Duncan Homington is the one of the two main antagonists of the series Ergokinetic Nova, He is a Ergokinsapien (a heroic species who protect other species from evil) who want to destroy all life in reality until it is completely lifeless, He is the arch enemy of R.K (Rakovanite 72B9-4EBZ) and the Nova Elites' First Arch enemy and overall their most dangerous and hated enemy ever (even Taylor who believe that everyone can redeem themselves hate him for his evil acts for extreme genocide).

He is served as the main antagonist of the first story arc, an major antagonist through Arc 2 to 6 and 8, The Secondary Antagonist of Arc 7, The Overarching Antagonist of Arc 8 and 9 and the Larry the Great Trilogy, and the Main Antagonist of the final arc, and one of the final antagonists of the series (along with the Devil).


Since he was young he find other life forms as a plague and the plage must be destroyed. when his father King Robert the Fourth show him his first planet to protect, he destroyed that planet killing millions of innocent people along with it showing no remorse and ever since he want to kill all life but decide to keep it low so that his father won't notice until the time is right to strike.

Years later Duncan and the ergo empire have a mission to save a planet as it was being attacked by massive titan like creatures and he was forced to save the innocent and that disgusted him, he saw a injured lady (who is mother of three kids) she beg him to help her but instead duncan killed her leaving her kids to be alone wondering where their mommy is, and he act heroic by killing several titans and plan to kill the mastermind of the attack but his father caught him and grounded him for nearly killing someone (as ergokinsapiens vow not to kill any being no matter how evil they are), then the Devil send duncan to hell and told him that is amazed on how evil he is so he want to help him with his goals and train him.

While Duncan is training with the devil, an infant metalsapiens named R.K (who is millions of universes away) sensed him and know about his goals so he warn his mother and the two gather many other metalsapiens and they plan a counter attack to save the omniverse from duncan, but when they arrive the devil sensed them and know what they are planning so the devil give duncan a sword that is so powerful it can completely destroy any lifeform forever the devil send him back to his room and he act like he change his ways after he got punished by his father but it failed when E.Y (Edoylerite 08Q2-7RLZ) reveal the sword and duncan's true colors and it angered his father, his father told him that he cared and loved him his whole life but duncan told him that love is a symptom of the plague and that he don't care for anyone or anything he destroyed and the metalsapiens and king robert battle him but duncan is proven to be too powerful for them (since he trained with the devil), T.W (Tantalowodginite 95UR-3PWOX) release the counterattack duncan destroyed all of the cores (containing many metalsapiens in each one), and Duncan plan to destroy the castle with a massive energy ball but it got stopped when R.K fly up and attacked him, Duncan planned to kill R.K first but his mother J.E (Jarosewichite-72B9-4EBZ) saved him and the other two metalsapiens created a massive plasma cannon made of the pieces of the dead metalsapiens and it instantly killed duncan, the heroes cheered for their victory but the devil Resurrected duncan and he instantly destroyed R.K's mother in pieces in front of him which cause the infant to break into tears then R.K destroyed a glass planet light-years away (luckily there was no life in it) but duncan just smile remorselessly then R.K instantly turn into an adult and become extremely powerful (so powerful that he break the sword that the devil said that even the gods can't break) and he proven to give duncan one heck of an fight until he powered up and easily defeated R.K and begin his destruction killing millions if not billion of innocent lifeforms, until R.K return with the other metalsapiens and king Robert.


Duncan Homington maybe a Ergokinsapien but unlike his race he lack heroic or redeeming traits. Since he was a child he find other life forms to be a infinite mistake created by the gods and that it must be destroyed forever, he find every single being disgusting and see himself as the only lifeform who is perfect showing that he is egotistic, But he hate the gods even more than any lifeform because they were the main reasons why lifeforms exist in every drop of reality (microscopic or universal in size).

He is extremely sadistic as he love to torture his victims slowly and painful until they die, and he doesn't like to do things quick he want all lifeforms to suffer slowly and watch them die as he smile showing no remorse, he love to torture children the most as he find them the most disgusting (other than the gods) and crying of children make him happy (the younger they are the better), He show this trait even when he was a kid. He see love and compassion as f*** up nonsense and that it's a symptom of the "plague".

Duncan is willing to act nice and friendly to others in order to gain their trust such as with his father as he was able to fool him for years until he founded him about to kill someone or the ergokinsapiens from another reality where he trick them into thinking that he gave them a special gift for their heroic acts but it was actually a trap to create his army.

He is aware that he is not the most powerful being in all of reality (but rather the most powerful mortal) so he doesn't get overconfident when he face powerful beings (such as King Sombra from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, who didn't mind controlled the mane six because he is really egotistic) and never let anyone live (even when he killed a lady with kids but the kids survive). He is really to team up with powerful beings such as the devil in order to make his plans reality.

He Hate funniness and want to take his plans seriously and his army must be serious also (but they sometimes say i like turtles and that make him mad).


Duncan Homington is a ergokinsapien which make him extremely powerful (even for one).

Ergokinesis: Like all ergokinsapiens Duncan possess the ability to manipulate, control, absorb, and redirect energy, his energy was able to destroy a medium planet when he was a kid, his energy get stronger as he age when he killed almost all of the titans (and their leader said that he can rule the solar system with them), He is able to hold his own against the devil (who is a god and also that he was holding back).

Enhanced Condition: Duncan possess superhuman strength as he was able to brawl with R.K who was in Rage Mode and defeat the titans. He is extremely durable as he was able to survive being punch to a planet thousands of light-years away with just one bleeding spot and he is able to survive many blows from the devil, He is extremely fast and agile as he was able to dodge energy blasts from R.K and travel fast enough to reach light speeds, He is also very intelligence as he was able to fool others into thinking that he is very heroic and doesn't let his arrogant get the best of him.

Flight: Duncan can fly

Limitless Stamina: For Begin a Ergokinsapien Duncan Homington possess Infinite Stamina allowing him to fight without getting tired and over fight his enemies until they are tired.

Regeneration: Duncan can recover extreme damage on his body but thanks to the devil he can regenerate with just a single atom.

Energy Construction: Duncan can create weapons and tools out of his energy such as blades and maces.

Space Survivability:

Skilled Weapon Proficiency:




  • Ergo Blade: One of Duncan's most used techniques, he creates an energy sword that is powerful enough to slice multiple metalsapiens in half with an single attack.
  • Decay Touch: He Touch an target and he produce fire that burn the target into dust instantly killing it, it's not limited to his hands he can use it with any part of his body.
  • Decay Energy: The Enhanced Version of Decay Touch as he can produce energy that can instantly any target who touch it as it destroy every atom in the body including the spirit, He learned that technique by the devil.
  • Deathzone: He produce multiple energy balls and they attack the targets by dashing through the heart instantly killing them
  • Omega Bomb: One of Duncan's Most powerful attacks as he create a massive energy that can get bigger than an large galaxy and when it is launch it will create a colossal impact that can destroy other galaxies around it.
  • Choke Hold: He use telekinesis to grab the target and choke them until they are dead or break their necks.
  • Ergo Meteor: He Launch an powerful energy meteor.
  • Ergo Spikes: He cover his hand with energy spikes.
  • Torture Vision: Duncan make his eyes glow red and made the target frozen (thanks to his telekinesis) and crush their bones causing them to pierce through their major organs.
  • Death Ray: Duncan blast an massive energy wave that can destroy an entire species in one shot by matching the certain DNA.
  • Slice Beam(s): Duncan shoot deadly energy beams that pierce through almost anything, he can shoot a beam for each finger.
  • Atom Split: Duncan remove one atom out of his body and spirit energy which allow him to survive existence erasure from the grand omega.
  • Energy Storm: Duncan creates small energy spikes in the air and make them fall like a heavy rainstorm.
  • Ergo Shield: Duncan cover his body with his energy that can protect him from his weaknesses such as ice and magic, he learn that one from the devil.


  • Ergo Truffles: Like all Ergokinsapiens he can't resist ergo truffles but is completely immune to the corrumpereon eggs as he is already sadistic and pure evil.
  • Ergo Flu: Like all Ergokinsapiens Duncan can catch the Ergo Flu.
  • Ice: Ergokinsapiens acid are made of an unknown plasma that can get frozen quickly when they are frozen and if the acid is frozen Duncan can die.
  • Magic: Like all Ergokinsapien Duncan is Vulnerable against magic but he have a few techniques to protect him against that power.
  • Electricity: High Voltage of electricity can stun Duncan and damage both his Nervous and Circulatory systems.


  • Duncan Homington is Joshuamccray 2.0's Favorite to write.
  • Duncan Homington is the most evil villain the series but not the most powerful (the devil is).
  • He is the most recurring villain in the series as he appear in every arc.
  • He is so evil that the void officers (the void is most secured prison in reality) doesn't want to imprison him cause them know that he will destroy the whole place but other villains are inspired by him (such as king gak and jill poach) and the chief of the void is not afraid of ergokinsapiens.
  • No matter which villain they encounter the nova elites are more worry about Duncan the most (not even the devil who can destroy entire multiverses with just one spark of energy).
  • Peter Green and the Devil are the only beings in all existence Duncan find useful but deep down he still want to kill them when their usefulness is all used up.
  • After killing trillions of lifeforms Duncan's hair turn red and his eyes turn black and bloody making him very evil.
  • Duncan Homington has similarities with Goku Black/Zamasu:
    • Both are main villains who have a deep hatred for lifeforms/mortals.
    • Both uses energy blades as their main weapon.
    • Both see their evil actions as completely justified.
    • Both want to kill their master/father to steal their rank.
    • Both Wear Black and Red (although Duncan have more red than black).
    • Both have Immortality (but Duncan can still get hurt and die)
    • Both have killed a beloved one of the protagonist which cause them to go berserk
    • Both see the gods bad (as black think that they shouldn't have done their jobs, while Duncan blame them for creating lifeforms).
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