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Villain Overview

All along, I've been one step ahead of you since the very beginning.
~ Dream reaffirming himself as the mastermind behind Tommy's exile and regaining the discs.
If I can control the things that people are attached to, then I can control the server again! Because this isn't TOMMY SMP, or TUBBO SMP, IT'S DREAM SMP, right?! So I can control the server if I have everything that everybody cares about! That everybody's EVER cared about! I can control everything, alright? I can turn the server back to what it USED to be.
~ Dream revealing his collection of items belonging to people on the server to Tommy and Tubbo to use as blackmail.
I'm the most powerful on this server, whether you like it or not! They had to lock me up in a prison built just for me!
~ Dream confronting Tommy after escaping prison.

Dream is the titular main antagonist of the Minecraft web series Dream SMP.

He appears as one of the two main antagonists (alongside Jschlatt) of Season 1, the main antagonist of Seasons 2 and 4. and one of the two overarching antagonists (alongside The Egg) of Season 3.

He is the founder of the Dream SMP server and the leader of the faction group of the same name. Dream brands himself a peaceful individual, when in reality he is a heartless, extremely arrogant, and manipulative tyrant who has committed numerous acts against many people in the SMP, such as instigating the Dream SMP Vs. L'Manberg War and the Disc Saga, and has gone to numerous extreme measures to ensure his rule over his own server, his noble intentions slowly becoming more corrupt and self-serving over time.

After the events of the rebellion against Manberg and Tommy's numerous antics, Dream became more and more unhinged and obsessive, going to even more torturous and downright manipulative tactics to try and keep TommyInnit from further damaging his reputation as a leader and his control over the server, starting off by exiling him and continuing to manipulate L'Manberg's political landscape to his advantage. His narcissism and compulsive desire for total authority would lead to his eventual temporary (and somewhat staged) downfall and imprisonment, although he would still carry a vast array of tricks up his sleeve as he continued to scheme up until his breakout.

With an arsenal of manipulation tactics, a feared reputation as one of the most powerful players on the server and the person in possession of the only known method of resurrecting people, Dream is now the most dangerous and Most hated player in the entire server due to his heinous nature and a true force to be reckoned with among those who are aware of his true nature. He is also TommyInnit's most personal arch-nemesis.

He is portrayed by the Real life YouTuber of the same name.


Dream appears in the form of his Minecraft skin: he is completely green, with his torso sporting a pixelated depiction of his avatar (a crudely-drawn white stickman with a smiling face). During the beach episode, he wears purple trunks with a blue flower pattern on them, as well as sunglasses on his avatar's eyes.

In fan interpretations, Dream is often drawn as a human/humanoid with blonde hair, wearing a green hoodie, dark pants and a white mask with a smiling face on it.


I… I'm a god. [laughing] I can bring people back to life, I didn't even know for sure that I could! But I can! I'm actually a god!
~ Dream's insane statement to Tommy, showcasing his god-complex.
Y'know, Quackity better be on the lookout, I—I hope he has his guards up, because I'm gonna find him, I'm gonna torture him, I'm gonna kill him… And then I'm gonna bring him in here, and plop him next to you, so he's in here as well! And then I'm gonna find everything he cares about and then I'm gonna destroy it, I'm gonna burn it, I'm gonna rid it from existence, and then I'm gonna kill everybody he cares about. And guess what you're gonna be doing? You're sitting in here and I'm gonna sit down like you're my little therapist and tell you all about it.
~ Dream gleefully telling a captive Sam about how he'll destroy everything Quackity cares about the recount his misdeeds with Sam.

Prior to his true nature being revealed, the general view of Dream from most people from an exterior angle on the Dream SMP (especially new people who are unaware of Dream's violent history) was that Dream was a forgiving, loyal and compassionate leader who stuck up for his allies and went out of his way to punish anyone who actively tried to rebel against him in a malicious manner. In a way, Dream was viewed as a messiah-like figure on the server, not only being the most powerful member in terms of raw skill, intellect and authority, but also due to his strong ideals and beliefs as well as his willingness to put an end to all conflict that arises, with his allies viewing his actions as justified and being necessary for the greater good of the server.

Dream's true ideals and mindset couldn't be further from public perception, as in reality he is an extremely arrogant, villainous, dishonorable, sadistic, iniquitous, nefarious, depraved and immoral tyrant who is obsessed with power and control. Dream's primary concern is staying in control of his server and keeping everyone on the server in line. Dream appears to have a pathological and psychological need to keep people, towns, cities and even entire nations under his control to establish dominance, his power complex likely stems from being the founder of the server and the leader of the server's most powerful and dominant faction. Although many people on Dream's side view him punishing people who disobey him as taking out insubordinate people, Dream is obsessed with keeping himself in control and will go to numerous extreme extents to ensure that he remains his power and that nobody is able to challenge his rule, such as theft, murder and even terrorism, all to fulfil his self-centred goals. Dream even states that the primary reason he exiled Tommy was because he was the only person in the server who never listened to him and kept on rebelling against him, sparking numerous conflicts that would forever change the server's history and forcing Dream to do what he thought was necessary and banish Tommy from L'Manberg.

Dream is extremely egotistical and narcissistic, fully believing in his ability to orchestrate plots, manipulate others and dominate his enemies in combat. Believing himself to be the superior player and adding to his pathological need to maintain control, Dream's ego has skyrocketed ever since Tommy instigated the first war against him, quietly observing L'Manberg's construction with disgust and laughing at the idea of L'Manberg becoming an independent nation. Dream is also a very capable leader, but is stubborn and arrogant which leads to him not being capable of backing down from a fight. Despite his sheer amount of over-confidence, Dream's ego never seems to be a factor in his downfall or hinder him in any way, as his ego is outshined by his manipulative nature and ability to hatch near-flawless plans.

At his core, Dream is a heartless, emotionless and highly intelligent and cunning manipulator who controls many events behind the scenes. The Manberg Rebellion demonstrates perfectly how Dream will exploit big conflicts for his own personal gain, as the only two outcomes would benefit him. If Jschlatt won, Dream would stay on his side and remain in power, whereas when Pogtopia won, Dream feigned surrender and "helped" them take down Schlatt before revealing himself as the mastermind who orchestrated L'Manberg's destruction alongside Wilbur. Dream already thought lowly of Schlatt and saw Pogtopia as his key to victory. Throughout the conflict he pretended to assist Pogtopia in several fights against Manberg's factions as they were ultimately the faction that were emerging victorious during the battle. Much like Eret, Dream fights alongside factions that'll benefit him and and betrays then at the last second when they no longer do. If Dream can play an entire country like a fiddle, he can certainly take advantage of one individual, and he does exactly that with Tommy during his exile from L'Manberg. Throughout his exile, Dream constantly abused Tommy both physically and psychologically, toying with the false narrative he told Tommy that no one wanted to visit him. When Dream first started asking Tommy for his items, Tommy repeatedly refused, insulted and tried to attack him before giving in due to Dream's ruthlessness, but over time Tommy became more accepting of Dream asking him to hand over his items, eventually giving in completely and handing them over without a second thought. It got so bad to the point that Tommy was thankful for Dream letting him keep his items. Dream is also extremely ungrateful, as when he was finally broken out, he was annoyed that he had to follow Technoblade in breaking Ranboo out of prison and only bickered with Ranboo throughout the breakout. When Sam held Ranboo hostage and threatened to kill him unless Dream returned, Dream refused to cooperate, flat-out admitting to Techno that he didn't care for Ranboo and prioritized his own safety over Techno's allies.

Not only had he conditioned the idea that he is much more influential and powerful than Tommy, he was able to successfully gaslight Tommy into believing that all his friends had abandoned him and that Dream was his only real friend in the world, leading to Tommy shutting off contact with everyone by severing the bridge between his section of the Nether and the Nether portal which leads to the Community Hub, and even being disgusted and confused when other people come to see him as he'd been conditioned to believe that Dream was his only friend due to his lies and abuse. Although Tommy eventually snapped out of Dream's manipulation, Dream tried to guilt-trip him into making Tommy believe that he had betrayed Dream. Even though Tommy already had brief moments of realization that he was being deceived during his exile, he was utterly powerless to fight back against Dream and had no idea how to stand up to him. Dream would later apply these same tactics to manipulate Sam into depending on him for his survival. During Sam's imprisonment, Dream twisted Sam's perception of how he saw the other members of the server and began to distort Sam's own view of himself, trying to make Sam embrace the fact that he had become a bad guy, all whilst denying himself to be one and downplaying his previous actions to appear more genuine and relatable towards Sam.

Although not exactly an anarchist, Dream is a big fan of senseless destruction as he only serves to cause chaos, insert himself in wars and hope that they benefit him, no matter the amount of damage done to others around him, enemy or not. When Wilbur destroyed L'Manberg, Dream was ecstatic as he finally saw his and Wilbur's vision come to fruition, knowing that he had manipulated events to get to this point and that it all paid off. By the time of the Doomsday War, Dream had fully embraced chaos and teamed up with Techno and Philza to destroy L'Manberg, an action which he saw as necessary to restore peace to the server, claiming that he was finishing what Wilbur started by decimating the country and killing many people in the process.

Despite his sheer and utter ruthlessness, thirst for control over others and long-running rivalry with Tommy, Dream claims to genuinely care about Tommy and that his care for Tommy and his well-being is what pushed him to exile him from L'Manberg, although his "care" is little more than complete obsession. Dream believes that Tommy's rebelliousness stems from a troubled childhood and not having to face the consequences of his actions due to being let off the hook time and time again by members of the SMP. He truly believes that exiling Tommy, leaving him to suffer by himself and constantly abusing him will encourage him to "toughen up" and face the consequences of his actions. However, Dream stating that what he did to Tommy stems from genuine care and affection could once again be another form of manipulating to paint him as a misunderstood leader who had to take up drastic measures. Dream's perception of parenting Tommy by banishing him from his friends and into isolation is extremely warped and borderline deranged, and only serves to show how far Dream has fallen since the early days of the SMP. Dream may not even realize that his actions have affected Tommy in such a negative way as the boy has experienced severe trauma and depression and has even contemplated suicide just to escape from Dream, something that the latter doesn't see much concern for, either due to his perception of empathy or because he truly has no care at all, something which is supported by the fact that Dream claims to love tormenting Tommy as he claims it's "too fun", something he retains after breaking out of Pandora's Vault by chasing Tommy and sadistically tormenting him. Even if Dream does genuinely care for Tommy, his "kindness" has warped into complete and utter sadism and a morbid obsession with watching his arch-nemesis fail over and over again to escape the hell he's put him through. Dream's obsession with Tommy ties into his controlling nature, where all he wanted to do was regain Tommy's discs as to him Tommy was the "key" to him establishing himself as the one true ruler of the sever. Dream's obsession hasn't decreased in any way, having tormented Tommy several times after escaping prison and constructing a trap in his house just to increase his paranoia.

During the confrontation with Tommy to get his discs back, Dream demonstrated just how far he was willing to go to keep control over the server, having stashed away items belonging to members of the server so he could use them as leverage to manipulate them even further. After numerous wars and believing that he finally had the upper hand, Dream finally let lose, stating that he was going to kill Tubbo in front of Tommy and lock him in his vault. Dream was willing to go as far as to kill a seventeen-year old because he wasn't fun to use anymore and do it in front of his best friend to traumatize him for life before locking him away forever, showing just how far Dream had fallen. Dream would go on to cement how evil and vile he was when he brutally beat Tommy, a sixteen-year old boy, to death in prison without a shred of remorse.

The only thing that stands against Dream and can genuinely scare him is rebellion, which is shown as clear as day in the final confrontation against Tommy in his vault when Punz lead the majority of the SMP's members against Dream, declaring that they've had enough of him and allowing Tommy to take two of Dream's three canon lives, leading to him being locked away in Pandora's Vault for his crimes against the server. Despite Punz being in on the plot to have Dream saved from death, Dream was still extremely afraid of losing his power when confronted. At this point, Dream's influence over the server was over as his true personality had been revealed to everyone, now seeing him as the manipulative monster he truly is. After being stripped of his power and imprisoned, the real Dream came out, that of a sad, lonely coward who's lost everything he's worked for and the control he had over others. Although he does still use several tactics to his advantage while imprisoned and that going to prison was sort of part of a bigger plan he had conducted behind the scenes, he was primarily reduced to a shell of his former self, viewing his imprisonment as unjust, although he did rightly fear the torture that Quackity put him through on a daily basis, with the latter becoming the only person Dream was genuinely afraid of.

That being said, being imprisoned didn't restrict Dream's abilities to manipulate people and come up with larger schemes, such as killing and resurrecting Tommy before moving on to doing the same with Ghostbur, managing to resurrect Wilbur Soot and manipulate him into seeing him as his "hero" for reviving him. Even when imprisoned, he kept his compassion and attachment to people and objects nonexistent, especially towards Techno, as although he was happy for some company, he only saw Techno as a means to get him out of prison and only spent time with Techno since he was his cellmate. Although he still retains his cunning and intellect, Dream's rage and insanity have only been heavily amplified. Most of the time, Dream is prone to outbursts of pure anger relating to his imprisonment and often vents these feelings of frustration to people who visit him. On top of that, Dream's imprisonment has taken a large toil on his mental health, his insanity mounting until the moment he killed Tommy, where he proceeded to laugh maniacally over the fact that he just killed a teenager. Dream's manipulation while imprisoned extended until the day he broke out, having been constantly emotionally breaking Sam down as the warden by overworking him, which culminated in his mental health taking a drastic toll upon Tommy's death.

After his escape from prison, Dream's insanity only increased tenfold, becoming hellbent on taking revenge on everyone who had wronged him. His time in prison, despite being a facility of his own making, had only increased his delusion of being a victim of a corrupt system that wanted chaos to thrive, despite himself openly being a fan of senseless chaos. Most of Dream's anger and hostility towards people like Tommy and Sam have to do with the torture he was put through by Quackity in order to get the revival book, with all of his pent-up rage and frustration turning him into a much more cold, intimidating, dispassionate psychopath that believes the wrongs done against him justify all the pain he's put others through. All of his anger and animosity is easily proven to be insanely hypocritical, as Tommy would also exact revenge on Dream for the torture he put him through during his exile, something which was completely justified due to Dream's villainy. Compared to Tommy's misguided, yet truly noble intentions to make the server a better place, Dream had no excuse for any of his actions as the majority of them were motivated by a pathological need to control others, and even his other motives that were slightly redeemable have completely been shed.

The ONLY time Dream showed remotely any form of compassion after abandoning all of his personal items was towards a cat that had teleported into Pandora's Vault, but it was quickly killed by Tommy to remind Dream of when he captured the personal items that belonged to everyone else on the server.

Overall, Dream is an extremely twisted, borderline psychopathic and utterly vile individual who only cares about himself and the control he has over others. As stated in WilburSoot's D&D Alignment Chart posted on Reddit, "Dream is VERY chaotic evil. Dream wants only one thing, to stir the pot and disrupt the status quo. This is a villainous stereotype.".


Season 1

Tommy! And Wilbur, and the rest of… L'Manchildburg. We… are at war. There is no mercy. We have burnt down Tubbo's house, we have planted TNT-cannons around your land, we have cobblestone-walled the outside, and we have shot ONE warning shot inside your walls. We have NO MERCY! NO MERCY FOR YOU! We will BURN DOWN your houses, we will KILL everything inside your walls, and we will TAKE BACK the land that is rightfully ours, if you do not surrender. I wanna see WHITE FLAGS! WHITE FLAGS, OUTSIDE YOUR BASE, BY TOMORROW, AT DAWN, OR YOU ARE DEAD!
~ Dream's declaration of war to Wilbur, Tommy and the rest of L'Manberg.
Tommy, I knew this time would probably come. For a kingdom that rules with kindness and not with might. No weapons, no armor, just a group of people. Schlatt does not follow these same principles. Schlatt wants weapons. Schlatt wants power. Schlatt wants to expand out into Dream SMP land. Schlatt wants to abolish the walls in order to take more and more land. Schlatt is no Wilbur. I don’t know if peace can be maintained between our two nations with Schlatt at the helm. Last time I tried to take a stand on behalf of Dream SMP I was touted as the villain. This time, I can’t involve myself. Schlatt is technically a democratically elected leader, and I can’t overthrow him. If you need my help, I am here, but it must be from the shadows. I can’t be caught breaking the peace treaty. Even though the people I made it with are no longer involved. I have trusted you with my most prized possession, which was used to kill you by Schlatt on the day before the election. Only fitting it be used on him in retaliation. Also armor that I was going to trade with Skeppy for your disc. For now, farewell from the shadows. Be safe. - Big D
~ Dream's letter to Tommy, claiming that he's going to help Pogtopia in the war against Schlatt.
Dream: We need to go into forbidden grounds, sadly.
Tommy: Understood.
Sapnap: So they're going into Manburg?
Dream: … L'Manburg.
~ Dream, Tommy and Sapnap.

Season 2

Dream: Okay, listen, you fucked up this time.
Tommy: [nervous laughter] What the fu— Dream, Dream, don't swear please…
Dream: Nonononono. I don't give a FUCK about Spirit, okay?! I don't give a fuck about
anything actually! I care about your disks. I care more about your disks than you do! That's the ONLY thing I care about on the server, actually! I don't care about Spirit, Spirit was my horse, died ages ago! I care about your disks, 'cause that's what gives me power over you and your friends, and EVERYBODY you care about! Because you care about your disks more than anyone else here, so if YOU ARE NOT EXILED from L'Manburg, I will build these walls until they reach the block limit. I will keep EVERYBODY inside, I will hire guards, Punz and Sapnap, to patrol all around the entire walls, keeping them inside. No trade, no-one leaves, no armor, or they get slaughtered inside. DON'T TRY AND THREATEN ME! I don't CARE! I've lost ALL care for ANYTHING on this server!
Tommy: Really?! So if I burn Spirit right now-
Tommy: Well, this is the only thing you've had attachment to this entire time! How do I know you're not fucking lying?!
Dream: I have attachment to
your disks.
Tommy: Why would you care— [stammers] They're MY disks, why do you even care about them?!
Dream: Nononono, Tommy, Tommy, they're
my disks. I'll get them, I'll keep them, I'll put them in my ender chest and I'll keep them for the rest of the server. Listen, Tubbo. You have three days. If you do not exile him in three days… I'll do what I said.
Tommy: Well, wh… What does that entail? What the fuck do you mean?
Dream: L'Manburg can be independent… but L'Manburg can't be
~ Dream's villainous breakdown as he snaps at Tommy.
Tubbo: Look around.
Dream: There's giant obsidian walls.
Tubbo: There is. There is, Dream. And that is- that is a problem, okay? For too long, Dream, we—actually… [trails off]
Dream: Tubbo.
Tubbo: Yeah.
Dream: I trust… you. I trust—y'know, you're the best leader L'Manburg's ever had. I trust that you… y'know, you've always made the best decision for L'Manburg, as a y'know, a gracious leader. I trust that whatever decision you came to was the best one for L'Manburg.
~ Dream and Tubbo coming to the decision to exile Tommy.
Dream: I'm just— I'm making sure that you're not up to no good.
Dream: I know! I know! And you know why I did that?
Tommy: Why?
Dream: Because… you don't listen to me, ever. You're the only person who doesn't
ever listen to me. If I tell you to do something, you're like [bad British accent] "NO, FUCK YOU", [normal voice] and you go and do the exact opposite-
Tommy: [punching Dream and lighting him on fire] THAT DOES NOT SOUND LIKE ME, THAT DOES NOT SOUND LIKE ME, FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU—
Dream: That is
Dream: You're like a little annoying
bug in my room, and it's— You piss me off! So I take you, and I put you outside. And that's what I did. And now I'm just making sure you stay outside.
~ Dream stating the reason behind Tommy's exile.
Dream: It's not your time to die yet, Tommy.
Tommy: It's never my time to die…
~ Dream and Tommy in the Nether as Tommy stares into a pit of lava.
Tommy: I just wanna go home…
Dream: Um…
Please, can I go home?
Dream: D'you wanna see the Christmas tree for like, ten seconds?
Tommy: Can I stay…?
Dream: You can't
stay, but if you wanna look at it, I'll let you.
Tommy: Why can't I stay…?
Dream: Well, it's not like they
want you anyway, Tommy.
Tommy: …What…?
Dream: Tommy, no one showed up to your party, and everyone was invited. D'you wanna see the Christmas tree?
Tommy: [turns back around and starts walking to the Logstedshire Portal] …let's just go back…
Dream: Come on, you wanna see the Christmas tree. Tommy! Come back!
Tommy: No one showed up, Dream. […]
No one showed up. Did they? No one cares anymore. I'm just…
Dream: I'm sure— I'm sure if you asked them, they'd say they care about you.
Tommy: Well, I— You invited them, and they didn't show up! We
did ask them. And they all said "No". They said "No"… [sigh; starts walking back to Logstedshire] Let's go home.
~ Dream seeing that his manipulation has paid off.
Dream: Tommy, I thought— I thought that we were friends. I thought—
Tommy: We are, no, you're my— You're my best friend! You're my best friend!
Dream: You
hid things in a chest, knowing they were things I wouldn't want you to have. And you hid it in a way, that way I would never find it. And the only reason I would have found it, it because you walked in here, and I was mining down to tell you to drop your stuff in a hole, and I saw the chests!
Tommy: And I was gonna— I was gonna just drop my stuff! I like— I did!
Dream: Listen, Tommy, look. […] [Dream kills Mushroom Henry]
Tommy: [horrified scream] YOU JUST KILLED MUSHROOM HENRY! He was fuckin' spinnin'!
[Dream places TNT inside the house]
Tommy: No, stop it! Stop it! [breaks the TNT] Man, I'm
so sorry, I'm s— Can we not just… Can we not just chat?
[Dream places more TNT and lights it; the house explodes.]
Tommy: …Dream?
Dream: Tommy… You can't go to the Nether.
No one can come and visit you. Until you learn… to listen.
Tommy: I— I— I—
Dream: You have to start over. […] Tommy…
Don't do that. Y'know, I exiled you for a reason, and… Tubbo exiled you for a reason, and you didn't listen. You didn't listen to the rules, the rules were simple! I just wanted your armour and your weapons every day, that's was it. And I didn't even take it one or two days, and I even gave you armour once. But, you have to somehow wiggle your way out and try and defy me for some reason, and keep a secret stash… […] Tommy, you have to realize, you— you hid chests from me, full of stuff to… I don't even know, what?! What were you planning to do with that stuff, attack me?! Try and kill me or something?
Tommy: I don't know… [stammering] I just, y'know, I just wanted a place where I could go "These are
mine. These are my things…" [beat] I'm really sorry. […] Can we… Why don't we just pretend this never… Yeah, let's— Yeah! Can we just pretend this…
Dream: Sorry doesn't cut it, Tommy. […] You
can't go to the Nether, no one can come here, you are alone, okay? As soon as I think that you have changed, and become somebody who isn't going to hide and lie and… try and revolt! Then people can visit you again, and you can go to the Nether again. But for now? No. No one can. You— I was being very lenient! Yesterday, I let you go into the Dream SMP, on a temporary pass! And what do I find out the next day?!
Tommy: [quietly] I'm so sorry…
Dream: I have been nothing but
gracious to you. Tommy. Think about what you did.
~ Dream blowing up Logstedshire after finding Tommy's hidden items.
Tommy: You screwed me over, Dream. You— You manipulated me.
Dream: Tommy, I was the only person who visited you, I was the only person that was your
Tommy: But— but you were
Dream: Look at what you did! You— you— you betrayed me! You came here, you're not supposed to be here, you left… And now you're here! And you're causing problems! As far as I heard, you had a
Tommy: …Yeah, we did…
Techno: That's true. That's true.
Tommy: Yeah, y'know what, to get back my discs! So we can put an end to all of this! This all— you were the only one that visited me, because you know what, Dream?
Dream: Tommy—
Tommy: I'm the—
I'm the only one that goes against you! And y'know what, Dream? I think you're scared of me.
Techno: Oooohhh!
Tommy: I think that's what this was about! Containing me! […] You know what, Dream?
Go to hell.'
~ Tommy standing up to Dream's manipulation, leaving his former captor in shock.
Dream: Tommy, listen. You're gonna come with me… or I'm gonna burn your disc.
Techno: Well, that's gonna be a bit of a problem, Dream. [steps in front of Tommy] Because this guy's with
~ Dream watching as Techno protects Tommy.
Dream: Listen listen listen, Tubbo, Tubbo. I — I— ah, well, thank you for giving me the disc. I just want to say that you're an idiot. You are an absolute idiot. And you have no power and you are the worst president that has ever been president-elect because you're no president at all!
[people protest]
Dream: No listen, listen! You're not even president! You're not even president — Quackity is more president than you! I'm more president of L'Manberg than you. You listen t— you get pushed around by everybody on this server.
Technoblade: Yeah tell him!!
Dream: Because you are an idiot. You are a buffoon. You are a fool, you fall for—
Technoblade: You are a coward!
Dream: —everything! You just gave me the one thing I needed to destroy L'Manberg! I don't CARE about L'Manberg. I don't CARE about anything; I've said this before. The only reason why I had not destroyed L'Manberg was because you had the disk! I had to be friends with you, to get the dumb disk back! I don't care about you. I'm not your friend. Okay? I cared about getting the disk back, and I got the disk back. I got it back. And that's—that's— that's the only thing that really matters. You can't even run your nation right. RANBOO IS A TRAITOR. ONE OF YOUR MOST TRUSTED FRIENDS.
[various outbursts and denial]
Dream: NO IT IS TRUE. READ THIS BOOK. READ THIS BOOK. There's his memory book. He was meeting with Techno and Tommy and told them EVERYTHING. The proof it's all his own memories! He writes it down! You can't even run your own nation correctly Tubbo. Listen. Tubbo, you, I mean you, … L'Manberg is weaker than it's ever been, and it's because of you! You have— you have destroyed everything. You have ruined your friendships. You have ruined L'Manberg's allies. You have just—you are a horrible president Tubbo.
Technoblade: YEAH, YOU SUCK TUBBO!
Dream: Techno. Got any withers?
~ Dream revealing to Tubbo that he's been manipulating him before teaming up with Techno.
In all destruction, there is a new beginning. Beautiful. You know, the unfinished symphony, right? The server will be at peace now.
~ Dream to Tommy after annihilating L'Manberg.
Dream: Tommy, I'm not done with you. L'Manberg's story is over, but our story isn't over.
Tommy: Our story
isn't over Dream, but it will be.
Dream: I don't think it'll ever be over. You're too
~ Dream revealing that he's not done with Tommy yet and that he's too fun to mess around with.
Dream: Tubbo… Tubbo thought I was his friend, Tommy. What an idiot, right? He thought I was his friend. You thought I was your friend. You both— you both thought I was your friend. Y'know, I made— I made sure nobody showed up to your party, so you'd have no friends but me. […] All along, I've been one step ahead of you since the very beginning. Like, I mean… Tubbo, the reason I have the disc is because I framed Tommy, I blew up the community house and framed him!
Tubbo: You blew up the—
Dream: And you were dumb enough to give
me the disc!
Tommy: You're a
psychopath, Dream.
Dream: I mean, I wouldn't say
that, but… I mean, L'Manburg's gone, I have the discs, I have you guys at my mercy right now…
~ Dream capturing Tommy and Tubbo.
Listen, Tommy, ever since you joined this server, you've been a headache, okay?! You've brought war, you brought terrorism… Bad everything! But, but… The cause of all the war, of everything… was attachment. Right? Your attachment to the discs, your attachment to Henry, to pets, to friends, to land, to countries, to items… […] That's— that's the ONE good thing that you've done. The ONE good think you've done is, you've brought attachment to the server. So… It took me a long time to realize how important… How important attachment was. But when I did… Y'know, it made me stronger. And I realized that you're— you're— you're important! […] I— I cut my attachment. I blew up my house, I lost my friends, I lost my items, lost my crossbow, my… Y'know, everything that was important to me, my pets. I cut everything, 'cause that's what gave people power over each other. The reason you're here is because I have these dumb little items. […] If I can control the things that people are attached to, then I can control the server again! Because this isn't TOMMY SMP, or TUBBO SMP, THIS IS DREAM SMP, right?! So I can control the server if I have everything that everybody cares about! That everybody's EVER cared about! I can control everything, alright? I can turn the server back to what it USED to be.
~ Dream to Tommy and Tubbo.
Tommy, you wanna be a hero, right? You wanna be a hero. You wanna be the hero of the server. And every hero needs an origin story. Right? I mean, Batman had his parents, Spider-Man had Uncle Ben… You can have Tubbo.
~ Dream revealing his plan to kill Tubbo to further scar Tommy.
Why are you all here?!
~ Dream upon being confronted by the entire server.

Season 3

Dream: Tommy, give me my clock.
Tommy: [laughs] Or what? You're gonna kill me? Then your server won't be fun anymore, you said it yourself. Turns out, I actually had all the power over you all along, I just didn't know it. You can have your clock back, you're gonna be in here for a long-ass time… [puts the clock back] Everyone's going— they feel bad for you, and I did feel bad for you, but you were actually going to kill, um… my best friend. And uhhh… And hold me in here.
Dream: That's true.
Tommy: You would've put me
in here!
Dream: That's true, you would've been in here. Well, to be fair, you're in here right now.
Tommy: …This is really— this is a really sad sight. […] Hey, Dream, are you getting all sad?
Dream: No.
Tommy: Hey Dream, hey Dream, watch this. I am your
best friend, Dream! I am your friend, and I will come visit you every day, and you can stream it! You can stream it! [takes the clock off the wall] By the way, by the way, throw this in this hole I've made! I'm going to— Does this remind you of anything, prick?! Prick-boy?!
~ Dream and Tommy's exchange in Pandora's vault.
Dream: Tommy, I'm sorry.
Tommy: …really?
Dream: Yeah. I'm sorry.
Tommy: For what?
Dream: For everything that I did to you.
Tommy: Really?
Dream: …yeah.
Tommy: How do I know you're not lying?
Dream: I mean, I have no reason to lie.
Tommy: Yeah, but, you could've said that last— …okay.
~ Tommy gets an apology from Dream.
Tommy: I can therapize you, I can be your little therapist, if you'd like. Tell me how you're feeling.
Dream: Um… Sad.
Tommy: Why?
Dream: 'Cause I lost my friends. And all my stuff. And my server. And you. And my lives.
Tommy: Oh yeah, you only have one life now… And… I think I've diagnosed you already, you are just a… You're just… How do you feel about losing your stuff?
Dream: Bad.
Tommy: Who do you miss the most?
Dream: …I think you should go, Tommy.
Tommy: If you fucking say Gogy, I swear to… Who do you miss the most?!
Dream: I think you should
go, Tommy.
Tommy: No, tell me who you miss the most.
Dream: Guard! GUARD!
~ Dream becoming frustrated with Tommy.
Dream: Exile, it wasn't… It wasn't too bad. I mean, you still… you had… Y'know. We hung out.
Tommy: [angrish] YOU
BASTARD, DREAM! YOU THREW MY SHIT INTO A HOLE, I CAN'T GO NEAR PLAINS BIOMES NOW WITHOUT GETTING A LITTLE TREMBLY IN THE FINGERS! You— Yeah, no, it was fucked! You're fucked! […] When I'm around you my brain feels like I'm fucking conditioned to be your friend, but also when I have a knife, I wanna just plunge it into your heart man, it's like I don't… You don't make me a good person! You make me bad, Dream! All the shit that's happened has been because of you! And I don't… I'm moving on to bigger and better things now, bitch! I'm… I'm done! I'm done.
Dream: What if you… What if you just [visit] like, once a month or something?
Tommy: No. No, I don't wanna— I don't wanna know you in my life anymore, this is done. Alright? There's… [sigh] 'cause you've ruined— you've ruined L'Manburg, you've ruined… like, almost everything, you almost— you almost KILLED TUBBO, MAN! Like, what the FUCK is WRONG with you?! You're a bad guy, you're a bad guy, but even worse than the one from Billie Eilish's song!
Dream: Well, everybody thinks they're right from their perspective!
Tommy: That's not true. That's not true!
Dream: Well,
I think I'm right. I did bad things, but I did them for good reasons.
Tommy: What do you
mean good reasons? […] No, please, please enlighten us! Please, enlighten me!
Dream: I just wanted to bring the server together. Have it be… a happy family.
Tommy: Br… Bring the server to… You fffff— [under his breath] I'm gonna crack my knuckles, I'm gonna pull a knife, I'm gonna— Dream, you des— you
blew up L'Manburg, Dream! You tried killing me, you tried killing everyone, you tried hurting people's loved ones! It's like— What the— what the fu— you're delusional, man! And I'm… I'm fucking sick, you— I'm fucking sick of it. And I… But I don't— I don't need to go through any of this stress anymore, alright? Because this is me doing this to me now, not you! Alright? You're fine now, you're locked up, you're a bitch! I'm the one that's giving me the stress here now. But I'm better than that. I'm better than you. So I'm done here. You ruined my past, Dream, but you will not ruin my future.
Dream: I'm not— I— I'm— Tommy, I'm trying to change and be better, and not… be the same person I was, and… [stammering] You can visit me, every now and then! It'll help! It'll help. Right? It'll help— It'll help me… be better.
Fuck off, mate.
~ Tommy giving Dream a piece of his mind.
Tommy: Look at me, alright? The only reason I'm not [going to kill you] is because you're in this prison. And I… I'm gonna get my little scooter out, and I'll be fine, Dream. You? You're stuck in here forever. I don't think this revive book is real. Schlatt? He's fucking dead! I've seen his grave, his grave is real, his corpse is there! Alright?!
Dream: Why don't you go
see him then!
[Dream starts beating Tommy.]
~ Dream before mercilessly taking Tommy's final canon life.
Dream: So what was it like?!
Tommy: [breathing heavily] What was wh… What was what like…?
Dream: What was it like?! I dunno.
Tommy: [stammering, gasping] Void. It was… dark. It was all dark.
Dream: What did it feel like?
Tommy: What did it
feel… What did what feel like?
Dream: Like, death.
Tommy: [shaky laughter] You fuckin'— you are fucking
monster. It felt—
Dream: I— what, no, what did it feel like? You're— Tommy, no one has
ever been dead and been back. I was— honestly, I was kind of scared it wouldn't work, but…
Tommy: …you were scared… you were scared it wouldn't
Dream: Well, I never tried it.
Tommy: Death was… [shaky breathing] Death was— death was— it was— it felt like my body was— was… taken apart and put back together again. And then put back apart here. I felt stretched, man.
~ Dream and Tommy after the former brings the latter back to life.
I… I'm a god. [laughing] I can bring people back to life, I didn't even know for sure that I could! But I can! I'm actually a god! […] Maybe I'll bring Wilbur back. Maybe I won't. Maybe I'll send you back and, y'know, get some knowledge— I wanna figure it out, I wanna know… I wanna know how it works, I wanna know about death, y'know! We can study it! We can study it together! We can become immortal, together! By studying it!
~ Dream to Tommy.
Tommy: …I'm… You can't have this power. You… You're a mad— You're a psychopath. You're a monster! You… You have to die. You have to die. I… Dream. […] I have to kill you. This isn't even a matter of— of disliking you or not, disregard all of our previous entanglements! You have to die.
Dream: M'kay. Go on then. Kill me. Come on. I'll go in the corner.
Tommy: Okay. Okay! Corner of the prison…
Dream: Go ahead.
Tommy: This is— this is where you die. In the prison. […] You die! And revival goes down with you! I'll kill you in the FUCKING PRISON, the prison you will NEVER fucking get out of, if only I hadn't have came here, and I wouldn't have been
trapped in here, I would've been fucking fine! So now, I'm gonna kill you, and I'm gonna be trapped alone! I'm gonna— I'm gonna— Then I'm gonna be in here… If I kill you now, then… I'll— I'll be in here— then I'll be stuck in here… And I know the book I signed… I can't… so if I kill you in here… What happens if I kill you in here?
Dream: Well, I mean… You'll probably be stuck in here, have people think you're dead… Um… Awesam seems pretty upset with me, so…
Tommy: If you're dead, Sam would let me out. Sam would let me out!
Dream: He won't realize you're in here for a while.
Tommy: Well the terms of the book was
breaking in, not trying— [gasps at an Elder Guardian noise] Breaking in, not trying to kill! He'd let me out, right? Right?!
Dream: Well, I mean, I'm not even sure how long it would take him to realize that— that you're… Y'know, that you're in here. Might be a while, actually. May be a couple months, he wouldn't realize you're in here, then when he does, he'd realize— He wouldn't know where I am, he'd think I escaped! And… You know what that means.
Tommy: So I'd… […] if I kill you, I'll be in here
forever. Sam won't let me out, I know what I signed… Sam's just the owner of the prison, you've… I know how serious he gets… I c… I can't kill you in here. [choking up] Because then I— I'll be in here forever myself! And then… Then it'll be worse than down there! Or up there, I don't know where it was! But it'll be worse than… It'll be worse than death. And then I'll have to die in here. And then I'll go back there. No more memories, no anything. Just suffering.
~ Dream looks on as Tommy realizes he can't kill him.
Tommy: You killed me… Why did you kill me?! Why— you could've just told me it was real! Why did you kill me?!
Dream: You didn't believe me! I was proving a point!
Tommy: You killed me just to
prove a point?! Dre— Dream! You put me through that—
Dream: You didn't believe me!
Tommy: [voice cracking] YOU PUT ME THROUGH MONTHS,
MONTHS, OF AGONY, AND STRESS AND PURE TRAUMA, JUST TO PROVE A POINT?! And now you're threatening to kill me again— you— Dream! You killed me to prove a point! With this much power… You killed me.
Dream: I had to! You wouldn't believe me, what else am I gonna do!
Tommy: You killed me to prove a— you
killed me to prove your own point. You could've just showed me! You could've just— this is so evil. This is— this is— this isn't like before! This isn't "You've blown up our town", you've put me through torture! Through pain! To PROVE A POINT, DREAM! THAT'S— THAT'S FUCKED! You CAN'T do that to me! To ANY— You—
Dream: Why? Why can't I, Tommy? You didn't believe me! You were calling me a liar! How else was I supposed to prove it?
Tommy: You killed me—
Dream: It's not that big of a deal, it's not—
Tommy: YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT I'VE— Dream, you will NEVER understand it, your simple
fucking stupid green brain, you will NEVER understand what I've just been through, Dream! You killed me now just to prove a point, you sent me back to Wilbur, to Schlatt, all the people you know— you know are my enemies! And you put me in there for months! You send me through the torture— I was ripped apart, Dream! Can you— Can you even imagine what that's like?! No you can't, 'cause you're fuckin' soft, Dream, you're soft, alright?! You put on all of this, but you're nothing, Dream, you don't know what it's like, alright? You're— you're not just evil now, you are fucking demented, fuck you, FUCK YOU, man! Seriously, more than before, this isn't… You're not just a villain, you're not just the villain in the history books… You are the fucking devil, man, you put me through all of this, man… What the fuck…
~ Dream listening to Tommy rant about him.
Dream: I'll let you free. I'll let you free. We'll call for Sam, we'll get him in here, he'll— he'll let you out. But… I'm gonna bring back Wilbur. And— and Wilbur's…
Tommy: No…
Dream: Wilbur's gonna help me escape! [starts laughing] He will owe me his
life! AND HE'S BEEN THERE FOR HOW MANY YEARS?! He's probably the smartest man on the entire planet!
Tommy: No, you won't bring back Wilbur,
promise me you won't!
Dream: I'm going to bring him back, and
he's gonna be the one to break me out of here.
Tommy: Dream, I know this seems elaborate, but
promise me you won't bring back Wilbur.
Dream: I'm bringing back Wilbur.
~ Dream revealing his plan to bring Wilbur back to life.
Quackity: You do that again and it's over for you! Don't fucking EVER do that again! You understand?!
Dream: Yes…
Quackity: Don't ever reach for any of my
fucking weapons ever again! Okay?
Dream: Yes, sir…
~ Dream being diciplined by Quackity.
Technoblade: So… How's it goin', roommate?
Dream: [doesn't respond]
Technoblade: [laughs] You are just not into this. Well, that's what six months of jail would do to anyone.
Dream: You're acting like you're on
vacation or something.
Technoblade: I mean, it's kinda like this is a new experience for me! I'm sure it'll get old.
~ Technoblade attempting to strike up a conversation with Dream in prison.
Techno: [in the in-game chat] yo can you grant a wish
Techno: Yo. [turns to Dream] Dream, I got an idea. I got a— Let's ask him if he can grant a wish.
Dream: Oh my god.
Techno: Bro. Bro, this is huge. This is huge.
DreamXD: [in the in-game chat] one
Techno: "One". Bro!
Dream: [excitedly] One! He's— He's gonna grant a wish?
Techno: We can get one wish. We can get one wish! [typing in the in-game chat] I want a bell. I want a bell, give me a bell.
Techno: Give me a bell.
OUT! What do you mean, you want a bell?!
Techno: [to DreamXD] Give me a bell. I want a bell.
DreamXD: [in the in-game chat] ok
Techno: Yoooo! Yo, it's workin'!
[DreamXD places down a bell on the floor of the prison cell and leaves the game.]
Techno: YOOOOO!
Dream: [at the same time]
~ Technoblade having a wish granted by DreamXD, much to Dream's dismay as he sees Techno wishing for a bell rather than a way to escape Pandora's Vault.
Dream: That's the first thing I'll come for when I break out.
Tubbo: …oh. Okay, time to—
Dream: I will
rip it off your dead body, Tubbo.
~ Dream and Tubbo.
I—I didn't do anything.
~ Dream being honest for once in his life after he witnesses Technoblade disappear from their prison cell.
Dream: Look, you can't tell Quackity. If you tell Quackity, I'm dead! You promised me before, you promised me! You know— Look, I was looking at you when Quackity was about to kill, and you screamed Quackity's name. You were gonna stop him, so you know you don't want me dead.
Sam: …The purpose of the prison isn't to kill the inmates, it's to keep them locked up.
Dream: 'Cause you
know you need the r— If I'm dead, then everyone else, when they die, they're dead forever.
Sam: I know, Dream! I know.
Dream: So if— If he kills me, then— then… Then if— then if you die, then you're dead forever. Or if
Tommy dies, he's dead forever.
Sam: …You're right… Then why don't you just… Tell me what the book says?
Dream: Because then you'll kill me. Or Quackity will kill me.
Sam: If Quackity kills you, I'll use the book on you. That'll be our deal.
Dream: [exasperated] No, you won't. Look, I can't— I can't be telling people about the book! If I tell people about the book, then— I dunno, everyone becomes too powerful. What if the wrong person knows it? I'm the perfect person to know.
Sam: How are
you the perfect person to know?! You're not the good guy, Dream. Don't pretend like you're the good guy. We both know that's not true.
Dream: I don't think that I'm a
bad guy…
Sam: How are you
not the bad guy?
Dream: Well, I think, y'know… Good people do bad things… I think, y'know—
Bad people do bad things.
Dream: Good guys, bad guys…
Sam: So what you did to Tommy? You were just a good guy, doing a bad thing? Making a
Dream: Look, just don't tell Quackity.
~ Sam upon thankfully finding Dream still in prison.
Sam: Guess what, Dream? Guess what, guess what happened to the courtyard? I sealed it up. I sealed it up! Yeah, I sealed it up, you know why I sealed it up, Dream? Because it was a security flaw! Because it was a security flaw, Dream! That's why I sealed it up! And the prisoner didn't need to see the light, remember?! Oh and the steak?! Remember the steak, remember the potatoes, the steak?! The cows! I was gonna cook the cows!
Dream: …Well, I didn't know
I was gonna end up here.
Sam: Right, right, so it was okay as long as
someone else was eating the raw potatoes! […]
Dream: I thought I'd be getting
out of here, and see the light! I haven't seen the light in ages!
Sam: I
sealed it, Dream. There is no light, even in the courtyard.
Dream: Yeah… Well, that's 'cause I said to, you can— You can undo it!
Sam: Guess I
could… I can't believe this, Dream. I… Every— everything you hate about the prison was your idea. You should exp— you should— y'know what? Y'know what, I'm glad! I'm glad you haven't seen the light in a while! This was literally— this was literally the experience you wanted for the prisoners. You— you… this is— you made this bed! Literally! I may have built it, I may have engineered it, but it was— you were the one that wanted— you— you know what you put Tommy through! This is… I don't even think this is as bad! You should be thankful! You wanted this to be for Tommy, Dream. You and me both know it. We both know— You told me to build this so you could put Tommy in here, didn't you? That's why you wanted people to be able to visit, that way you could flaunt Tommy, who you've got stuck in a cell, in front of everyone. That's why you wanted people to be able to visit. That's why you didn't want the courtyard, because you didn't want that for Tommy. And you didn't want him to have a good place to live, you didn't want him to have good food, because you— You wanted to give him raw potatoes! You didn't want to give him steak! You just wanted him to have a HORRIBLE life in here! So… keep it for yourself, Dream. You… you deserve this.
~ Sam rips into Dream as the latter tried to defend his actions.
Techno: Hello, Dream!
Dream: Wait… you came?
Techno: Bet you didn't to see
me here! [laughs]
Dream: No! What?! Wait, Techno, they added— they added glass here, so it sets off the alarm.
Techno: I did— I did notice that there was— there was this… slight… addition to the prison. [looks at the observers surrounding the glass blocks] Uh, that—
Dream: Ever since we tried to get out.
Techno: That is gonna be a slight problem, I'm not gonna lie.
Dream: How did y— how did you get in?
Techno: Oh, I used the blueprints! I… burrowed in from underground and swam up through the lava. With fire resistance. Also, I brought my dog, Apollo. Huge part of this operation.
Dream: Why did you bring your dog?
Techno: Why not? It's man's best friend.
~ Dream is shocked to see that Technoblade came back for him.
Techno: […] So I'm not breaking through this [glass], it's too much work. But you know what I do have? [holds out a stack of TNT]
Dream: Wait… but will that not set it off?
Techno: Oh, it's gonna set off the alarm, Dream! [laughs] I think it's gonna set off the alarm! But the thing is, if I break a single block in this cell, the alarm's going off, so… if we're gonna set off the alarm… [places a block of TNT] let's do it in style! [takes out a lever]
Dream: Are we sure— Are we sure this is the only way?
Techno: Well, I could also spend ten hours breaking glass, but that would be less fun. [places the lever above the TNT]
Dream: [backs up] Hm, okay.
Techno: Alright, but this— The alarm's gonna go off when I do this, so we're gonna have to act fast—
Dream: Yeah, how— how am I… wait, what's the plan after this?
Techno: I've got an ender chest, alright? I got stuff for you in the ender chest, also you'll have access to your own ender chest, if you need it. Anyways, my fire resistance is runnin' out and I actually don't have that much, so, uh— [sets off the TNT] Here we go!
Dream: Oh God…
Techno: Hope this doesn't kill my dog!
[The TNT detonates.]
~ Dream is freed from his cell by Technoblade.
Sam: [holding Ranboo hostage] Dream, come on! I'll— I— Come here, Dream! Or he dies.
Dream: I don't
care if he dies! Techno, we're going. Now. Go. Go. Go.
Techno: I'm not leaving him. I'm not leaving Ranboo!
Dream: We gotta go!
Sam: Or I'm gonna kill him!
Dream: Who's this horse? I'm on this horse. I'm—
Techno: Sam, listen. Listen.
Sam: Technoblade, tell Dream he has to stay, or he's dead.
Techno: Dream doesn't care.
Sam: Get over here!
Techno: You got the wrong hostage. I care—
[Sam slays Ranboo on the spot in front of Technoblade.]
Technoblade: NO!
Dream: Techno! Go! Go! Go!
Techno: [splashes himself with multiple potions] That's it. We're gamin'. We're gamin'. [starts fighting Bad and Sam] Oh God, he gappled—
Sam: Techno, why are you even mad at me?
Techno: It's 'cause you
literally murdered Ranboo right in front of me!
~ Dream tries to pressure Technoblade into leaving, resulting in Ranboo's death.
Dream: Hey, Tommy. [holds out the Axe of Peace] You lookin' for somethin'? Came to get your stuff? Hey, welcome back to Exile! Welcome back! Welcome! You're back at home! […] [he steps closer to Tommy]
Tommy: [steps backwards; shakily] Stand— stand back…
Dream: I'm not gonna hurt you… yet.
Tommy: Why… you're meant to be in prison! It's a top sec— you— [stammers]
Dream: [moving closer] Yeah, but I'm out! I'm out! That means I'm meant to be out. I
earned it.
Tommy: [moving backwards; terrified] No, no, please, stand back… You didn't earn it. You didn't earn
anything. You stole, you manipulated, you— you— you killed— Dream… [shaky exhale] One of the last times you were here, you killed me just to prove a point! You— you haven't earned anything! Stand back, alright, I've got my shield up—
Dream: Maybe I'll kill you again!
Tommy: No, you won't.
Dream: [walking closer] And then I'll revive you, and then I'll kill you again, and then I'll revive you, and then I'll kill you again, and then I'll revive you, and then I'll kill you again!
Tommy: [hits Dream with his axe] No, you won't! NO, YOU FUCKING WON'T!
Dream: [lightly] Don't hit me.
Tommy: Stop speaking like that!
Dream: Tommy, you could
die right now, and no one would know.
Tommy: I'm NOT gonna die right now, alright?!
Dream: No one would know… No one would
Dream: [overlapping] Oh, who would care? Who's your friends? Who are your friends?! TELL ME WHO YOUR FRIENDS ARE, TOMMY!
Tommy: Tubbo, Ranboo…
Dream: Where are they now?! Where are they? You wanna invite them to your party, Tommy, you wanna have a little party? Let's go to the beach! Let's have a little party, let's have some
Tommy: [hits Dream] Get the FUCK away from me!
Dream: [getting genuinely angry] Maybe I can experience the
beach for once in my life. Y'know, you FUCKED me, Tommy! You put me in prison, I rotted in there, I was TORTURED by Quackity, I'm sure you knew about that! I'm sure you let it happen, I'm sure you wanted it to happen!
Tommy: …what?
Dream: Tommy, I'm gonna make
every day for you a living hell on this server. I'm not gonna let you die, I'm not gonna LET you die! I can bring people back! You're living forever!
~ Dream reuniting with Tommy at Logstedshire.

Season 4

Okay, so… you've murdered for the greater good, you've kidnapped for the greater good, you've tortured for the greater good, you've taken hostage for the greater good, you have mutilated for the greater good… um, and you've stolen for the greater good. That's like the holy trinity of horrible. I— I've— to be fair, I haven't even gone quite that far. I have not tortured… or mutilated. Maybe, like, mental torture, potentially, but mutilation? Come on. I've murdered, sure, I've stolen… I mean, I don't know! You're gonna say I'm a bad guy, I deserved to be locked up in here, then… maybe you should be here. I mean, we can be roomies.
~ Dream hypocritically berating Sam.



  • Dream has spawned numerous comedic moments and memes on the server.
    • Dream has often been mocked and called homeless or a "homeless teletubby", mainly by Technoblade due to never having an established house, despite the fact that he did have a base built into a cave that Tommy and Tubbo discovered during earlier segments of the Disc Saga.
      • Ironically, he would later receive a place of residence in Pandora's Vault when he was imprisoned there, resulting in more memes being made about Dream finally receiving a home.
    • Dream has sometimes been referred to as "Dre", due to an incident that happened during the tenth Minecraft Championship, where numerous players noted that Dream's name was half-cut off in the team display section, showing his name as "Dre" instead of Dream.
  • Dream has been responsible for taking all of Tommy's canon lives, as well as restoring them.
  • Dream has stated that he doesn't sleep, although the canonicity of this statement is unknown, as it's either a joke or implying that Dream's species doesn't need to sleep.
  • Dream has stated that he isn't a good builder, and that the community house is his first "real" build.
  • Wilbur Soot has stated in a Reddit AMA that Dream's in-canon character is not be a human, but rather a humanoid. It's commonly accepted (due to their names) that Dream is some kind of dreamon, either a full dreamon or a subspecies.
    • Despite this, he is widely portrayed as a light-skinned human in a green hoodie with dirty blonde/brown hair and a circular white mask with a smiley face, reminiscent of his YouTube profile picture.
  • Dream himself chose not to stream from his perspective a lot since he, like Jschlatt, wanted to create a distance between the audience and the character and establish his character as an unsympathetic villain.

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