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Education is dangerous - Every educated person is a future enemy.
~ Hermann Goering

These villains are from Nazi Party, which took over Germany until the death of its creator and founder, Adolf Hitler. But still, this idea may also refer to follow Neo-Nazism, a political movement that seeks to either revive a Nazi state or bring Hitler's beliefs of racial purity and military aggression. In fact, the original Nazi Party is gone, but their actions and existence have a large impact on pop culture, where they are primary inspirations of various works.

Nazism is characterized by aggressive pursuit of national pride, military might and racial purity - it is thus always a genocidal philosophy, which seeks to "purify" society of "undesirable" races or subcultures.

Note: some villains are not neccessarily part of the nazi party or is associated with world war 2 in any way but are similiar like the nazis in some ways or have similiar points of views like the nazis, and might fall under this category

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