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Evil Alexia is the Doppelganger of good Alexia Jaystation girlfriend, Alexia think that the evil twin of Jay was not real and that the mirror world does not exist dezspite Jay saying tha3t it does exist, wanted to prove her that the evil twin does exist he tell his girlfriend to do her own number , sure that she will prove him wrong she do what he tell her to do wanted to prov nothing will happen.

She was wrong her evil twin then facetime her and say that she will take over her life as she appear, Alexia and Jay go to hide from that dangerous entity, Jay and Elexia got separated but then when she tried to hide the evil Alexia got up with her and send her in her world that is the mirror world and go join Jay in bed, she also do some challenge with him until the ghost paper one.

Because the ghost told her to gave her phone to Jay so he can show him something, has the fake Alexia give him hhis girlfriend phone the ghost give him the phone to show him that Alexia is in the mirror world, after she reveal her true color and attack him so Jay handcuffed her to the stairs and wait for her to disa^ppear or being killed when she is finally gone the real Alexia is back to the real world but the fate of the fake Alexia is still unknow did she return to the mirror or d go somewhere to plot revenge.

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