A breath of life, a twist of pain, a burn for revenge, an ambition to destroy, and a desire to control. It is done. You are perfect.
~ Ahriman creating Aka Manah
An "Evil Creator" is basically an evil individual who creates other things that may not necessarily be evil. An example of an Evil Creator would be a vampire, as they can turn other people into vampires. An Evil Creator can also be someone who created something from scratch (like Aton creating the entire multiverse from nothingness).

Evil Creators are not the same as Cult Leaders, as Cult Leaders do not turn anyone into another being or create things from scratch, and in some cases, they did not even start the cult. Cult Leaders and evil organization leaders are nothing like Evil Creators, as they gather individuals to organize a group of people with a common goal.

Evil Creators may be just someone driven insane and looking for someone to care for as well. They can also mold sculptures, paint pictures, and draw various things.

Evil Creations do not always come from an Evil Creator, such as a kind and loving couple having given birth to an evil child or a scientist who is a good person having built an evil robot.

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