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I'm sorry to inform, but there is a new vacancy in this group.
~ Cell to Pac and Mike after killing Jv, also his most famous quote.

Cell is the main antagonist of the Minecraft youtube series, Fuga Impossível, made by Tazercraft, serving as the main antagonist of Fuga Impossível and a posthumous antagonist in Fuga Impossível 2. He is a prisioner in Alcatraz and Pac, Mike, Jv and Guaxinim's archenemy.

He was voiced by Rafael Lange Severino.



Little is known about Cell's past, nor why or when he got arrested, he was likely part of a gang. It is also never told what his crimes were that got him to Alcatraz, but given his character, it is likely it was crimes like torture, drug dealing, or murder, but it is known it was enough for him to be sent into Alcatraz, one of the most secure prisons on Earth. In prison, Cell formed his gang named Rayquaza and began a job in the prison's kitchen, obtaining a knife in the process, and he also got a cellphone, which he would use to blackmail Officer Felps and control him.

Fuga Impossível

Cell first met Pac and Mike after they were transferred to it the day before. He did show himself as friendly. First, he was still quite impatient and psychotic, lashing out at other prisoners while he showed them, Alcatraz, even yelling at Mike when he politely asked him if the food in prison was good.

The next day, he saw Pac and Mike talking to the prisoner Jv (whom he told not to trust) and became suspicious. He then started stalking them and went to Pac and Mike's cell and told them to keep their hands clean. Cell then observed their plan in action. When Pac and Mike got a pickaxe from the mining camp, he told Officer Felps (whom he blackmailed with his cellphone) to check their room, only for him to find nothing. He then confronted and told them to put him in their plan, or he would tell the prison guards; Jv lies, telling him that they would put him in their plan. However, he finds out the truth about them escaping on the same day. Cell then kills Jv by stabbing him and then leaves Pac and Mike in Alcatraz, trying to escape by himself. However, the guards caught him after killing several of them while trying to escape.

Later, he is confronted by Pac and Mike, and Guaxinim, a prisoner helping them. They then go to Cell's cell and find out that his cellphone does not have a signal. The same finds out and threatens to kill them if they tell anyone. Using the money Cell gave them when they first met, Pac and Mike then pay a gang named Rayquaza to scare Cell, but they find out the gang belonged to the same. A little after this, there is a fight between the Rayquaza and the Japanese gang (who were rivals). He then starts a riot. On the way into the riot, he meets Officer Felps waiting for Pac and Mike (who panned to tell him that Cell's cellphone had no signal), but Cell kills him and steals his gun. After killing all the members of his rival gang, he follows Pac, Mike, and Guaxinim to the boat Jv made for them to escape before his death and forces them to follow him so he could be able to escape. They then stop on an island because the boat could work with only three people, and Guaxinim, being an ex-engineer, stays and fixes the boat.

As time goes on, all start to get hungry, except Cell, who got some apples with his knife but refused to give any to Pac and Mike, seeing as how Guaxinim was the only one useful to him. After seeing Guaxinim with an apple, Pac and Mike conclude that he talked with Cell, who, despite the former's efforts, told them that one of them had to stay on the island to die. Cell then tries to manipulate them into killing each other. However, they find out and create a plan, faking that they chose Mike to be left behind. They then take him to a small cave to kill Mike, but he finds out about their plan and tries to make them die in the cave by closing it so they would starve, but he fails and gets stuck himself. With just one bullet, Guaxinim tells Cell that he should keep it to himself. He then tries to beg for his life, but they leave him. While they were going to the boat to escape the island, they heard a gunshot, proving that Cell did take his own life.

Fuga Impossível 2

Cell is briefly mentioned by a police officer who was interrogating Pac two years after the event of Fuga Impossível, where he says that out of the four of the prisoners that escaped, they only found two of them, with the crazy man (Cell) being gone.


At the beginning of the series, Cell is a weird prisoner with psychotic tendencies, but he initially seems to be a friendly person. However, throughout the series, he shows a more sadistic side, taking pleasure in killing people. This pleasure is shown when he kills officer Felps and the leader of the Japanese gang. Despite being psychotic, Cell is very smart, being able to find out about Pac, Mike, and Jv's plan to escape Alcatraz, and finding out about Guaxinim's trap in seconds. Pac and Mike were surprised by this and even called him very smart for it. Cell is also shown to be ruthless, as he killed Jv for lying and left Pac and Mike to stay in Alcatraz for the same reason. Despite threatening to kill Pac, Mike, and Guaxinim many times, he never keeps those words, knowing he needs them so he can escape. After being tricked by Pac, Mike and Guaxinim, Cell is shown to be a coward, begging for them not to abandon him on the island.


  • Cell's gang name, Rayquaza, references the Pokemon of the same name.

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