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One day... You will know the Joy of Creation.
~ Henry to Dave in a flashback in DSaF 3.
Oh, what do we have here? A gigantic, soulless, orange infant, 2 rotary phones, a sock puppet, the purple muppet-baby that the world tried to forget, and the Dog of Christmas Past. I'm Dr. Henry Miller, and I'm going to teach you all what you failed to learn the first time I slaughtered each and every one of you.
~ Henry before his boss battle begins.
I always come back!
~ Henry Miller

Dr. Henry Miller is the posthumous overarching antagonist of the Dayshift at Freddy's trilogy.

He appears as the posthumous overarching antagonist of Dayshift at Freddy's and Dayshift at Freddy's 2: Electric Boogaloo, and the posthumous main antagonist of Dayshift at Freddy's 3.

He is the former founder and owner of Fredbear's Family Diner alongside William Afton as well as a serial killer and scientist who harvested the souls of the children he murdered to discover the secrets of immortality, robotic fusion and the functionality of human souls. He is also responsible for the death of Jack Kennedy, the main protagonist of the series as well as Dave's turn to villainy.


Henry Miller was born in 1925, and grew up in Portsmouth, Virginia. A sickly child growing up in the suburbs of Portsmouth, the only parental figure Henry had in life was his father, Charles Miller, a strict and angry man with numerous bad habits, including drinking (and presumably physical abuse). As a child, Henry had an interest in assembling parts of toys together. Sadly, this didn't allow him to escape from his father, who he would frequently argue with over spending money and how much it went towards Charles' medication rather than food and water, resulting in Henry having to deliver papers throughout the 30's.

Roles in DSaF 3 Endings

The End

Henry is repeatedly mentioned numerous times in throughout the course of the main game, but most prominently in the good ending route. After travelling to the fourth part of the flipside, Jack, Dave, Steven, Peter and The Puppet encounter the stray soul of Jack, Blackjack, who has been holding Henry imprisoned in the void for the past 40 years. Knowing that Henry has only become more powerful as the decades went by, Jack convinces Blackjack to join him in the fight against Henry. Once the team arrives in the void, Henry reveals himself to the group and denies the possibility of redemption. Henry threatens to kill the group all over again just as he did decades ago before engaging in a fight.

Throughout the fight, Henry continuously has the upper hand thanks to the spite surrounding him. For every spite that gets eliminated, Henry eliminates nearly all of his opponents by psychologically manipulating them into feeling guilt, leaving Jack as his final victim. Jack refuses to give in to Henry's lies and revives his teammates, proceeding to pummel Henry to near-death. Despite losing the fight, Henry believes that his legacy will forever be left on the world as a mark of terror, claiming that he'll be back. However, Dave tells him to shut up and die, to which he does, and is wiped from existence.

Evil Route

After springlocking Jack in a Spring Freddy suit(, turning him into a human-animatronic hybrid and taking him to his secret bunker, DaveTrap reveals to JackTrap that he keeps belongings that used to belong to his and Henry's victims, including a scarf that belonged to Dee, Jack's sister who Henry killed outside Fredbear's Family Diner and possessed the Puppet. In a moment of remorse, Jack becomes enraged at Dave and reveals that the scarf was his sister's.

With JackTrap's broken mind now completely vulnerable, Henry takes control of JackTrap and proceeds to maul DaveTrap, ripping his head off and killing him. After this happens, Henry appears in front of JackTrap and comments on how foolish and pathetic Dave was, and how easy it was to convince him to murder and manipulate him. Henry praises JackTrap for not having to take guidance from him and finding his way out of the Fredbear suit 50 years prior. Realizing that JackTrap has gone completely insane, Henry declares that JackTrap shall be his vessel in his new plan; to spread the joy that his and JackTrap's creation will bring.

A cutscene plays showing JackTrap standing in the darkness with demonic laughter echoing. JackTrap's eyes open to reveal a pink hue, showing that Henry has now possessed jack as he proudly proclaims that he "always comes back" as his eyes turn red.


So... He's finally gone. Good riddance. William was always a foolish creature. Easy to manipulate... No family, no childhood... All I needed to do was make him hope. He died like he lived. A coward. But, YOU. I didn't molly-coddle you, did I now? I left you to die in that suit, 50 years ago. I could've saved you, but I chose not to. YOU found your own way out of that suit. You proved your usefulness to me superbly. And look at you now. You've blossomed. William was lonely, deep down. He fancied himself my partner. In a way, he saw me as the father he never had. And saw his time at the diner as the childhood that was always just out of his reach. Of course, I never considered him my partner. He was a lackey. Someone I knew how to manipulate. My little puppet. But, you? You have a vile imagination. You have no conscience. No soul pushing you back. YOU. With my voice in your head... You shall be my vessel. My partner. It's time. Come. Let us now go forth and show those cattle the Joy that our Creation will bring.
~ Henry to Jack in the worst ending.

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