Oh, who am I kidding? There's no use in telling you to shut up! Women are experts at talking!
~ Barraquo Bhamma

Misogynists are villains known for anti-female chauvinism, it can be physical or emotional abuse or it may be a deep-rooted prejudice against equal rights: a misogynist may see girls and women as evil, debased or even subhuman and mere objects. The level of misogyny can vary from a sexist attitude (chauvinism) to outright murder (some serial-killers).

Although associated mainly with males it is possible for females to be misogynists as well, a character who hates humanity itself is known as a misanthrope or sometimes a female who hates another female for some reason. The female counterpart of misogyny is misandry, women hating men. To put it bluntly, Misogynists are villains who abuse, mistreat, and/or dominate over women and girls because of their gender. A villain who hurts females for reasons that are unrelated to gender doesn't count.

Good examples of misogynists include Sunny Jim, Gaston LeGume, Hugo Martinez, Jabba the Hutt, Peter Griffin, Sir Piers Pomfrey, Chris-Chan, Drew Pickles, Glenn Quagmire, Kai Anderson, Mayor Richfuxx, the Pube Muppet, Barraquo Bhamma, and Jeff the Killer.

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