A Scapegoat is a villain that is punished much more than he/she would actually deserve. It is the opposite of a Karma Houdini, although certain rare cases can apply for both; especially if a villain becomes more sympathetic due to Flanderization (see example 8).

Scapegoats can include:

  1. Villains who are constantly revived and killed over again. (Doofy the Dragon, The Bart Baker version of Taylor Swift)
  2. Villains who wanted to redeem themselves, but died before they could.
  3. Villains that have horrible lives that almost never improves or even gets worse. (Toad)
  4. Incompetent villains, whose recurring defeats are often humiliating and degrading. (The Pastamonsters versions of Enderman, The Rake, and B.O.B)
  5. On & Off villains and their heroic enemies who have to temporarily put their rivalry aside for the greater good, or there's a worse threat that puts the real "villain" to shame, which also leads to certain Evil Vs. Evil senarios where the more "important" villain is the only one strong enough to defeat the more dangerous threat. (Dr. Kirusaki)
  6. Villains who have horrible destinies what are too many punishment to his acts, this can be a death to a villain who never kill or try to kill anybody and death or villains who have destinies worse than the death, if a villain does acts so horrible that deserve this destiny doesn't count.
  7. Villains by proxy who don't want to be evil but are so dangerous and must to be killed.
  • Insecure villains who wanted to make friends with others and long for inclusion, only to be ridiculed or humiliated, leading them down the dark path of villainy (Waluigi)

Complete Monsters will NEVER qualify as they are in their normal senses, display no redeeming qualities and the acts they do are always taken seriously; therefore, basically every defeat they get are equal to what they have done, and their defeat or death, regardless of brutality, is warranted.

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