The Crime Syndicate of Warriors was the Earth-Three version of the Justice League. They planned to take over the Earth, but the only thing stopping them was the Forces of Garmadon. But after the death of most of their members and their leader, Emerald Samurai, they surrendered and defunct.

Former Members

  • Emerald Samurai (Leader, Deceased)
  • Ultraman (Went into Depression)
  • Owlman (Went into Post-Traumatic Stress but escaped custody later)
  • Superwoman (Left Team)
  • Johnny Quick (Deceased)
  • Power Ring (Deceased)
  • Grid (Deceased)
  • Sea King (Deceased)
  • Captain Thunder (Deceased, resurrected after the Blackest Night but killed again)
  • Atomica (Deceased)
  • Ultragirl (Lost powers)
  • Colonel Particle (Deceased)
  • Titanium (Deceased)
  • Deathstorm (Deceased)
  • White Martian (Deceased)
  • Talon (Deceased)
  • White Cat (Deceased)
  • Deadeye (Incarcerated)
  • Scarlet Scarab (Deceased)
  • Silver Cyclone (Deceased)


  • Before they were taken in, Superwoman revealed herself to be pregnant, the father is still unknown as she had affairs with Ultraman, Owlman and Emerald Samurai.
  • Owlman escaped into Gotham City, only to be captured after finding the grave of Thomas and Martha Wayne.
  • Members of the Forces took possessions of deceased members of the Syndicate as trophies. Black Manta took Sea King's trident, Cryptor took Grid's part to make Nindroid Elite Units and Kozu took Power Ring's ring (Only to lose the successor, Jessica Cruz, to the Justice League).
  • The Syndicate did in fact return when an unknown force destroyed Earth-3, what that force was is still unknown.