Evil Jaystation first appear in a mirror from a hotel when Jaystation wanted to do a mirror ritual to prove that his evil twin will attack him, Jay then light some candles to summon his evil self, but all go wrong when the candles went out by themself and some strange things happen like doors slamming by themselves and he was pulling by something and some evil laughter is heard he then go explore and then he sees someone who look just like him and attack him, meaning that the evil twin is real and want to hurt him.

He then reappear when when he himself at 3 am like in the hotel except that that's to his house, when Jaystation makeb his own number the evil twin pick up and facetime him, he of course go to Jaystation house Jay was freaking out as the evil twin tried to kill him, but he fail to do so he return in his world during the morning, he reappear again when Jordan a friend of Jaystation also wanted to do the evil twin challenge at 3am, when Jordan twin says that he go to take his life, Jay call his evil twin o tell his friend to not come to the house, but its too late because both of them decide to go inJaystation house.

When they show up Jay and Jordan do their best to hide, but of course Jay meet with Jordan after he get out the bathroom to find out that its two of them, the both of them tried to prove they are the real Jordan as the real Jordan says that they were under the bed, Jay didn't believe him and think he was the evil twin, but he soon realise a bit late that the doppelganger of Jordan trapped him and the video end with jay getting attack by his evil twin who seem to be successful this time , but it seem that he fail again to take over.

He appear in other video such as the vodoo one and he reappear in when Jay decide to go in the mirror world, when Jay call him to tell him if that's a way to go in the mirror world he agree with him, only when Jay finally go to the mirror world where all evil twins live, he attack Jay as he was prepare to take over him to kill him with his bat, Jay Hills save Jay and imprisoned the evil one in his closet and both of them escape before the evil Jay Hills show up.


The evil Jay look exactly like the real Jay, but he is more evil and sadistic then him, that's no humanity in him since he want to take over Jay channel to take his life and all he as, he will stop nothing to try everything so he can finally kill Jay to remplace him, of course this make him fail everytime since Jay its not going to let him take his place.

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