Coney is a recurring character in the plush YouTuber, LuigiFan00001. He is one of the main mascots of the channel along with Luigi.

He is voiced by LuigiFan00001 himself.


Coney is a plush of a conehead zombie from the mobile game Plants Vs. Zombies. He appears as a zombie with a brown waistcoat and blue shorts, along with an orange traffic cone on his head.


Plants Vs. Zombies Plush

Coney was at first the craziest out of the zombies. However, in later episodes, he shows signs of intelligence and getting the role of being the engineer of the zombies.

Total Stuffed Fluffed Island

Coney debuted in Season 2. He was later eliminated in episode 40. He played as a returning contestant in Season 3 for Team Regigigas and got eliminated in episode 31.

Angry Birds Plush

Coney appeared in Angry Birds Go Plush:Stunt as Chuck's assistance when Mr. L was going to destroy Chuck. He used his cone machine to knock out Mr. L's Brobot.


  • He is one of the fan favourites of LuigiFan00001's channel.
  • He hates Crash Bandicoot and mocks him by calling him Crack Bandipoot.
  • He is shown lots of signs of hyperactivity, like in Total Stuffed Fluffed Island Season 3 Episode 1 when Mr. Hat joined his team, him and Clyde raved while chanting "Dananananananana Hatman!" (A parody of the Batman song)

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