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Chris-Chan is the author avatar of the infamous internet user, Christian Weston Chandler. He is also the true antagonist of the Sonichu web series.


He is the mayor of the city of CWCVille (which is pronounced as Quickville), and he is also the apparent father of Sonichu. Even though Sonichu is supposedly the hero of the webcomic of the same name, this webcomic is ultimately about Chris, and his descent into madness.

As the series became worse by the second, Christian himself started to direct his rage into his author avatar, and this rage manifested itself with Chris-Chan's actions in the later part of the series. In the later editions of the series, Chris would order mass-killings of several people that displeased him, such as with homosexuals, and trolls, and critics to his work, and with every life taken by Chris and his creations, it only managed to increase his already intolerable ego, and ultimately made his author avatar, a monster and a Gary Sue.