Undead beings are generally either an animated corpse or manifestation of a deceased being's spirit but come in countless more specific varieties and are almost always portrayed as evil in fiction. They are opposed to Revived villains that have been brought back to life and restored to their original form. However, some villains can be both.

Examples of undead beings:

  • Ghosts/Poltergeists: spirits that roam the living world after a violent or untimely death. Their purpose is usually to haunt their enemies (usually the one who killed them, whether it was intentional or not).
  • Zombies: animated corpses that roam the earth created via dark magic, or being bitten by another zombie. To survive, they eat people's brains.
  • Skeletons: similar to zombies, these fleshless beings when broken can reattatch their body parts. They are also associated with the Day of the Dead. (Dia De Los Muertos)
  • Vampires: these blood sucking creatures of the night have pale white skin with sharp canine teeth. They also possess super human speed and strength. They do not appear in the reflections on mirrors. Keep in mind that they can still be killed by garlic, exposure to sunlight or a wooden stake to the heart.
  • Mummies: Similar to zombies and skeletons, that have been mummified thousands of years ago, by removing the corpse's intestines and wrapping the latter up in bandages. Mostly associated with Ancient Egypt.
  • Liches: a very powerful individual who becomes a powerful undead creature in their desire to obtain immortality, and is usually the one responsible for the undead creatures. They are usually depicted as a cloaked hooded skeleton with horns sticking out of their head.

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