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You Little Brats, I'll Kill you All For This!
~ Celestia When Escaping.
Senpai, will be mine, He doesn't have a choice.
~ Celestia PepperJunkCure in Yandere Celestia.

Celestia PepperJunkCure Is Both the Hero and The Villain in Margra Batto And Kyra Verbeten, The Secondary Antagonist/Anti-heroic Protagonist of the show itself, , And of the Main Protagonists of its Spinoff, The Punkettes.

She has A Total A 50 kills, Plus Herself.


Celestia Has Fair Skin, Gold Eyes, Mint Green hair, a white bow on her Drilled/Actual ponytail, A Black, White and Blood red Dress (Tie Included), Red and Blood Striped Socks, Laced Boots, and Broken heart earrings.


Celestia is often shown to be Luka's polar opposite. While Luka is tomboyish, assertive, and free-willed, Celestia is more feminine, gratuitous and strict. Though this is mainly due to their different upbringings. Although she was taken out of the main house due to an error when she and her sister switched places as young children, she has a great relationship with Luka.

In spite of their contradicting personalities, Luka and Celestia switch places very often, which can easily cause confusion. Also, both seem to also differ.

In which Luka is the only character to never succumb to the paranoia or vicious anger that it causes (while it is debatable due to "It's a Twin's Life" using her and Jeno as the main antagonists, this is later shown to be Spyro's hallucination), while Celestia is one of the most memorable victims. She was in love with Zaroh before his "disappearance".

Like most Punkettes characters, she has a very contradicting personality when under the effects of Boboku syndrome, in fact, she may have arguably been one of the worse case scenarios in this instance. In her case, she develops rather severe Paranoid Schizophrenia, before full on Psychosis. With this, she is shown to be the series' most vituperative and violent character. One of her most intense moments took place in "Pain" (which shows the events of "Nightmare Raid" from Celestia's point of view).

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