When a villain committed a heroically sacrifce before death, it is regarded as a way of redemption and dying with honor.
    • Accepted their Death as their Fate and Faced it with Dignity: In this case, it needn't to be a redeemed villain to die with honor. Even a Complete Monster can somehow die with honor if they accepted the death with no fear. Some of them also held no grudge when the Hero killed them as they simply accepted their fate.
    • Fought with Honor: Villains who fought with honor in order to avenge, protect or self-defense with no fear can die with honor.
    • Remorseful Suicide:
  • Died in Disgrace: In this case, the villain commit something dishonorable or had no dignity to face their downfall where related circumstances includes:
    • Villains who try to kill the heroes after being offered mercy or spared to live only to end up dying in the process.
    • Villains who are killed by their own allies who come to realize just how evil the villain really is.
    • Villains who die in an ill-conceived, foolish, and/or desperate attempt on the heroes' life, such as an "I'm taking you with me" type attack that backfires.
    • Villains who try to weasel their way out of their predicament by trying to talk the heroes into mercy, only for the disgusted hero or their companion to kill them anyway.
    • Arrogant Villains or Egomaniacs who spend their last moments questioning how they could possibly be beaten.
    • Villains pleading/begging for their death when they are being suffered/tortured.

By extension, no deceased character can be a Karma Houdini if they have not died of natural causes, no matter their influence on the plot. Characters who are confirmed dead rather than simply being presumed as much are different; please keep those categories separated.

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