Cheshire Cat is the hidden main antagonist of Disney's 2016 live-action adventure film Wonderland. He is Queen Heartluck's sworn enemy, whom uses Alice to usurp her kingdom. He controlls all nightmares of Wonderland, and posseses some ordinary magic as well. He is voiced by George Ezra.



He was a young cat with great desires, as his family were abusive towards him, thinking he shall never beat their enemy Queen Shadowleaf . However, since her daughter Queen Heartluck took her place, his family were killed by some card soldiers acting as loggers in the woods. Staring at her, he thought of how to revenge her and take over her kingdom.

Wonderland (2015)

Cheshire cat wonderland 2016

Cheshire Cat's nightmare form

Many years after his family's death, he spotted Alice in the woods, asking her where she is going. Worrying he is a stranger, Alice tells him to go away. However, he tells her he knows the way back home. She then got shocked, and asked him how to get home. He replied that she must defeat Queen Heartluck to be heroic enough and travel to another realm by the power of charisma. Alice was guided to Wonderland, and was told on the way about his family's loss. However, encountering Marvin The Owl, Alice was warned that the Cheshire Cat is evil, and he uses people to do his dirty deeds. Alice did not believe Marvin, and they continued the journey, ignoring Marvin. Later, Alice was thrown into prison by the card soldiers, and in her dream, she found Cheshire Cat, and asked him how to get out of prison. Cheshire Cat told her the key is within her imagination. She then woke up and found the key, and opened the jail cell. Alice escaped, and Cheshire Cat teleported to the castle, telling her to use the Queen's staff and free the kingdom from nightmares. However, after defeating the queen, Cheshire Cat appeared in his nightmare form, biting the queen's crown, thus holding it within his mouth, and growling at Alice. Alice asked him if it is really him or another bad kitty. He then replied that he has been using her to control the kingdom instead of Queen Heartluck, and that he now controls nightmare powers, able to make everyone's worst fears come true. The world then turned dark, and demons came out of a dark portal, flying into the castle hall at high speed. Alice ran to the temple of light, however, it was revealed that the crystal of goodness inside the temple's hall is turning into the nightmare crystal, according to a book she has found. When the crystal turned completely dark, the demons swarmed on her, trying to kill her. Cheshire Cat entered the hall telling her there is no way to defeat her own nightmares. However, Alice imagined a sword, and in her hands appeared a sword of light and honor. She then killed the demons off with the sword. The Cheshire Cat then turned into a dragon, spitting on her fireballs, and burning the temple down. However, Alice had to beat her fears to make the sword stronger, and after a while she did so, and stabbed the dragon form of the Cheshire Cat to death, thus destroying him completely.

Dark cheshire

Cheshire Cat in his Dragon form


Evil, cunning and vengeful. He is the cause for people's nightmares and he uses Alice to control Wonderland and usurp it from Queen Heartluck, causing a much bigger threat to rise as dictatorship. Though being categorized as "friend of the hero", he is not a true friend for Alice, since she wasn't a friend or ally, but just a trustworthy vessel for him. He seems to be evil even before his family's death, however, his family are evil as well, for educating him against the royalty of Wonderland.


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