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This villain was proposed and approved on the Inconsistently Heinous Wiki to be villains who, despite their strong heinousness, have numerous disqualifications preventing them from being PE or NPE.

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~ His Evil Laugh
~ Shit i never bothered to make dialogue, must plagiairse then

My Character (Villain) Here is made specifically to be approved as a Complete Monster, he is the antagonist of uhhhhhh fuck, i never made a story, i need to plagiarise something popular, they wont notice, oh i know now!

He is the main antagonist of The Human Worm: Crossing a balkan film


So he is that


As i said before, this character is pure evil in every way.

He know what is right what is wrong, he could be good, but instead choses to be pure evil, he does not care for anyone. He rejected redemption, he commits heinous crimes, such as stealing He has no honor, no dignity, he has no remorse over his actions, he is fully aware of himself being evil and accepts it.

He is not insane, he is not amoral, he is not tragic, he is not sympathetic, he is not affable, and all of his actions are take seriously


I didnt make a story, sorry :((((


As i said, he is the most evil and most powerful villain ever, despite having a weakness, although it doesnt really matter, i only added it to avoid him being not called a villain sue ([{ Guy, im someone else, i managed to hack this page, this guy is actually weak as fuck as is fodder compared to the almighty Lord Toons, i need to get out fast before the creator of the page sees me }])

Huh that was weird, now moving on


Insert stolen quotes

Notable Evil Acts

  • He doxxed people
  • He stole some money from a store
  • He did drugs

Dear Question