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~ Drawing Jeffy's catchphrase.

Drawing Jeffy is a villain in SuperMarioLogan. He is the drawing clone of Jeffy who likes to say the word "Mayonnaise".

Just like his original counterpart, Jeffy, he is voiced by Lance Thirtyacre.


He is the titular main antagonist of Drawing Jeffy!, the main antagonist of Jeffy Sneaks Out! and a minor character of Jeffy's Home Alone!.

He is also most likely a main character in Jeffy's Summer School.

In Jeffy Sneaks Out!, he was also known as Play-Doh Jeffy.

Drawing Jeffy was from a fan mail video on Chilly's YouTube channel in which they opened it and Logan found it so funny. So, he immediately made a video with Drawing Jeffy in it.


Drawing Jeffy is a drawing version of Jeffy who has big eyes, a orange nose with a pencil inside of it.

He also has a yellow shirt that says Jeffy on it and has blue pants. He also has a mayonnaise lid as a helmet on his head.


Drawing Jeffy is dimwitted and fun-loving and likes to say the word "Mayonnaise".

He also likes to pretend to be a Meatball.

Drawing Jeffy seems to act more retarded than the real Jeffy.

In Jeffy's Home Alone!, it was revealed that Drawing Jeffy likes looking at females' boobs.


  • Despite being a villain, Drawing Jeffy doesn't seem to be villainous in Jeffy's Home Alone and Jeffy's Summer School.


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