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Hiryu Chisaragi, or also known by his villain name, Dr. Vulture, is the titular main protagonist villain of the webcomic video series based on the same title and created from the Youtube Channel Series, Jake the Netflix and Anime Critic. Dr. Vulture is one of the less evil villains but might be the most sympathetic out of all the villains Jacob has made.

Hiryu is a doctor by day and a villain by night, going by the name of Dr. Vulture, he seeks out a conquest and has potential ambitions of making the entire world a more calmer place to live in without law and corruption, but that goal came from his adoptive mother who loved and cared for him.

Hiryu is also said to have a harem of younger girls (older and younger than him), three children he adopted, and seven more that were born from his wives.

Hiryu is cleared based on one of the most evil My Hero Academia villains, Overhaul (with the exception that he is less evil and more sympathetic than him).

He is voiced by the creator, Jacob Kyle Fabie.


Hiryu is an intelligent and sophisticated person while he is ruthless and cold, determined to accomplish what his mother, Komiya Kusuguri, started when he was raised from her: to make the world better by ridding all of law and enforcement.

Back when he was younger, he use to be a happy little boy, always optimistic through curiosity as his loving parents taught him everything but it all changes after his parents got into an accident. With no one to love or care for him, Hiryu felt like the world does not need him and thought about suicide until Komiya saved him from a tragic burden.

After being taken in by Komiya and raised in a Yakuza, he feels blessed and grateful that he was given another chance at life.

While growing up and raised by Komiya, Hiryu became more serious than ever and grew somewhat smarter after learning more. But after Komiya and her gang retired, he felt devastation that his own mother couldn't accomplish what she started and began his sense of honoring her wish by becoming his own person, which Komiya adviced him to be.

After becoming a villain and started his own Yakuza, it made Hiryu to almost lose who he use to be. He became seriously wrathful, merciless, reckless, and uncaring towards his own gang and to those he sees as a threat that could prevent him from accomplishing what his mother started, even after he got a job as a doctor (which after he graduated from college) and uses this opportunity but not only to save lives but uses it to kill those who have committed misdeeds that made them "unworthy of living".

He even crossed the line when he kidnapped and raped at least 6 girls and starts to realize that he took everything too far and abused the methods his mother taught him incorrectly.

But it does not mean Hiryu truly is an evil person after becoming a criminal, he was aware of what was happening and kept asking in his mind: "why would i do this", but he didn't do anything to stop himself and allowed everything he did on his will.

And it also does not mean he lacks of empathy and remorse, he truly cares about his mother and his dead parents. All he wanted was to repay her for giving him another reason to live and was blessed that he had a right to call Komiya: "mommy", by honoring her wish using his powers, but he'd knew his mother would be disappointed and ashamed if she ever saw her son like this, same goes for his parents watching over him.

But after the rape he committed, not only did he show remorse, but he broke down crying and panicking, not knowing what to did and feared that nobody (and possibly his gang) won't forgive him for his complicated but irredeemable personality and for taking things too seriously and far.

After overcoming the pain and guilt he carried, he immediately apologize to the girls he raped and begged of what's left in his soul while mourning and crying uncontrollable, but they forgave him under a condition: that his punishment would be to take responsibility, marry them and raise their children together, as a family. After willingly accepting his "punishment", he decides to turn over a new leaf and make amends for his poorly decisions while starting all over.

After getting married by the girls and their children are born, Hiryu proven his promise to his wives and began getting to know one of them better. But during his time with them, he began to feel true love for them.

Hiryu also seems to have a warm side and a sense of kindness towards children and youngsters, as he was honorable enough to adopt those who are orphaned, abandoned, or live in the streets (that example happened when he found a young boy wondering around the alleyways, a little girl who left abandoned by her abusive mother, and another little girl who was raised in a orphanage before Hiryu came to her). This also shows how much of a good person Hiryu still is, but also a good father to both his adopted and biological children, even his wives were adored by his love for kids.

But he still continues his life of crime in order to accomplish and honor his mother's wish completely, but the second reason that motivated him was that he uses this opportunity to provide for his family's well care and being, even if it meant committing theft.

After the change of heart, Hiryu becomes more or less serious, friendly, and caring towards his teammates in his Yakuza, even he if has to go strict on them during training and battling.

However, Hiryu is still less perverted towards his wives as he gently caress and flirted with them whenever they are alone. Even his wives have no choice but to make sure his urges don't remain in him as they have sex occasionally, even Hiryu apologizes for his lustful needs and was not able to control.

At some point later on, Hiryu learned to not kill in case of a necessary occasion thanks to his wives, while he does kill his patients are who deemed sinners, there were some patients he tortured in order to make them learn what it feels like to know the pain they have not experienced if they had not abused or tormented their victims, especially sexual abuse.


Childhood and Past

on March 23, 2057. Hiryu was born on Tokyo, Japan after being birth by his mother, in a world where a certain thing called Trait Abilities (Trability for short; which is similar to Quirks) exist, then sooner his parents drove back home, happily with a newborn baby boy. Then as the infant Hiryu woke up, it looked around being curious.

Sooner or later after arriving at a place he calls "home", he was put on the living room's table as his parents, Tenjiro Chisaragi and Asuna Chisaragi, were filming him, curious about the house while his mother playfully grabbed his little arms and legs while gently patting and rubbing his head then caused Hiryu surprised when he heard his mother for the first time: "welcome to our home and family, baby Hiryu".

Years later during his childhood at age 4, Hiryu got enrolled to preschool and began his first time learning, making friends, and playing with the school's bunny named "Happy" oftenly.

Hiryu's childhood had one of the best memories of playing outside, being with his friends, and listening to music, but mostly the important thing that made his childhood to be nostalgia, was his parents teaching him, helping him learn, and would often take him out for a family outing to the mall, Tokyo Disney, and other places Hiryu would enjoy experiencing.

Hiryu never felt so happy in his life and would pray that this happiness he has would never end. 

But during that childhood, his Trability had awoken during age 4 when he accidentally killed Happy, the preschool's rabbit in front of the whole class, not before he suddenly revived it. He did not know what was going on as his teacher concerningly reported this to his parents.

During that night, they weren't mad at him but scared and concerned about their son's Trability, they took him in to a doctor that night, he was diagnosed that his Trability was called "Overhaul". As the doctor explained that Hiryu has a special ability to disaasemble and reassemble any living or non-living things to his parents, it left Hiryu feared that he may not control this type of power.

After heading into his room feeling guilty about being born, his parent comforted him while promising they'll be by his side and teach him everything about mastering his power.

However, at Age 7 in year of 2064, he was at home with his babysitter named Amaya Kiho, which his parents hired, while having his time spent Amaya, they watched the news as it brought appall to Hiryu. Turns out his parents died from a traffic accident during a villain attack.

While visting the hospital with Amaya, only to see his parents' bodies being blanketed on their death beds, Hiryu mourned and cried for his parents, shouting out from the top of his lungs to not leave him and to never break his promise. Even Hiryu knew it would never bring them back as Amaya hugs him for comfort, he then runs away without looking back. Not wanting to accept the fate of his parents.

Seven days later, Hiryu was walking near the alleyways in the streets, feeling starved after a whole week and had nothing to do with his life, he then sees a load of abandoned craters on the side, Hiryu then climbed the wooden boxes and thought about jumping, since his parents are dead he did not know what to do next for himself, feeling like without his parents does not give him a reason to live, Hiryu then jumps off the wooden boxes and falls to his death.

Not until suddenly, he felt like he was grabbed by someone and looks back to see a young woman at the age of 24. Hiryu was afraid of communicating to her but was suddenly surprised that someone saved him from a mistake he thought of committing, as the woman asked for his name and Trability. As Hiryu replied, the woman said her name Komiya Kusuguri and her Trability was Detect (meaning she can detect a nearby attack coming towards her or others). She then offers Hiryu to come with her and accepted the offer.

After arriving at the place, it was an enormously large household, while entering Hiryu hid behind Komiya's legs as he was a bit afraid of the strange men and women looking at him with curiousity. Komiya announced to her gang that she adopted Hiryu into being her son, which brought shock to both Hiryu and her gang then explains to him that this was called a "Yakuza". Hiryu was still confused of why Komiya would adopt him, she answered that she knew there was something inside him that caused his life to turn around, so Komiya decides to raise Hiryu into becoming both a hero and villain through learning and Trability training. With Hiryu touched with Komiya's decision for him, she said to him that he has the right to call her: Mommy.

During his years of his childhood before he went up to his teen years, Hiryu went through serious training and studying everyday and had enjoyed every last bit of it while on the weekend, he would often spend time with his new mother playing him at the park and at family outings, the same ones his parents once did for him before their death. 

But after his childhood ended and his teen years began, Hiryu grew more serious and mature after his training but on the other hand, his IQ level was seem to have a very higher minimum, making him inelligent than anyone at school. After his time as high school due to his IQ level, he immediately was held up and skipped to university.

After graduating University after his third year, he finally got his job of becoming a professional doctor and had a great known record of curing people from cancer suddenly. But even though there was no cure for cancer yet, the reason Hiryu saved them was from his Overhaul Trability, constanly removing the Cancer cells from their blood.

But during his time at age 17, Komiya announced that the Yakuza will be to retire after some reports of their discovery from the police investigation. While the gang is disbanded, Komiya has no choice but to take a one year holiday on America until the police proven that their status on Komiya and her gang will finally be case closed.

Before Komiya leaves, she tells her son, who she raised for the last decade, gave Hiryu an old photo to them on the park while they were younger and had some handwriting on the bottom saying: "Good Luck, You'll Always Be My Baby - Mommy". As Komiya left for her flight, she tells Hiryu to honor her wished ambition of making the world better without law to be achieved while hugging her adopted child, one last time.

After her departure, Hiryu vows to honor his mother's wish and takes her advice of becoming his own person, meaning he'll become a villain.

Becoming Dr. Vulture and Assembling the Young Rebellion

At his 18th birthday, Hiryu Chisaragi, who is now a fully grown adult close to his early 20's, now begins his life of building his Yakuza to continue his mother's unfinished legacy and wish.

After his graduation and his farewell to Komiya, he began his employment at St. Medicium's, a hospital famously known for its high quality and production of thousand lives saved since World War II of 1940's. While working there as a doctor (but only to use this opportunity as his coverup and seeking his real intentions to killing victims who committed such atrocious misdeeds), he generally made his name now known after curing cancer to heal Japan's Prime Minister (while in reality he only used his Overhaul Trability to removed the cancer cells that killed him while preparing him back to normal) and becoming famous for that, but he remained his secret of curing the minister without commenting a word about it.

Atonement and Wedding

Adopting Children and Family Promise

Young Rebellion Arc

Heroes vs Villains Arc

Shark Gang Arc

Paranormal Hosptial Arc

Heist Pier Arc

Shamrock Gekai Arc

Future Heroics Academy Arc

Tier Hero Ranking Arc

Colorado Ammo Arc

Family Reunion Arc

Mugen Battle Arc

The Alternate Reality Saga

Another World Arc

Paradox Destination Arc

Wanted Arc

European Kingdom Arc

Heroes vs Villains Pt. II Arc

Shadow Gaiden Arc

Mutated Animal Army Arc

Serial Killing Journalism Arc

The Devil's Forbidden Work Saga

Destination Gateway Arc

Colossal Hell Lands Arc

Carnage Tournament Arc

Forbidden Fruit Arc

Vs. The Demonic Tyrant Arc



  • Akiko Tokomiya - Akiko is Hiryu's first wife and raped victim. They met during one of Hiryu's cases and meetings at St. Medicium, she use to be one of Hiryu's patients of health observing not before she was kidnapped by him and later raped. But during the aftermath and Hiryu's breakdown of apologizing, she wasn't a harsh type but a forgiving person as she'd forgave him with ease and helps him with his atonement. After getting to know each other, Hiryu and Akiko seem to have interacted the most and had spent time with each other, especially with their time with their kids. Hiryu seems to be fond with Akiko for her cute appeals and bubbly personality but they were in love after meeting one another before awhile back. While Akiko is not fond of sexual activites, she has no choice since Hiryu's never-ending lust hasn't subside.
  • Tsuko Asumi - Tsuko is Hiryu's second wife and raped victim. They met during their encounter as Tsuko's school, Anbury Academy where he lured and kidnapped her, later on she was raped by him. But sometime later she forgave him along with the rest under the condition of his "punishment". After getting to know one another, Hiryu and Tsuko seem to be in friendly terms and the second most interacted after Akiko. Tsuko is considered a mature but quiet type and can tease Hiryu sometimes by being kinky.
  • Felicia Hibiki - Felicia is Hiryu's third wife and raped victim. They met outside Felicia's workshop where he kidnapped and raped her onwards. But later on forgave Hiryu for raping her and took responsibility for her. After getting along with one another, Hiryu and Felicia seem to admire each other for their talents and ambitions. Hiryu would often spend his time with Felicia, helping her invent her next "newborns" (term for what she calls her inventions) while their quality time would end up having intercourse with one another sometimes.
  • Seiyami Nenshobara - Seiyami is Hiryu's fourth wife and raped victim. They met at a church where she once worked as one of the sisters before he kidnapping and rape from Hiryu. But she'd forgave him for awhile but still felt that she has no right to go back tor her normal life. But after spending some time getting to know Hiryu, she later understands him and would often pray to god for his atonement. Hiryu and Seiyami would often garden and water their plants daily but would sometimes he into sexual activites, thought Seiyami seems still uncomfortable due to her religion being pure christian and would refuse sometime because of her thoughts of "god punishing her", even Hiryu respects her wishes while trying to control his lust.
  • Chloe Stark - Chloe is Hiryu's fifth wife and raped victim. They met during one of Hiryu's visits at the local obversatory, while Chloe showed him around and often study physics and biology, she was then taken back to his place but only to be raped afterwards. Chloe had a hard time trying to forgive him since she only thought of him as a friend but decides to accept it for awhile. After understanding him better, Chloe makes an official to be his wife and would often remind him to not get lustful. During one of their times spending with one another, they would often go out on a date.
  • Keisuna Yajirushi - Keisuna is Hiryu's sixth wife and raped victim. They met at her father's wokrshop of repairing clocks and sell watches, afterwards she was abducted by Hiryu's gang and then taken to his lair, raping her as a result later on. Keisuna forgave him under agreeing with the condition she and the girls suggested for Hiryu. Hiryu and Keisuna seemed to see each other as brother and sister sometimes due to have they have in common, their both smart and maturely serious at times but seem to have a sense of kindness in them, Keisuna would sometimes seduce him while having intercourse whenever they're alone or with the rest of the girls.
  • Tobusagi Chisaragi - Tobusagi (Toby for short) is the adopted son of Hiryu. Toby was just an orphaned boy wondering down the alleyways not before Hiryu found and adopted him to be his son, afterwards Toby was still shy around Hiryu and the rest. But during some quality time spent with him and the girls (and possibly the gang), Hiryu manages to get Toby to open up a bit and raise him well. Hiryu is quite fond of Toby's naive and clumsiness (especially his intelligence), the would often spend time together outside and inside.
  • Reiko Chisaragi - Reiko is the adopted daughter of Hiryu. Reiko was once abused by her cruel mother after her father passed away, afterwards the mother awfully abandoned her as Reiko was left with no one else until Hiryu showed up and adopted her. Reiko was still saddened by the fact that her mother once loved before something unknown happened to her father, but Hiryu and the rest did their best to make her feel welcome through comfort. After getting along, Hiryu finally manages to get Reiko the happiness she deserves and freeing her from the traumatic cruelty from her mother. Hiryu seems to have take a liking of Reiko being happy and treasures her smile as a reason for him to feel happy back.
  • Ameli Chisaragi - Ameli is the second adopted daughter of Hiryu. Ameli was born with a Dragon Trability that caused her life to have a turn around, Ameli was bullied that her Trability made others think it was a villainous trait ability and caused her parents to given her a very tough life of becoming "normal" (but in reality, they abused her through beating) until they given her away to an orphanage. Ameli's life was still causing her misery, even at the orphanage where the bullying got worser until Hiryu adopted her. Hiryu did everything he can to make Ameli feel the happiness she deserves just like Reiko. After getting along very well, Hiryu and Ameli became more closer. Hiryu truly values her and helped with Ameli's insecurity of her Dragon Trability by training her through basic and easier steps.
  • Aoi Chisaragi - Aoi is the third adopted daughter of Hiryu. Aoi is an innocent 4-year-old girl with all set colors of blue in her hair and a Puppy Trability, she didn't live happily with her abusive father, treating the poor little one as not only a dog, but a slave. After a year of abuse, she was then rescued by an enraged Hiryu who killed her father with no regret, she was then adopted by him afterwards. Hiryu wanted to see Aoi happy, but with a lot of failed attempts, Hiryu noted what her father did to Aoi made her one of the most tragic out of all the kids he'd adopted. However, Hiryu and Aoi finally got along together by playing a game called "Clues". Marking that Aoi finally becomes happy, making Hiryu glad from this.
  • Komiya Kusuguri - Komiya is Hiryu's mother who adopted him and raised him into becoming a criminal with good intentions and starting his own Yakuza. Despite being a criminal herself, Komiya really cares for Hiryu a lot. Ever since Hiryu was saved by her from killing himself through suicide, She kindly took him in and started raising him as her son, she was blessed that Hiryu was not only her purpose of why she should continue on with her lifelong goal but to have someone by her side to spend her time with. Hiryu and Komiya truly bonded together during some occassions such as going to places, walking outside, even while training and helping Hiryu with his studies through homeschooling. During Hiryu's teen years, Komiya has to leave due to the retirement of the Yakuza for awhile, before she leaves, she gives her son a picture of them back at their younger days, a picture showing Hiryu as a kid with the mother who loved him as the bottom of its frame says "Good Luck! You'll Always Be My Baby - Mommy". But during their bonds, Komiya had the right to always call Hiryu her "baby" and "child" while Hiryu had the right to call Komiya his "mommy", the way they call each other that have a very strong meaning to their bonded mother and son relationship.
  • Tsurugi Souko - Tsurugi is Hiryu's most loyal ally and the 2nd-in command of the Young Rebellion. Tsurugi started out as a young successor of his grandfather's martial arts training before joining Hiryu's group. Tsurugi completely understands Hiryu's ambitions for his mother and deeply respects that.
  • Kenzaki Tsujumirei
  • Katachi Ubuge
  • Gaito Santen
  • Kasayoru Ikijigo
  • Kizuto Daraku
  • Aiko Midayama
  • Shinogo Nokogiri
  • Naikei Hoyota
  • Shibuki Uchiniwa
  • Tozoku Sugata
  • Mudashi Tapoba
  • Daichi Seinori
  • Mizumi Kagyaku
  • Raimon Shogeki
  • Fuseguchi Kaigun
  • Ochido Shusen
  • Kenzo Utadai
  • Rotsuki Hebino
  • Karasu Buryogane
  • Iroko Hizotoma
  • Tsubashi Kirutoge
  • Daisuke Shuntachi
  • Zenkuto Setsuei
  • Shokuro Sankujo
  • Nodoka Hakumei
  • Ryuga Tokuten
  • Cathy Museikari
  • Satsugai Ryukami
  • Billy Balewis - Billy is a close friend of Hiryu since their childhood, they use to go to the same preschool until Hiryu ran away and got adopted by Komiya. They haven't seen each other until they finally met up again as young adults almost near to their early 20's. Despite Billy becoming a Tier Hero at Rank. 13, Both Hiryu and Billy still remain friends even after discovering their identities and worked together secretly under one of Hiryu's operations.


Criminal Organizations:

  • The Shark Gang: The Young Rebellion's very first criminal group enemy, Rikusame and his boys we're never fond of the Young Rebellion's fame of being civil, vigilant, and sophisticated about their goals of making the world better with no law intended. What differs the Shark Gang's goals and ambitions compared to the Young Rebellion, is that they desire to gain power, deceive others, take advantage towards innocents, and become the "law" themselves, their leader Rikusame Horigoku (villain codename: Brother Fang, an A-Rank villain) was said to be a completely cruel and cold individual with a Great White Shark Trability, known to be more brutal, fatal, and powerful then his men and recruits. It gave reason to Hiryu, even everyone in his group to despise the group for their inhuman methods and hate-worthy atrocities.
    • Rikusame Horigoku: He was the very first enemy but very powerful not even Hiryu nearly stood against him. Hiryu has a great despise for Rikusame and criticizes him about his ambitions, disapproved of his methods it led to the result of both their respective gangs involves into not only a rivalry but a war against two criminal civilizations. But what really made Hiryu despise him was that he allows his own men to rape and murder many innocent women whom they held hostage.
  • The Shamrock Gekai: The second criminal group whom are the second enemy to the Young Rebellion. The Shamrock Gekai, or Surgeons (is what Gekai means in japanese) are said to have kidnap and traffick women from different regions and countries, mutilating their bodies for their organs and blood, and selling them via black marketing but most of the work was done by their leader, Iwadori Surubara, (villain codename: Scientist Splitter, an B-Rank villain), formerly known to be one of St. Medicium's famous doctors before his true nature was revealed and has a Trability called "Dissection Fingers", blades for fingers that are so sharp it can cut through a car without another second. This resulted in Hiryu criticizing them as a disgrace to the world's best known hospital despite having to kill those who don't deserve life under Hiryu's judgment.
    • Iwadori Surubara: He is the second enemy of Hiryu, weak in general but experienced with speed timing and high strategics in assassinations and fighting. When Hiryu first heard of Iwadori use to be in St. Medicium's but later reveal he takes advantage of his patients, mutilating them for his own selfishness and greed led to a deep but burning hatred towards the cruel former doctor. Even Iwadori mocks Hiryu for choosing a path where he'll be a great doctor but when good was it when he uses it to kill patients, knowing Hiryu will become just like Iwadori but he never will when it comes to his family responsibility of taking care of his kids and his wives, making them opposites to one another. Another reason why he loathes him was because he was responsible for Kasuteki's tragic transformation of becoming Ferals.
  • The Colorado Ammo: The third criminal group whom are the third enemy to the Young Rebellion. The Colorado Ammo (Artificial Man-made Markmanship Organisms) are a group of former military soldiers and high-ranked general and colonels from America whom are bound to take power and abuse it to cause destruction and war among others. They held and kidnapped scientists to create an artifical intelligence that had gain sentience called DOW (Destrutive Overpowered Warmonger), to have the knowledge and access to cloning and mass produce artificially made robotic soldiers, made from a sacrifice of massacring innocent people and using their corpses to do so under the process of making the robotic soldiers called under the same title as the team name Colorado Ammo, AMMO itself. The one in charge of the criminal group is the former high-ranked general of the U.S.'s military, Adonathan St. Martine, (villain codename: General Falcon), known to have a very feared reputation as one of the most strict generals in history for harshly abusing his soldiers, psychologically and verbally, breaking their minds, and transforming their statements into perfect killing machines, known for having a Trability called "Iron Fist", his hands can turn into steel and the more he attacks, the more the strength from his modified steel hands increased. The result of Colorado Ammo's actions made Hiryu and the rest of his gang decided to take down and eradicate all law by any means necessary since the military is part of it, but what makes their high blooded hatred increase was that they killed others, turned their corpses into a weapon, and enslaved their souls to be tortured.
    • Adonathan St. Martine: He is the third enemy of Hiryu but also the newly found archnemesis of Gaito Santen, as power hungry as he is, Adonathan views nothing in humanity except they are nothing more than a mere fragment, an ingredient needed to build his artificially made empire and increase the number of soldiers needed. Back then in his military days, he would abuse his men into becoming killing machines through psychological abuse and torment. This disgusts both Hiryu and Gaito into knowing that a leader must never abuse his power but instead use it to lead a better future, this is something Adonathan finds as a laughable matter and holds no value in human life, especially of how he allowed his men to psychologically abuse the kidnapped hostages while they molested their children. It bounds great hatred for Gaito to know that power isn't something they should've abused, but he holds unspeakable reasons for that.
    • DOW: Hiryu acknowledges DOW for its remorse thanks to Ryuga and was grateful for the right choice it made when it sacrificed itself to make up for its misguided wrongdoings.

Individual Criminals:

  • Kasuteki Norasei: He is seen as the main antagonist in the Paranormal Hospital Arc, Hiryu and some of his allies were investigating an abandoned hospital where rumors heard that a human with a Feral Ability holds traits of a person suffering from a dissociative disorder where the man himself is uncontrollably behaving like a wild animal, killing and kidnapping those whom come across his terrority. Hiryu never attempts to kill Kasuteki Norasei (villain codename: Ferals, an D-Rank villain) when he discovers what was more about his life. Hiryu would soon pity the tragic man who suffered a past where he use to be a normal human with no Trability until some said scientist remorselessly turned him into that said feral being without expressing concerns of the consequences. Later on, Hiryu finds a home where Kasuteki can finally live in peace.

The Creational Empire:

  • Taurus/Bisonte Tsunodara: Never in his life that Hiryu had felt so much hatred towards something, or someone, whom took away the one thing he loved back then, his parents. Hiryu completely despises Taurus for his parents' death and called out to him of being a "hypocrite" for all the worst things he done, especially to criticize his envy towards his father Babylonias, provoking the mad god in blinding rage. Hiryu considers Taurus, his ultimate arch-nemesis and the most powerful to had fought.
  • Gemini/Hidokeshi Fuhitazura:


In what i've seen, I thought my life was finally over, ever since they died from that accident, I never knew what to do for myself. So in the end, I found an answer that could help me with my problems, if it involves reuniting with my parents again, as I was about to fall, some kind of warmth held me suddenly, it felt very kind... very, very kind. When I turned back, she came as a blessed gift, someone whom i called... "Mommy"
~ Dr. Vulture explaining his backstory and how he met his adoptive mother, Komiya Kusuguri.
Oh Akiko... I wanted you so much... My desires... My satisfactions... (heavily breathes). Oh Akiko!
~ Dr. Vulture while raping Akiko Tokomiya.
Seriously, my people, my allies, the people whom i trusted are very, very, careful and smart enough to know what we are doing, despite having our own flaws. We each share a common ground where we wish for a better world with no law, no discrimination, no violence, and no violations that will harm others, we beg to differ of what people might have thought of us, we are the key to a better future, all we want is to make sure our crimes don't harm others as well, even if it meant using violence as a last resort and agenda. You and your boys on the other hand are no different than us! you take away lives, you violated others through their will, you steal into knowing it is your right to take, you deceive and betray does who put trust on you, and allowed your own men to do the entire dirty work for you when you kidnapped and raped a lot of women and girls! indirectly by your own filthy and undeserving hands! lastly, you only thought about yourself only. You think you are on top of the law and thinking you yourself, have the power to control and bring fear into others but to me, your just a simple, power-hungry, remorseless and most of all... not even tougher than a shark, i only see a fish!
~ Dr. Vulture's speech of how he criticized Brother Fang for his inhuman methods of taking power and having control.



  • His entire appearance and hairstyle shares similarities with Izuku Midoriya and Overhaul from My Hero Academia.
  • His entire personality also shares a resemblance with Overhaul from My Hero Academia:
    • They both have the same powers/abilities that allows them to kill people/destroy non-living objects but revives them by reassembling.
    • They both want to achieve a goal to honor what their relatives could've done (Hiryu with making the world better without law and evil for his mother, Komiya Kusuguri while Overhaul tries to return the former glory of the Yakuza for the Boss of the Shie Hassaikai).
    • They both have adopted children (Hiryu has adopted a boy named Tobusagi and two girls named Reiko and Ameli, while Overhaul was the foster father of Eri).
      • But unlike Overhaul, who abused Eri for her blood and saw her as nothing but a tool for his plans. Hiryu truly cares for children and saw them as a real human being that needs to be given the same reason why he lives and grow up with a happy childhood.
        • But also unlike Overhaul, who is irredeemable and has no sympathetic features, Hiryu is considered to be the less evil and most sympathetic version of Overhaul but he also regrets his crimes and rape towards his wives.
  • Out of all villains from Jake the Netflix and Anime Critic's channel, Hiryu is apparently the most sympathetic villain who is not purely evil (unlike Another Joker and Lyuke). He's considered that because of his understandable tragic past, heartwarming backstory with his adoptive mother (who is the boss of her Yakuza) who cared for him, and his guilt of rape but ends up atoning for it by taking responsibility and started his family.
  • According to his IQ Level and his Minimum, Hiryu is shown to have a score of 159.
  • Hiryu is born on March 23, which is the same birthday as his first wife, Akiko Tokomiya.
  • Clearly and despite being a villain, Hiryu is shown to have good intentions and ambitions that does not involve any true villainy (despite his crimes are also considered serious). Making Hiryu's reasons to be justified and relatable.
  • Hiryu shares the same similarities with Flint Marko (The Sandman) from Spider-Man 3:
    • They both have good reasons to be criminals that involve providing for their kids (Hiryu steals money, medicine, clothes, and food to provide of his Kids' education, social life, and health conditions while the Sandman commits theft of getting the money to buy the medicine he needed for his daughter's illness).
    • They are remorseful for the serious crimes they committed (Hiryu was remorseful for raping Akiko and the rest of the girls while Sandman was remorseful for killing Ben Parker accidentally).
    • They are both redeemed by apologizing for their crimes to the said person who they conflicted pain towards (Hiryu apologizes to the girls he raped and slowly made his first step of redemption by taking responsibility into marrying them and raise their kids while Sandman apologizes to Spider-Man for killing Ben Parker, after he was forgiven, he redeems himself but it is unknown if he'll ever see his daughter again).
  • His relationship with Akiko Tokomiya and their favorite song, The Night We Met by Lord Huron has a great reminder to Clay Jensen and Hannah Baker from 13 Reason Why. However, they do have some similarities:
    • Akiko calls Hiryu by the nickname "Ryu or Ryu-Chan", which in japanese is translated for "Dragon"  while Hannah calls Clay by the nickname "Helmet" (so the one thing this has in common is that the female characters calls the male character based on an object, but not related to what Akiko calls Hiryu since a Dragon is a mythical creature).
    • They worked together at the same job (Hiryu and Akiko both work as professionals at St. Medicium's while Clay and Hannah worked at Crestmont's as Employees).
    • Both of their girlfriends were raped, making them tragic (Hannah was raped by Bryce Walker, whom broke her soul and commit suicide, while Akiko was raped by Hiryu but forgave him under a conditional punishment of marrying her and the rest of the girls, afterwards their children were raised. What made its differences is that Akiko never committed suicide, she attempted to only to be stopped by Hiryu, saving her and remorsefully apologize while crying under the breakdown).
  • His relationship with his fourth daughter, Aoi, has strong resemblances with Steve and Blue from Blue's Clues:
    • They both played a game they created (Hiryu and Aoi made a game called "Clues" that involves finding 6 drawing pages and figure out what they mean while Steve and Blue made a game called "Blue's Clues" into figuring out what Blue needs/wants by finding 3 pawprints).
    • They both have the same color appearances (Aoi and Blue are both colored blue while Hiryu and Steve wear green (Hiryu; his jacket and Steve; his shirt)).
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