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Erik "Tazman" Mokracek is the central antagonist of the 2018 reboot of The Barney Bunch. He is an insane, bisexual, pedophilic manchild who has a strange obsession with animated children. He was the secondary antagonist of both Season 1 and Season 2. In Season 2, he became Matias Oyarzo's right-hand man.

He is a fictionalized version of the infamous internet user of the same name.


Erik Mokracek describes himself as a "smart, clean, truthful, honest, innocent 39-year-old male". In actuality, he is a deceitful, lying, filthy, dimwitted, delusional, pedophilic manchild.

As stated above, he has an obsession with animated children, and also has a fetish for flatulence and feces, which he refers to the latter as "making chocolate". He is also obsessed with stuff from the 80's, and seeks unfair laws and activities in order to bring them back.

When Erik was 17, he met a 6-year-old girl and "fell in love" with her.


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  • Erik graduated high school at age 21.
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