"You guys are weird, you know that? going on about innocents and whatnot.. what the heck is an innocent? in my world we don't make up fancy names.. we just beat folk who are too weak to fight back - you call them innocents? I don't get it.. your world is all messed up - it's almost as if you guys *care* about each other.." ~ Evil Sally

Evil Mobius is a major antagonistic faction in the Sonic: Cosmic Crusade multiverse and is the name given to a dystopian reality in which Mobius became an anarchic wasteland run by gangs, thugs and criminals with very little law other than that dictated by the strongest and most ruthless, who ruled as crime lords amidst the backdrop of random crime and violence.

Evil Mobius is seen as a living representation of chaotic evil, just as Dark Mobius is a living representation of lawful evil - the extreme nature of Evil Mobius is such that most of its residence literally can not understand the concepts of "good" and thus are without true moral agency, only capable of performing acts of cruelty and selfishness.

Unlike Dark Mobius it appears all species in Evil Mobius are of this nature, with humans also showing themselves to live in similar anarchy as Mobius but due to the anarchic nature of both worlds neither had contact with one another, since the concept of space or dimensional travel was largely lost and thus the residents of Mobius continually warred with one another, completely unaware of life outside their own planet or reality.

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After the Cosmic Crusade accidentally made contact with Evil Mobius this isolation was broken and the Evil Mobians found a whole new multiverse to loot and pillage, taking the opportunity and trying to invade whenever they can - though due to their back-stabbing, chaotic nature their invasions tend to fall apart quickly : it is theorized that if Evil Mobius ever found a leader strong and cunning enough to unite all the gangs into a single force they could become a much greater threat, possibly on a par with Dark Mobius or the Bane Empire.


  • there is no "Evil" version of Bunni (the "Bunni" in the image shown was actually mainstream Bunni Rabbot, who had to infiltrate Evil Mobius to rescue several team-mates - masking her robot parts via holographic technologies bestowed by NICOLE).
  • due to there being no "Evil" version of Bunni the Dark Mobian known as Anti-Bunni is often labelled (if incorrectly) "Evil Bunni".
  • residents of Evil Mobius have extreme difficulty understanding even the most basic concepts of "good" - this is not limited to Mobians, when mainstream Bunni had to enter Evil Mobius' version of Earth she encountered "Evil Richard", who also had no understanding of "good".
  • while humans and Mobians are shown to exist in Evil Mobius the two species are in relative isolation, Overlanders have long been extinct in Evil Mobius and in part the lack of Overlanders may of played a role in the corruption of other species, having no conflict with Overlanders or reason to form alliances : resulting in years of in-fighting and chaos, which ultimately turned both Mobius and Earth into isolated wastelands.
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