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Darth Nihilus is a wound in the force. Existing long ago during the old Republic, Nihilus made a name for himself by using a power only he possessed. Nihilus was able to eat the force. By doing such, he could eat the life force out of anything by using the force to drain a being. Nihilus became one of the most powerful Sith Lords to ever exist. He also became very skilled in lightsaber combat.

Old Republic

Darth Nihilus was a very powerful foe. He would consume planets. At one point, a team of five jedi masters went to kill Nihilus. Nihilus fought them. After one of the jedi sliced Nihilus with a lightsaber, the five jedi realized that they were no match for Nihilus. Nihilus stretched out his hand and used the force to consume the lives of the jedi masters. Nihilus was unstoppable for years to come until Darth Revan cut off his head. Nihilus's mask was placed on the sith homeworld. It was locked up in a box. Nihilus was presumed dead. However, his life force was trapped in his mask.

Clone Wars

During the Clone Wars, a group of clones were searching the Sith homeworld. One of the clones found the locked box and broke it open. The clones thought it was funny that a mask was locked up. One of the clones put on the mask. The clone called himself Kabuki trooper. They returned to Coruscant. Darth Nihilus took over the troopers body and stole a black robe. Nihilus also got his lightsaber back because it was in the Jedi Temple. Nihilus went on a rampage in the temple and killed dozens of Jedi. Anakin Skywalker attacked Nihilus and almost got his force powers drained by Nihilus. R2-D2 saved Anakin. Nihilus couldn't drain any life force from R2-D2 because R2-D2 is a droid. Nihilus killed more Jedi. Mace Windu and Yoda fought Nihilus. Before Nihilus could kill them, he was struck down by a Jedi temple guard. The temple guard would eventually become The Grand Inquisitor. During order 66, Anakin took the mask and lightsaber. Palpatine would later put the mask and lightsaber in a vault.


Nihilus Returns

At some point, a rogue Imperial Guard stole the mask of Nihilus. The guard intended to use the power of Nihilus to kill Palpatine and end the Sith. Upon wearing the mask, Nihilus began to take over the guard's body. The guard attempted to kill himself but it was too late. Nihilus took over. Nihilus reclaimed his lightsaber and planned his return.

Facing The Emperor

Nihilus explored Coruscant and discovered that Palpatine was Emperor. Nihilus could sense that Palpatine was a Sith Lord. Nihilus traveled to The Imperial Palace to face Palpatine. Despite several attempts by Shock Troopers and Imperial Guards, Nihilus got to Palpatine. Palpatine shot force lightning at Nihilus but Nihilus shot force lightning back. Their force lightning collided. They stopped. Then Palpatine activated his lightsaber. Nihilus activated his lightsaber. Both Sith Lords fought. Palpatine was joined by Darth Vader and The Grand Inquisitor. Together, they outmatched Nihilus. Nihilus then told Palpatine that he had arrived to join forces and not fight. Nihilus then said that he had no intentions of fighting Palpatine and was only defending himself. Palpatine decided to negotiate with Nihilus. Part of the deal lead to Nihilus being allowed to destroy any who resisted The Empire.

Empire enforcer

Nihilus helped crush several rebellions. Nihilus also proved to be very effective at tracking down and eliminating Jedi.

Rogue One

Sensing that the Death Star plans were in danger of being captured by the Rebels, Palpatine sent Nihilus to Scarif to ensure that the plans were safe. Nihilus arrived in time to located Rebel ground forces. After killing several Rebel troopers, Nihilus realized that the plans had been transmitted to a Rebel ship. After stealing Krennic's shuttle, Nihilus made his way out of Scarif's atmosphere in an attempt to secure the plans. However, Nihilus failed to prevent the Rebels escape. Nihilus was ordered to arrive on the Death Star. Nihilus reluctantly allowed Vader to hunt down the plans. Nihilus went onboard the Death Star. After the Death Star fired on Scarif, Nihilus ate the life force of all who died.

A New Hope

Darth Nihilus was onboard he Death Star and present for the meeting with Vader, Tarkin, Yularen, and other imperial officers. Nihilus remained silent and at the back of the room during the meeting. Afterwards, Tarkin told Nihilus would be allowed to feed on any lives lost when the Death Star was utilized. Nihilus would then be with Tarkin when Tarkin decided to demonstrate the Death Star's full power. Nihilus remained in the back of the room. Nihilus watched the Death Star destroy Alderaan. After the destruction of Alderaan, Nihilus fed on the lives of everyone that was on the planet. Nihilus would watch Vader fight Obi Wan Kenobi. After Vader killed Kenobi, Nihilus failed to eat Kenobi's life force. However, Nihilus was soon informed that the Death Star would arrive at the Rebel base and Nihilus would soon be able to feed again. As the Rebellion attack on the Death Star continued, Nihilus noticed that the odds grew in favor of the rebels. Deciding to personally take care of things, Nihilus informed his Shadow Troopers to prepare his shuttle (Krennic's stolen shuttle) and then Nihilus used a Tie Defender to join the space battle. Nihilus shot down many rebel ships and even assisted Vader. However, Nihilus was ordered by Vader to fall back as Vader dealt with Red 5. Nihilus could sense what would soon happen and contacted his Shadow Troopers to evacuate the Death Star in the shuttle and meet him on Coruscant.

Hunt for Rebels

After the destruction of the Death Star, Palpatine decided that the rebels had to be punished. Darth Nihilus was sent to crush rebels at whatever cost. This would lead Nihilus to become feared by citizens all over the galaxy. After Nihilus brutally crushed a rebellion on Ord Mantell and killed hundreds of civilians, Palpatine was forced to publicly declare Nihilus a loose cannon that wasn't connected to The Empire and that Nihilus was a wanted war criminal. However, Palpatine was still secretly working with Nihilus. After Sargent Kreel's constant failures to defeat Luke Skywalker, Nihilus was called in. Still operating under the radar, Nihilus tracked Luke Skywalker down. Nihilus briefly dueled Luke Skywalker until Stormtroopers arrived. Both Nihilus and Luke were shot at. Luke was able to escape. Kreel arrived and ordered the Stormtroopers to stop attacking Nihilus. Since Kreel knew that Nihilus was a secret Imperial agent, Kreel allowed Nihilus to go. Before leaving, Nihilus killed the Stormtroopers as a cover up. An event would later be staged where Nihilus was captured and put on trial. Palpatine then publicly made a deal with Nihilus. Nihilus was publicly set free under the condition that he would be closely monitored and used as an Imperial agent and act accordingly.

Empire Strikes Back

Darth Nihilus joined the Battle of Hoth. Nihilus decided to personally command an AT-AT. However, his AT-AT would later be destroyed. Nihilus made his way to the rebel base, destroying any rebel that crossed his path. Nihilus was unable to prevent the Rebel leaders from escaping Hoth. Nihilus would later go onboard Vader's super star destroyer. Nihilus would later question why he wasn't being sent after the Rebels. Vader informed Nihilus that he needed the Rebels alive. Nihilus would later be seen on the bridge watching the Millennium Falcon escape.

Return of The Jedi

Darth Nihilus arrived at the second Death Star after Darth Vader. Nihilus would later be present when Palpatine arrived. When the Rebels attacked Endor, Nihilus was ordered to stop the Rebels. Nihilus took his shuttle down to Endor and joined the Imperial troops. Nihilus was successful in eliminating several rebels until he ran into Luke Skywalker. Nihilus briefly dueled Luke but ended up winning and capturing Luke. Nihilus brought Luke to Vader and went with Vader to bring Luke to Palpatine. Nihilus was ordered to leave the throne room. Nihilus would later sense Palpatine's death and was quick to consume his life force. Knowing that the Death Star was doomed, Nihilus boarded his shuttle and evacuated. He would wait for the death star to explode and then fed off the life force of everyone that perished. Nihilus decided to lay low. Nihilus would later be officially declared dead.

New Republic

Hunting Skywalker

Nihilus would eventually reemerge from the shadows and hunt down Luke Skywalker to finish the Jedi order. This would lead to a seemingly final battle with Luke Skywalker when Nihilus faced Luke on Ryloth. They would engage in a heated lightsaber battle. Luke would later use the force to push Nihilus off a cliff. Nihilus once again disappeared.

Battle of Jakku

Nihilus manipulated Gallius Rax and used Rax as a means to control what was left of the Empire. Nihilus was onboard Gallius Rax's super star destroyer Ravager. Nihilus's presence was leaked to the rebels. Nihilus went down with the super star destroyer when it was destroyed. Nihilus was announced dead.


Having survived the crash, Nihilus realized that he would have to stay hidden. Nihilus also realized that there was no way he would gain control of the remnants of the Empire. Nihilus decided he had to create someone to take over. Being that manipulatable force users that could serve Nihilus's goals were non existent, Nihilus decided he would just clone himself. The only hard part was that Nihilus didn't have a physical body. Nihilus decided he had to improvise. Nihilus created a clone by using dark side magic. The clone turned out deformed but possessed Nihilus's power. The clone began to deteriorate. That was when Nihilus's plan was complete. He named the clone Snoke. Snoke was informed that the only way to survive was to consume the life force (the force) out of beings and to do as Nihilus ordered. Nihilus used Snoke as a puppet to control The First Order with.

The Force Awakens

Darth Nihilus never appeared in Force Awakens but he was behind all the events. Knowing what Rey was, Nihilus wanted her dead. But more importantly, he wanted to do it himself. Under orders from Nihilus, Snoke ordered Kylo Ren to bring Rey to him. However, Kylo failed to do so. Snoke would later order Hux to rescue Kylo Ren from Starkiller base. It would later be revealed that Nihilus had fed on the life force of all killed on the planets destroyed by Starkiller base.

The Last Jedi

Continuing to follow orders from Darth Nihilus, Snoke chased The Resistance and test Kylo Ren. Unknown to Nihilus, Snoke planned to betray Nihilus and take Kylo Ren as his apprentice. Nihilus was informed when Rey was onboard Supremacy (Snoke's mega star destroyer) and traveled to kill Rey and Kylo himself. However, Nihilus arrived to find that Snoke was almost dead and that Supremacy had been hyperspace rammed. Nihilus used the force to keep Snoke alive. Snoke begged for forgiveness and a second chance and told where Luke Skywalker was hiding. However, Nihilus rejected Snoke and stabbed him with his lightsaber. Nihilus then fed off of Snoke's life force. Nihilus then decided that he would consume Rey and Kylo's life force. However, Hux arrived so Nihilus snuck out so that he wouldn't get caught by Hux. Nihilus decided to eliminate Luke Skywalker once and for all. Travelling to Ach-To, Nihilus confronted Luke Skywalker. Realizing how far Luke had fallen from the force, Nihilus mocked Skywalker. This caused Luke to call upon the force. Realizing that Nihilus was the mastermind behind everything, Luke ignited his lightsaber. With help from the force and from the ghost of Anakin Skywalker, Luke was able to fight Nihilus in a lightsaber duel. The duel would continue to carry on to the edge of a cliff. Not wanting a repeat of their last duel, Nihilus was determined to throw Luke off the cliff for an ironic revenge. Luke would soon sense that The Resistance needed help. Knowing he couldn't fight both Nihilus and help The Resistance, Luke decided to use the force to push Nihilus off the cliff. Nihilus crashed into the water. Nihilus would later get back on land and find Luke. Luke at the time was using the force to project himself on Crait to distract Kylo Ren. Humiliated at having been pushed off a cliff by Luke again, Nihilus was determined to make Luke suffer. Nihilus began to drain Luke's life force. Luke continued with his projection until Kylo figured out the trick. Both the combined effects of using the force to create a projection of himself and Nihilus's force draining killed Luke. Nihilus was somehow unable to consume the life force of Luke Skywalker. This enraged Nihilus even more since Luke had escaped Nihilus's wrath. Nihilus immediately made plans to return and destroy the galaxy.

The Rise of Skywalker

Many years would pass until Nihilus was heard from again. Nihilus broadcasted a message to the entire galaxy telling them of his return and that he would kill everyone. Kylo Ren would later travel to Moraband after sensing a disturbance in the force. Kylo Ren would find Darth Nihilus in a Sith temple. Still believing he had been the one to kill Snoke, Kylo threatened Nihilus. Nihilus simple laughed. Nihilus then revealed to Kylo that he created Snoke as a clone and that Nihilus would have consumed Snoke after Snoke had completed his purpose of consuming life force. Nihilus even said that he still did when Snoke was killed by him (also revealing to Kylo that he had truly been the one to kill Snoke, not Kylo). Nihilus offered Kylo a chance at becoming a Sith Lord. Nihilus promised that he would train Kylo to become a more powerful Sith than Darth Vader. Nihilus then said that the reason he didn't kill Snoke earlier was that Snoke had found something useful and Nihilus had hoped Snoke would consume it. Nihilus revealed that Rey was the granddaughter of Emperor Palpatine. Nihilus then said he would train Kylo to be a Sith if Kylo killed Rey. While Kylo hunted Rey down, Nihilus returned to The Supremacy. Nihilus then repaired it by using the force. Nihilus took the mega star destroyer to Moraband where he waited for the First Order to arrive. When The First Order arrived, Nihilus greeted them and promised to help them eliminate the resistance. He would then give it to them for them to use it as their flagship agin while he went down to Moraband. Rey would arrive on Moraband. After contacting the resistance of the location of the First Order (now renamed by Nihilus as The Final Order), Rey went to Sith temple to face Nihilus. Nihilus tried to talk Rey into surrendering but she ignited her lightsaber. Nihilus explained who he was and what he was going to do. He told her that he was going to eat her life force since she was a Palpatine and Palpatine was one of the strongest force users ever and that his bloodline was strong in the force. Upon hearing this, Rey charged at Nihilus. Knowing that he wouldn't be able to easily consume her life force, Nihilus activated his lightsaber and engaged in a lightsaber battle with Rey. Nihilus quickly gained the upper hand over Rey since her power was no match to his even though Nihilus hadn't consumed any life force recently. However, Ben Solo arrived to help Rey. After Rey gave Ben the Skywalker Saber, she and ben killed the Knights of Ren. Nihilus only laughed and ate the life force of the knights while saying that he was going to kill them anyway. Despite being even stronger, Ben and Rey dueled Nihilus in a lightsaber fight. However, Nihilus eventually used force lightning to blast them aside. Recognizing that they were a force dyad, Nihilus realized the opportunity he had before him. Reaching out, Nihilus began to consume their life force. Nihilus stopped to monologue on how he was going to destroy the galaxy. Ben got up so Nihilus ate more life force from Ben and tossed him aside with the force. Nihilus didn't believe Rey to be a threat so he reached out with the force and detected the space battle going on in orbit. Then using his ability of force feeding, Nihilus began to eat the life force of everyone in orbit. Nihilus succeeded in killing thousands of beings both First Order and Resistance alike. However, Rey got back up. Seeing this, Nihilus continued to feed while shooting force lightning at Rey. Seeing that she knew how to block lightning and kept moving forward, Nihilus focused on shooting powerful lightning at Rey while also draining her life force. Despite Nihilus's power, Rey kept going forward. After calling the Skywalker saber to her, she deflected the lightning into Nihilus. Nihilus's robes started to disintegrate, revealing Nihilus had no physical form. He then exploded. Only the mask, lightsaber, and pieces of robe remained. However, the unexpected happened. All those items began to float in the air. Out of the mask, a black, mist, shadow formed. The pieces of robe went around to form a robe to reform Nihilus. Nihilus shouted that he couldn't be destroyed and that he was immortal. Nihilus grabbed his lightsaber out of the air and began to feed on everyone again. Despite being weakened from attempting to destroy Nihilus, Rey got back up, picked her lightsaber back up, and walked over to Nihilus and ignited her lightsaber. Nihilus realized what was going on, turned around, and ignited his lightsaber. However, Rey had already swung her lightsaber. Her saber collided with Nihilus's saber. Nihilus wasn't fully reformed and was consuming life force to fully reform so he was weaker which is what gave Rey the advantage for a brief duel (the duel had sabers clash four times). Rey knocked Nihilus's saber from his hands. Nihilus began to focus all his power on consuming Rey's life force but Rey sliced through Nihilus's mask with her lightsaber. The only thing remaining of Darth Nihilus was the robes, mask, and lightsaber. Nihilus exploded. The mask lied on the floor over the robes with black mist seeping out. Rey collapsed dead due to the fact that Nihilus had sucked her life force almost completely dry before he was struck down. After Ben Solo gave his life to bring Rey back, Rey noticed that the mask was already starting to repair itself. Taking a piece in each hand, she ran out of the Sith temple. Before leaving Moraband, Rey placed the left half of the mask in a temple. Rey would keep the other half with her as she believed that it was safer that way by keeping the halves apart.


Despite his mask being destroyed, Darth Nihilus lives on as black mist/shadow. Thus, he is still conscious and able to see things that transpire. However, he is unable to return to a physical form unless the halves of the mask are placed together.


  • In Star Wars legends, Nihilus never returned from the sith temple
  • Nihilus in legends was not very skilled with a lightsaber
  • This version of Nihilus is ambidextrous.

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