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Demogoblin is a demonic entity that used to be human that works with Nightmare. He helps Nightmare with his goals.


Nightmare and Demogoblin had many adventures together. Some of them are listed below. Unfortunately, the exact order is unknown.


Nightmare and Demogoblin made some appearances in the Star Wars universe. They helped Palpatine while he was undercover but they were most prominent during the days of the Empire.

A New Hope

During the events of New Hope, Nightmare and Demogoblin were present on Vader's star destroyer when Leia was captured. When it was believed the plans for the death star were launched in an escape pod, Vader ordered Nightmare and Demogoblin to take a team down to Tatooine and comb the planet. Later, they did just as ordered. Nightmare made the stormtroopers comb the planet with giant combs. Nightmare and Demogoblin left the stormtrooper and went to Mos Eisley Cantina. They were present when Greedo was killed. Later, a stormtrooper informed them that droids had the plans and escaped with some people and one of them had a lightsaber. Demogoblin and Nightmare reached the docking bay just as the Millenium Falcon took off. They later went to the death star (somehow before the Falcon) and were tasked with studying the maps of the station so they would know their way around. Vader asked them if they were finished. Nightmare said they knew the station like the back of their hands. Vader told them to meet him in the meeting room in a few minutes. Vader left. A few minutes later, Nightmare and Demogoblin walked into a closet and then walked out and got to the meeting room just as Han, Luke, Obi Wan, Chewie, R2D2, and C3PO entered. During the battle of Yavin, Nightmare and Demogoblin flew in tie fighter but they were shot down. As they were floating in space, the death star exploded. The shockwave sent Nightmare and Demogoblin flying across space.

The Empire Strikes Back

During the battle of Hoth, Nightmare and Demogoblin were inside an At-At. They were the ones that destroyed the generators. Nightmare and Demogoblin were on Vader's super star destroyer when they pursued the Falcon. They were later present in Cloud City. While waiting with Vader and Boba Fett, they were offered very expensive food. It turned out that their waiter was Loan Yoda but nobody noticed. Demogoblin then had to use the bathroom and had Nightmare go with him because he would have gotten lost without Nightmare. After Demogoblin was done, Nightmare stopped to play an expensive crane machine. It cost 100 credits per try. Nightmare played 50 times and got a Yoda plush. Nightmare billed it to Vader. By the time Demogoblin and Nightmare returned to the dinning room, Vader had already captured the rebels. Nightmare and Demogoblin were later seen on Vader's super star destroyer. Vader had seen the bill and force choked Nightmare and Demogoblin.

Return of The Jedi

Nightmare and Demogoblin were on the second death star to greet Palpatine. They were later stationed on Endor. However, Nightmare got bored and they went back to the death star. The death star exploded with them on it but they survived. They somehow got on an experimental star destroyer (First Order star destroyer). They accidently hit the hyperdrive and were flown into the unknown regions where they crashed on Star Killer base.

The Dragon Prince

Season 1

Demogoblin was brought to the castle by Viren because Demogoblin was a formidable warrior and experienced in dark magic. Upon meeting, Demogoblin became interested in Claudia. He saw that she could be an ally or apprentice. Demogoblin used his shapeshifting powers to appear human (he looked like his original form before being cursed). Demogoblin was later roaming the halls when he saw Claudia walk into a secret passage behind a painting. Demogoblin followed at a distance. Demogoblin arrived in the secret spot where the Dragon Prince egg was. Claudia had already been chained while Callum, Ezran, and Rayla ran off. Demogoblin gave chase on his glider with some wolves created by Claudia using dark magic. When he did that, he completely ignored Claudia asking for him to cut the chains. When Demogoblin and the wolves had the trio cornered, Callum started doing a spell. Demogoblin said he wasn't impressed but was blown back by a huge gust of wind Callum created. Demogoblin landed on the opposite side of the passage and cursed. Demogoblin arrived where Claudia was after she freed herself. Demogoblin cut the chain even though she was free of it. Later, Demogoblin joined the fight going on by the kings room. Demogoblin proved his strength when he fought the Moon Elves. Demogoblin succeeded in killing all the elves but Runaan snuck past. After the king was killed, Demogoblin realized he missed an elf. Runaan had succeeded in sending the message but Demogoblin, Claudia, Soren, and Viren had got to the balcony. While the others wanted to kill Runaan, Demogoblin told Claudia of what Runaan could be used for. Runaan was spared but taken away because of a potential use. Demogoblin later contacted Nightmare and told him that there were things that might interest him. Despite the fact there were things that would interest Nightmare, Nightmare was busy. Demogoblin was present when Viren gave Soren the task of killing the Callum and Ezran. Demogoblin was in his human form when Claudia tried to do a spell on a mirror. After Viren arrived and spoke to her about the mirror, Demogoblin explained that he could appear in any form but his Demogoblin form would always be his reflection. Demogoblin overheard that Claudia's priority was the egg. Demogoblin went with Claudia and Soren on their mission. While Claudia and Soren arrived at the lodge on horses, Demogoblin arrived on his flaming glider. Since the princes traveled by boat, it was impossible to track them with the tracking dogs. After Claudia said she could cast a tracking spell, Demogoblin went with her and Soren to a place to get an ingredient needed for the spell. Demogoblin started to get annoyed with Soren's dislike for magic. After Claudia offered to tell something about the use of wasps in magic and Soren said he didn't want to hear it, Demogoblin said that he was interested and would listen. After the tracking spell was cast, Demogoblin offered to fly Soren and Claudia to the princes but they refused.

Season 2

Demogoblin and Soren later fought Rayla. However, they were stopped by Callum. Demogoblin morphed to his human form and agreed to stop fighting. Demogoblin joined the group for breakfast. When Claudia revealed there was some dark magic inside, Demogoblin took more and wolfed the pancakes down. Demogoblin later spied on Callum amd Claudia as Callum showed her around. When Claudia tried to tell Callum to use dark magic, Demogoblin said he approved. After Claudia said she liked runes, Demogoblin said he liked them too and that he liked to ruin them. Callum told Demogoblin to go away and he did. Demogoblin was hiding in a tree when Claudia told Callum there would be a date. Demogoblin heard that part and fell out of the tree. Demogoblin later spied on the two of them on their date that night. When they nearly kissed, Demogoblin almost blew his cover (he was hiding behind a boulder) when he puked up lava (he also might have been a little angry and had to refrain himself from shouting). Demogoblin went with Claudia and Soren when they left with Rayla, Ezran, and Callum to return the Dragon Prince. Demogoblin watched when Claudia believed she had captured the princes and then Demogoblin went to fight Rayla. However, it was revealed that the captured Ezran and Callum were just illusions. After they got away with Rayla, Demogoblin went to give chase on his glider but he was knocked off by Corvus. Demogoblin was going to kill Corvus but found that Soren had tied him up. Demogoblin then followed Soren and Claudia. Demogoblin followed them into a town where they would later fight a dragon. After Soren made it angry, the dragon charged at him ( Claudia and Demogoblin were standing next to Soren) and Claudia and Soren moved out of the way before the dragon's fire reached them. However, Demogoblin remained in his position and moved his arms to shield his face as he was engulfed in flames. Demogoblin emerged from the fire without a scratch. Demogoblin later watched the dragon crash after an enchanted weapon created by Claudia hit it. After he, Claudia, and Soren found the dragon, Claudia said hey would take it back in pieces. Demogoblin became hungry and was upset when Callum arrived. However, Demogoblin saw Callum was going to use dark magic. Demogoblin then dared Callum to strike him down but Callum didn't. When the dragon broke free, Demogoblin saved Claudia from being killed but was unable to save Soren from being paralyzed. Later, Demogoblin accompanied Claudia and Soren to the hospital but Claudia got kicked out when she got angry and began destroying stuff. The doctors then threw Demogoblin out of the hospital because he was associated with Claudia. Demogoblin was with Claudia when she later talked to Ezran on the tower. When Claudia explained her past, Demogoblin actually felt sorry for her and shed a flaming tear but quickly wiped it away before anyone noticed (it also appeared he didn't notice it at first). Later, Demogoblin was with Claudia when she killed a deer for a spell to heal Soren. Demogoblin ate what was left of the deer. When Claudia said that they were going back to the castle, Demogoblin agreed. He left with Soren and Claudia.

Season 3

Upon Demogoblin's, Claudia's and Soren's return to the castle, they were arrested and brought in. Demogoblin got infuriated when Claudia almost let it slip that Viren sent them to kill the princes. Demogoblin started to laugh when Ezran decided that they were innocent. Demogoblin quickly stopped. However, all three of them were locked away in Claudia and Soren's home. Demogoblin remained silent during Claudia and Soren's discussion. Demogoblin was present for Ezran saying he would be a different type of king. Demogoblin's chains were removed when Ezran ordered Demogoblin, Claudia, and Soren's chains. Demogoblin went with Soren and Claudia to meet Viren in the dungeons. Demogoblin remained calm when Viren didn't care Soren could have died. Demogoblin was laughing to himself when Viren fooled Claudia into thinking that he didn't order Soren to kill the princes. Demogoblin was in the throne room when Viren entered. Unknowingly, Nightmare also entered the room. Demogoblin hailed Viren when Viren became the king. Demogoblin and Nightmare met up. Demogoblin was with Viren when Claudia arrived in the room. Demogoblin also appeared to be able to see and hear Aaravos despite Aaravos not being able to be seen by anyone else. That was shown when Demogoblin replied to Aaravos's comment about Claudia being an asset by saying that he agreed with Viren. Demogoblin showed visible frustration when Nightmare agreed with Aaravos. Demogoblin and Nightmare stood with Viren when Viren gave his speech. When Soren returned, Demogoblin immediately began to suspect Soren of treason but Demogoblin didn't say anything. Demogoblin and Nightmare joined Viren and the army. Demogoblin got annoyed with Soren during the journey and was visibly upset when Soren said that Viren was talking to a bug. Demogoblin was at first worried when news was brought that there was no way to cross the border. He was relieved when Claudia got a plan to pass it. Demogoblin was visibly impressed when Viren created a path through the lava. Demogoblin remained behind while Viren went to do business with the fire elves. Demogoblin smiled when he saw that Viren and Aaravos completed their mission. Demogoblin watched Viren return. Demogoblin would later watch Kasef declare he was ready to receive the gift Viren offered. Demogoblin was amused when Kasef received the gift and was turned into a beast while Soren and Claudia watched in terror. When Soren decided to go, Demogoblin secretly spied on Soren try and get Claudia to leave with him. Demogoblin then went back to Viren and Nightmare. Demogoblin and Nightmare stood by, unaffected, when Viren turned the army into beasts. When the army got to the mountain, Demogoblin said that he was impressed by how tall the mountain was. When Nightmare said it would be a shame that Verkan wouldn't be able to join the battle, Demogoblin said that it was for the best. When Demogoblin saw the fire elves, he laughed at how small the defenses were. Demogoblin charged with the army (he was also no longer in disguise). Demogoblin ran ahead of Viren. Demogoblin was caught in the blast of a spell cast by Claudia but remained unaffected. Demogoblin created a flaming sword to fight the elves. Demogoblin proved to be a formidable opponent as he struck down several elves. When the dragons arrived and torched the ground, Demogoblin stood his ground and returned to fighting. Demogoblin helped break a hole in the defenses. He managed to climb up the mountain but was knocked off by Callum. When reinforcements arrived for the enemy, Demogoblin remarked that the addition would not help them. He began to fight them and easily overpowered the newly arrived soldiers at first until the tide turned. Demogoblin then fell back. He hid near Viren and revealed himself when Viren was found. Demogoblin watched the standoff between Viren, Claudia and Soren. Demogoblin watched Soren strike down Viren. Demogoblin laughed when Viren was revealed to be an illusion. Demogoblin retreated with Claudia. Demogoblin was then seen in a cave with Viren, Claudia, and Nightmare. Nightmare left after saying that he would return when Aaravos got out of the cocoon. Demogoblin then said that he wanted to learn how to bring people back to life like how Claudia brought Viren back to life.

Season 4

Coming no time soon

Alternate universe

After failing in the universe of The Dragon Prince to make Claudia his apprentice, Demogoblin decided to start over again. Demogoblin went to an alternate universe of The Dragon Prince where everything was exactly the same. Demogoblin then did the same stuff he did before but this time, Nightmare didn't arrive at that universe. Demogoblin managed to turn Claudia into his apprentice. Demogoblin decided to keep her a secret so he never left that universe with her.


Demogoblin went to Skyrim to claim Elder Scrolls. He immediately began to hunt them down. Demogoblin helped the Imperials crush the Stormcloak rebellion. Demogoblin would later find out that Alduin and Miraak decided to back out of a deal that involved working with Nightmare. Demogoblin decided to deal with Miraak first. He hunted Miraak down. Miraak tried to convince Demogoblin to betray Nightmare. however, Demogoblin killed Miraak. Demogoblin went back to hunting down the scrolls. He had already obtained one by the time he chose to help the Dawnguard. Demogoblin would later find Serana. Demogoblin briefly thought about killing her and taking the scroll she had but he chose not to. he decided she was better used as an ally. He decided to help her. Demogoblin still tried to steal her Elder Scroll from her many times before reaching the vampire castle. Demogoblin decided to help Harkon because it would lead him to more scrolls. Demogoblin ad Serana went on a quest to find the scrolls so they could complete Harkon's plan to get rid of the sun. On their quest, Demogoblin started to seduce her into later joining The Empire of Eternal Darkness. After speaking to Serana's mother, Demogoblin decided to go against Harkon. Demogoblin realized that Harkon would truly blot out the sun forever and kill Serana in the process. Serana was too valuable and Harkon's plan would actually cause more harm than good. After obtaining the last thing Harkon needed, Demogoblin and Serana confronted Harkon. Demogoblin killed Harkon. After doing that, Demogoblin took the Elder Scrolls that had been gathered on the quest and he left. With all the Elder Scrolls collected, Demogoblin decided to deal with Alduin. Demogoblin offered Alduin a chance to rejoin Nightmare. However, Alduin refused. Demogoblin would later kill Alduin. With his mission completed, Demogoblin gave the scrolls to Nightmare. Demogoblin went to a different universe to hunt down another item.



  • Demogoblin at times has had moments of clarity. These times are when Demogoblin is temporarily sorry for what he has done. He usually goes back to how he usually is.
  • Demogoblin has at times displayed regret. He has regretted his deal with Nightmare
    • Demogoblin hates his appearance. Despite his ability to shapeshift, his true form appears in his reflection.
    • Demogoblin has wanted his ability to love returned
    • Demogoblin has sometimes wished to live a normal life
  • Demogoblin can use dark magic
  • Demogoblin used to use dark magic to create fire, now it is one of his powers that he can use naturally.
  • Demogoblin used to be 100% obedient to Nightmare and unable to fight back, keep secrets, or do anything behind Nightmare's back. However, this seems to have gone away. Demogoblin has shown signs of independence and has started doing things behind Nightmare's back.
  • Demogoblin plans to make Claudia his apprentice. He fails at this but gets an alternate version of Claudia as his apprentice.
  • Demogoblin has a cult. Most of the cult members are skilled with dark magic. They pretty much worship Demogoblin and are fully loyal to him.
  • Demogoblin has a lust for blood
  • Demogoblin keeps the skulls of those he has killed. It is unknown where he stores them.
  • Demogoblin has arachnophobia (however, he isn't afraid of scorpions and actually is quite fond of them)
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