(evil laugh) I know that these times such as the birth of the Earth, the Cambrian, the Age of Dinosaurs, Prehistory, Antiquity, the Religious Kingdom, the Middle Ages, the Eastern Era, the Renaissance, The Conquest of the European World, Feudal Asia, the Reign of Louis XIV, the French Revolution, the Reign of Napoleon, Industrial Age, The Fall of the Titanic, The Conquest of the West, The First and Second World Wars , the Hippie Domain, the Formation of the European Union and the Future, but I will not make you return to the present of the years 2010, the time of your extinction has come.
~ Electrotime to the Minion

Electrotime (his real name is Skytermog) aka the Time Eater is the main antagonist of the video game Minion Universe 2: Travel in Time, the sequel of Minion Universe, he is the leader of Timonkeys, an evil temporal ape-like monster race created by a teenage scientist named Megan Magicgirl and who consumes all the eras with his lightning stick and the kidnapping manager of minions through various eras and archenemy of the scientist Megan Magicgirl with his robotic pet Tymoh.