The quintessential idea of cosmicism and Lovecraft's views was fear of the unknown, of the incomprehensible, of what mankind was not and was never meant to behold. And no matter how many eons mankind was gifted to advance, no matter what hyper-evolved super-society they may have eventually metamorphosed into, they never would have been able to understand a being as immeasurable as the stars themselves, who's great, eldritch mind was vast enough to encompass the whole of mankind's existence in a single vacuole of its thought.
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The Other. The Alien. The Inconceivable. Howard Phillips Lovecraft, or H. P. Lovecraft, (August 20, 1890 – March 15, 1937), was an American horror writer who influenced the genre greatly. Instead of traditional villains, he created "horrors": indescribable, indefinable and inconceivable beings whose existence contradicts the laws of physics and whose aspect alone is beyond human logic; as such, they can induce madness by their mere presence.

These villains are creatures whose physical forms, powers, or other attributes associated with them cannot completely be defined by human logic. Humanity as a whole would be incapable of understanding how these types of creatures work, or how they can simply exist. To any other alien, these types of creatures may actually be relatively "normal", but this category is specifically if the creature in question is nigh-impossible to see in a normal setting on Earth or alongside humans through normal circumstances.

Although malevolent by human standards, most of Lovecraft's "horrors" are amoral beings that are either insane or too alien for humans to understand. Very few of them are desirable to be around, however, and thus are similar to villains in the sense of being harmful and generally a threat to the world at large.

The term "Lovecraftian Horrors," also known as Eldritch Abominations or Cosmic Horrors, also applies to villains who were originally humans but eventually transform into otherworldly entities beyond rationalization, too alien from "normal" flesh-and-blood beings to be described properly, and most often madness-inducing. Alternatively, beings whose aspect is clearly stated to be an approximation of what they really are, something that humans can process while their real form is inconceivable. At the very least, they must be as close as possible to such beings and a clear, stated tribute to Lovecraft.

No matter how nightmarish they are, villains who are merely gigantic and hideous, an amalgamation of creatures and/or are cataclysmic aliens do NOT fit in this category. Cosmic Entities and Energy Beings can (and frequently do) overlap with Lovecraftian Horrors, but are distinct types of villains.

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