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Dr. Zomboss is the recurring antagonist of Plants vs. Zombies animations created by the YouTuber Azure Crystal. He is the archenemy of Crazy Dave, who attempts to get rid of him.


Story About One Taco

In this animation, Dr. Zomboss stole Crazy Dave's taco via his portal. Dave then entered it, and he traveled through time. The following are the timelines Zomboss traveled to:

  • Ancient Egypt: Zomboss got carried by his Egyptian Zombies and entered a pyramid.
  • Pirate Seas: Zomboss waved at Dave and warped through a portal with his taco.
  • Wild West: Zomboss got shot by Dave's Peashooter, knocked him over, but he managed to escape.
  • Dark Ages: Zomboss dueled with Dave with their swords.
  • Far Future: Zomboss piloted his Zombot Tomorrow-Tron and escaped. Dave went after him with a Future Zombie's jetpack. He then shocked Dave with nearby electrical wires and laughed evilly, only to be damaged by the jetpack.
  • Big Wave Beach: Dave chased Zomboss around the beach. He became exhausted, but Zomboss refused to return his taco.
  • Frostbite Caves: Zomboss slipped his way into the cave. When he was about to eat the taco, he saw Dave and made his escape.
  • Jurassic Marsh: Zomboss prepared to eat his taco, but a Pterodactyl grabbed him. Dave rode a Raptor to go after Zomboss while he was electrocuting that Pterodactyl and escaped.

Both Zomboss and Dave entered a timeless rift, where Dave attempted to grab his taco from Zomboss, but he successfully stole it. Their fate was left unknown.

Hotline Taco

After seeing Dave infiltrated Zomboss's lab, he attempted to fight back. He drew out his laser gun and fired at Dave and Snapdragon. Dave then punched Zomboss, but he pulled out his sword and fought against Dave. When Zomboss dropped his sword, Dave returned it to him, and they continued their battle. After this, Dave killed Zomboss and left.

Wars and Peas

Dr. Zomboss appeared in this animation at the final scene, where he dropped his moneybag and escaped via a portal.

Endless War

Zomboss reappeared again as he introduced his lab and how does his undead subordinates follow his plans. He then performed his attack on Dave's lawn, but his plan failed. When Dave wanted to let Zomboss fire at him, he turned himself into the moneybag instead.

Time Travel Recap

In Ancient Egypt, Dr. Zomboss was trying to finish his Zombot Sphinx-inator until Dave used Bloomerang to finish him off.

In Pirate Seas, Zomboss was sending his pirate zombies to finish Dave off.

At the Wild West, Zomboss had a shoot-out with Dave, as the former hit him on the leg in exchange for Zomboss getting hit by the Gatling Pea.

In the Far Future, Zomboss dressed up as a surgeon to finish Dave off, only to fail once again as Dave jumped out of the window of his room.

In Dark Ages, Zomboss piloted his Zombot Dark Dragon to finish the mushrooms off, only for Dave to enter the dragon's mouth. As Zomboss continued to press buttons to reactivate the robot, he reactivated it until Dave saved the day by dragging the dragon with him from the robot's interior. Zomboss tried to turn off the gas but failed in progress. He tried to contact Dave to land the Dark Dragon, and it landed successfully. When Dave came out and shook Zomboss' hand, the latter attempted to murder him with a knife, only for Dave to re-enter the robot dragon as the robot burned him in the process.



  • This incarnation of Dr. Zomboss is the first one who gets killed, although the animations are all zero-continuity. The second being Emperor Zomboss.
  • This is the first version of Zomboss who fights his enemies physically, the other being the Dimensional Destruction incarnation.


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