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Niklovich: Hey kid! Wanna know whatever happened to the last boy who stood up against me?
Child: Umm... What?
Niklovich: (utterly disintegrated the child until he is reduced to a skeleton) That's what happened!
~ Niklovich killing a child for standing up against him.
I went up there about four times. Picked the worst kids of the bunch, took them back, and I gave it to them. I couldn't do much, of course, they'd start squealing. So I made it quick enough to be efficient, but long enough to make it last... It was hell for them, but it was heaven for me. And... Then I leave. Without the slightest bit of guilt! So, there you go.
~ William Afton on his serial child murders.
Kill the boy... Tommy must die...
~ The Egg ordering the Eggpire to kill TommyInnit.

Villains who are willing to hurt and even kill children, unborn or not, which is considered the lowest act of villainy - some of them have succeeded in hurting/killing children, too.

This category also applies to villains who, while they don't directly target children, are still willing to take down or destroy whole worlds, planets, societies, or groups of certain people in a way that would inevitably result in the harming or deaths of children (e.g. SMG0, Bill Cipher and Beelzebub).

Villains who simply hit children or who didn't effectively kill a child but are willing to let them die in order to achieve their goals (e.g. The Egg and Azrael) also count.

Kids can also qualify but only if the innocent victim is a toddler or baby and they are at the late ages of a kid usually around 9-12 (e.g. Chara), or if they were formerly kids as villains but eventually grew older later in their franchise they hail from.

Those who purposely try/succeed to kill a pregnant woman or just her unborn child can count as well, since the baby is still technically alive and thus would die right then unless they were to perform a fetal abduction, in which they took the unborn child for themselves.

This category also applies to villains who hurt/kill characters from ages 13-17 (e.g. Sir Benedict Cumbersnatch and Dream), considering 18 is when one legally becomes an adult.

Despite how normally heinous these villains are, they can have redeeming qualities. A perfect example of this would be Willow, who had a tragic backstory, genuinely cared about her brother and redeemed herself, yet was willing to hurt Georgie Piggy, who is a child.

Their heroic opposites are heroes who are nice to children.

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