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Come on out, Tails. Don't make me come find you... So you wanna play hide and seek then, do you? This will be fun.
~ Exeller before starting Hide and Seek.
This will have to do for now. But it won't take long before I can use it's full potential... I just need a few more souls... Much more... And I know who to start with...
~ Exeller after entering Sonic's body.
It seems you have misunderstood. I am no normal being, Doctor. I... Am... GOD!!!
~ Exeller before killing Eggman.

Exeller (also known as Sonic.exe) is the titular main antagonist of the Sonic.exe: The Spirits of Hell fan game series created by Danuha2526, serving as the titular main antagonist of Sonic.exe: The Spirits of Hell and its sequel, Round 2 - The Whisper of Soul. He is a ghostly creature who possesses Sonic and attempts to kill all of his friends.

He is voiced by YouTuber DarkBox.



Exeller's origins are vague and mysterious, although it is most likely he is a demonic spirit from Hell, hence the name of the game. Exeller somehow makes it into Sonic's world and stalks the blue hedgehog until he finds him, Sonic looks up at a tree where the demon is hiding and he enters Sonic's body through his mouth, possessing him as he begins his killing spree.

Endings (Round 1)

Best Ending(s)

The canon ending of Round 1. If Tails, Knuckles and Dr. Eggman survive their ordeals with Exeller then they will meat up at the Hidden Palace and find out about what happened to Sonic. The three will then be transported to Sky Sanctuary where Exeller will meat them and transform, starting a boss fight in where all three characters have their own phases. When Exeller is defeated he screams before launching at the ground, which lets Sonic's spirit fight for control, telling Tails to run. This can lead to two different endings:

  • The good ending: Tails leaves Sonic behind and the three go through a giant ring into a hidden mountain area.
  • The bad ending: Tails goes to help Sonic and Knuckles tries to stop him, Exeller takes control of Sonic's body again and kills Knuckles, allowing Eggman and Tails to escape unharmed.

Knuckles and Eggman Duo Ending

If Tails does not survive and Knuckles and Eggman do then they will be transported to the Spring Yard. Eggman runs from Knuckles and goes to steal the Master Emerald, only to be confronted by Exeller and protected by Knuckles. However, Tails will return as a corrupted minion of Exeller, starting a boss fight between Knuckles and one of Exeller's clones. After defeating the clone Exeller vanishes and the remaining survivors escape.

Tails and Eggman Duo Ending

If Knuckles dies then Tails and Eggman will head off to Metropolis, Tails will go and find Eggman's hidden laboratory. The lights go out and Exeller starts stalking Tails through the dimly lighted area, Eggman watches Tails through a camera system while guiding him away from Exeller. Tails makes it to Eggman and the two teleport to the hidden mountain.

Tails and Knuckles Duo Ending

Tails and Knuckles arrive at the Master Emerald and are teleported to Mecha Green Hill Zone, the two of them then look for areas to hide from Exeller but are eventually confronted by him and are thrown into an illusion where Exeller hunts them down. Just like in the best ending Sonic will warn Tails to run away and Knuckles can either die or both of them get away safely.

Tails Solo Ending

If Tails is the only survivor of Exeller's massacre then he will use the Master Emerald to transport him to Green Hill, where Exeller threatens him before retreating due to a black ring Tails has with him. He finds a giant ring and meets a corrupted version of him from Exetior's dimension, who reveals that he can die over and over again and that the timeline can reset. He lets Tails out of the corrupted world and Exetior lets Exeller team up with another version of Sonic.exe named Pervision along with a monstrous version of Tails named "Boddys".

Tails will be transported to another zone and Exeller confronts him, Tails stands up against the demon's discouragement and they fight. Exeller gets frustrated with Tails' survival and transfrorms into a monstrous version of himself, and uses the corrupted Knuckles, Eggman, Pervision and Boddys to help him. But he is eventually weakened and Tails decapitates him with his tails, presumably killing him for good. It is later revealed that Exeller is still alive and that Tails had killed a clone.

Knuckles Solo Ending

Knuckles will come across the Master Emerald and is transported to Hydrocity where he has set up a trap for Exeller. He arrives and Knuckles' trap appears not to work as Exeller holds him under the trap door, but Knuckles moves out of the way and Exeller is trapped and split in half by the door and teleports away. However when he travels underwater he finds Exeller is still alive, and that he had killed one of his copies. Knuckles makes it out alive and goes to the mountain.

Eggman Solo Ending

At Eggman's base he finds an old jetpack which he can use to get across the stage with, he sends out his robots to deal with Exeller. Exeller finds Eggman and he manages to escape to an elevator, but Exeller comes with him and makes the elevator fall down. Eggman then has to navigate through Marble Zone and Exeller starts chasing him, he manages to escape and steps through a giant ring.

Eggman is then teleported to the Master Emerald and uses it to teleport to Sky Base. Exeller finds him and Eggman traverses through the base, with Exeller launches multiple pieces of of the ship at the doctor. He finds his eggmobile and shoots Exeller down with lasers, arriving at the hidden mountain.

Worst Ending

If none of the characters survive Exeller's rampage then he will will corrupt all of them, turning them into his brainwashed slaves. However, Exeller is unsatisfied with his work and resets the timeline so he can give the characters another chance at surviving.


Exeller was introduced in the Spirits of Hell as a violent, remorseless, homicidal, predatory, and vicious monster. He is unrelenting in trying to complete his goals and takes sadistic glee is slaughtering all who encounter him in brutish and torturous ways. Exeller is very narcissistic and determined, and goes out of is way to traumatize his victims before killing them, which can unintentionally lead to their survival and his downfall. Even in his Sonic disguise he's still not very convincing, as he forgets to wash blood of his hands when greeting Tails.

Powers and Abilities

Exeller is very strong and durable, he can take multiple hits from lasers, attacks, punches, and none of them are enough to permanently put him down. Exeller is also able to shape-shift into his Sonic disguise and use his full power to transform into larger versions of himself. Exeller can also fly, teleport, is incredibly strong with amazing reflexes, can corrupt zone layouts, possess other entities, mimic the voice of the person he's possessing, and is incredibly smart and adapt.

Exeller is also able to use special red rings to throw his victims into a mind-altering state where they perceive reality differently through strange illusions. Exeller can fire out harmful ring projectiles and duplicate himself so he can get on with bigger plans and have his clones carry out his tasks for him. Exeller is also able to spindash, fire energy beams from his hands, and shoot lasers out of his eyes when in his final transformed state.


Sonic (?): Tails? What are you doing here? Didn't I tell you I'd be back soon?

Tails: I'm sorry, Sonic, I just thought you needed help.
Sonic (?): Is the Tornado here? Come on, we have work to do.
Tails: (Tails notices the blood on his hands.) Tails: S-Sonic, whats with your g-gloves?
Sonic (?): It's nothing, okay? We have to get a move on!

~ Exeller impersonating Sonic and luring Tails to his death.
Sorry buddy, but you have a price to pay for crossing me.
~ Exeller killing Tails (if the player falls down the hole whilst being chased in Hide and Seek Act 1.
Dammit. How could I have let him get away so easily? He has to be around here somewhere...
~ Exeller begins his hunt for Tails.
One down, five to go. This next one shouldn't be too hard... for me, anyway.
~ Exeller after killing Tails.
Hm. He survived... for now. I could play with him a little longer, but I have plans.
~ Exeller after Tails escapes him.
Found you.
~ Exeller to Knuckles.
Nice try, Knuckles.
~ Exeller kills Knuckles.
So many souls to play with. So little time. Would you agree?
~ Exeller
Ah, you're trying to play with me, Doctor? I'll rip your beating heart out of your lifeless body
~ Exeller threatening Eggman (if the player decides to send Scratch and Grounder to kill Exeller).
You thought sending your best robot was smart? This will be too easy...'
~ Exeller to Eggman (if the player decides to send Metal Sonic to kill Exeller).
You're not dead? ... If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself, I suppose.
~ Exeller to Eggman as he tries to escape him.
Exeller: Well, aren't you the smart one, Tails?

Knuckles: What the? How did you-
Exeller: Like Tails said, I can feel everything in Mobius. And Sky Sanctuary is part of it as well.
Eggman: I knew it! However, I also know there's one territory you can't feel!
Exeller: Mountain Peak. If I kill one of you, the region will increase. And that's exactly what I'm going to do!

~ Exeller to the surviving trio before transforming and starting the final battle.
~ Exeller whenever Sonic manages to take control and warn his friends to run away.
Poor Knuckles... He was unlucky, just like his friends. Sorry buddy, but there's so little time, and so many souls.
~ Exeller to Tails when he attempts to help Sonic.
Exeller: Well, well, well. What do we have here?

Eggman: Oh no, not you again!
Exeller: Speaking of which, you were dense trying to collect that Chaos Emerald alone. Now, let me do this quickly. (Exeller attempts to kill Eggman but Knuckles rolls in from behind Eggman and punches Exeller back.)
Eggman: Knuckles! Thank goodness you're here!
Knuckles: After I finish off this demon, I will defeat you, Doctor!) (Knuckles attempts to spindash into Exeller, but the now corrupted Tails intervenes and blocks him.)
Eggman: Tails? Wait, that isn't Tails. What have you done to him?!
Exeller: It doesn't matter, he just lost my game. So let's play another: Knuckles versus me, and Tails versus Eggman.

~ Exeller to Knuckles and Eggman before fighting Knuckles.
I'll come for you, Knuckles! You only killed my copy, but you haven't beaten me yet!
~ Exeller to Knuckles after he defeats a clone of his.
My dear obnoxious fox. I'm coming for you! Time to die, sucker!
~ Exeller to Tails after killing Eggman in their duo run.
Exeller: Ha! You think you can trick me? HAHAHA! I'd like to show you something... (pulls out a red ring.)

Knuckles: A red ring?
Exeller: Yes, however this one is perfect. I don't know how you survived this, but this time... Your death is certain. (Exeller throws the ring and Knuckles narrowly avoids it by ducking down, indirectly causing Tails to absorb it.) I do not need Tails, but I'll still take him. Let's play a better game Illusion is going on a fox hunt, but unfortunately Knuckles is safe. You'd better switch with Tails sometimes, to see how he's doing.

~ Exeller to Tails and Knuckles.
Too bad this is already over... I wanted to play a little longer. What a shame... Maybe the girls can provide a little more entertainment.
~ Exeller after killing both Tails and Knuckles in their duo run.
Exeller: I'm happy to see you again, Tails. I believed you were a smart guy, but coming back here was a pathetic choice.

Tails: What did you do to Sonic, you monster?
Exeller: Hmm... So you know who I am? It doesn't matter. When I kill you, you will work for me.
Tails: I'd never help you! Knuckles and thee others will stop you!
Exeller: Your dear Knuckles and Doctor are dead. I grow weary of seeing your pathetic faces over and over again.
Tails: What?

~ Exeller to Tails if he's the only survivor.
You found a Black Rind, huh? Hmph... I'll come back for you later...
~ Exeller when the Black Ring is used against him by Tails.
Exetior: How's it coming along?

Exeller: Tails is still trying to survive. I must admit, he gets better and better every time.
Exetior: Remember, be careful with these timelines. Tails is weak, but after some time he could defeat you.
Exeller: That's why I can make physical duplicates. Unfortunately, I use a lot of energy doing this, but it's to be sure that fox will be detained.
Exetior: I've explored countless dimensions, and I have found an interesting being. Would you like to take a glance at it?
Exeller: If it can be used as I servant, I will no doubt look. (Exetior reveals Pervision and his twisted Tails creation to Exeller) Hmm... This guy is amusing.

~ Exeller and Exetior discuss their plans.
Exeller: Not bad, Tails. Unfortunately for you, you will still perish. You cannot escape your fate.

Tails: I won't give up that easily! Even if I die, I can still try again! Every time I come back, I will be stronger!
Exeller: I wonder who told you that. No matter, you'll just get tired of losing. This is not your first try.
Tails: I'll push past everything you throw at me, no matter the circumstances!
Exeller: Let's begin.

~ Exeller and Tails before their last fight.
Why won't you die? Care to see my full power? I believe your friends won't mind if I use them.
~ Exeller, outraged that Tails has lasted so long against him.
Exeller: Funny... Remember when Eggman deceived you?

Knuckles: Y-You're not Sonic! You think you can kill us? Tails and the others will defeat you!
Exeller: Oh, I forgot to say. Tails is dead, and so is the Doctor. And now... Say goodbye to your head!

~ Exeller to Knuckles in his solo run.
Exeller: Well, well. The villain survived, but the two heroes are dead. This story ends now.

Eggman: I-I-I can help you! W-W-With my help, you can be k-king of the world!
'Exeller: You can indeed help me... With your death!'

~ Exeller to Eggman in his solo run.
I was thinking... It's not right at all. You died so fast, I didn't get much pleasure from this playthrough. I'm not like the other .exes, I just want to... It doesn't matter I should just reset the timeline. Yes, the timeline will be reset again. Well, so be it. Just survive next time, will ya? I defeated my anger, but not for long. Good riddance.'
~ Exeller in the bad ending, resetting the timeline to give his victims another chance at surviving.



  • In the upcoming DLC for Spirits of Hell the description reads "In this DLC you will play as Exeller - main villain of Spirits of Hell, but... There is there still a chance to change that?", hinting at Exeller becoming redeemed.
    • The DLC will also reveal Exeller's origins.
  • Spirits of Hell is the second most popular .exe game to feature new mechanics and a different story, the other being Nightmare Beginning.
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