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You're dead, pathetic peace of meat...
~ Exetior's message when Fatal Fog is failed in the original Sonic.exe: Nightmare Beginning to the player
There is nothing here that's dear to me. All of you are just my toys.
~ Exetior to Rosy.

Exetior (also known as Sonic.exe) is the titular main antagonist of the Sonic.exe: Nightmare Version series created by JaizKoys.

He serves as the titular main antagonist of Sonic.exe: Nightmare Beginning and its upcoming remake, the main antagonist of its sequel, Sally.exe: Continued Nightmare - Eye of Three, and one of the main protagonist villains in Nightmare Shorts. Aside from the Nightmare series he is a major antagonist in Sonic.exe: The Spirits of Hell.

He is a ruthless, powerful arch-demon who escaped from Hell and possessed Sonic the Hedgehog, embarking on a mission to overrun Mobius with demons and protect it from the Highests.

He is voiced by the series' creator JaizKoys.


Exetior was originally one of the Highests, which were cosmic entities which created life on Mobius. A regular occurrence for the Highests would be erasing Mobius and re-creating it, the first time Exetior erased Mobius, he felt absolutely nothing, but over time with each erasure, Exetior became more and more attached to Mobius and it's inhabitants, but tried to hide it.

In an attempt to stop the endless series of erasures, Exetior disguised as a demon of sharpness and went down to Mobius to learn about it inhabitants and build of an army of demons. Along the way, he befriended a demon of waves named Negagen. However, Exetior later started a war with the Highests after being exposed, but was backed up by Sark and Pervision, as well as Negagen. Exetior lost the war and was stripped of his powers and banished to Hell, turning him into a demon of sharpness. Four thousand years later Exetior would break out of his prison due to outbursts from the Master Emerald, he escaped, being pursued by the guards of Hell and heading to Mobius, he found Sonic the Hedgehog and copied his appearance to hide out in his body.

Exetior tried to possess Sonic, but was unable to because it was protected by Creep. Creep told Exetior that Sonic's strong will made it difficult for him to be possessed. However if he three main parts of determination were destroyed (Tails, Knuckles and Eggman), it would leave him powerless and possessable. Exetior agreed to this choice and temporarily possessed Sonic's body.

Endings (Nightmare Beginning (original))

Best Ending

After Fatal Fog is beaten, Tails, Knuckles, Dr. Eggman, and Metal Sonic attempt to take refuge inside the Hidden Palace, however Exetior will catch up to them. In Sonic's mind, Sonic is able to locate Exetior and defeat him. With Exetior weakened, Metal Sonic places Sonic's body on top of the Master Emerald and it destroys Exetior.

Good Ending

Very similar to the Best Ending, however, if the player doesn't manage to hit Exetior 15 times, Exetior will weigh Sonic down from escaping Destroyed Mind, making it nearly impossible to escape. Knuckles mentions how they do run the risk of obliterating Sonic's mind, as he cannot handle the power of the Master Emerald, and his prediction comes true when Sonic falls to the floor, lifeless. However, Sonic's soul lives.

Tails Solo Ending

If the black rings are not collected and Tails enters Deadly Fog first, Exetior will spin attack Dr. Eggman and Knuckles, but Tails dodges him. Exetior will attempt to attack Tails again, but the fox dodges again, this time, Exetior will be impaled by a spike. Exetior will taunt Tails, saying how he's killed all of Sonic's friends like they were nothing, and Tails spindashes him down, killing Sonic and ejecting Exetior from his body. After the credits, Tails is flying as Sonic's soul appears in front of him.

Knuckles Solo Ending

If the black rings are not collected and Knuckles enters Deadly Fog first, Exetior will spin attack Dr. Eggman, followed by Tails. He comes back around for Knuckles, but he blocks it. Exetior and Knuckles exchange taunts and Exetior throws Knuckles backward with immense power. Exetior asks Knuckles if he has any last words, and he responds with, "See you in Hell" and decapitates the demonic hedgehog, killing Sonic and freeing Exetior from his body. After the credits, Knuckles will meet up with Sally, Amy, and Cream.

Eggman Solo Ending

If the black rings are not collected and Eggman enters Deadly Fog first, Exetior will land on top of Knuckles and start beating him up, he then grabs Tails and throws him into the spikes. Eggman tries to escape, but Exetior catches up to him first, but Metal Sonic tazes him. Eggman will talk about how he was always defeated, but then asks Sonic "who really is evil?" and has Metal Sonic snap his neck, killing Sonic and letting Exetior escape his body. After the credits, Eggman says that the thought of taking over the world with robotics is not very appealing to him anymore.

Bad Ending

The canon ending of the game where none of the cast are saved. Sonic will end up in the level Suicide Hill and trudges by the corpses of Tails, Knuckles, and Eggman, then there will be a bed of spikes. If Sonic chooses not too, the souls of Tails and Knuckles appear to give Sonic confidence, then Exetior, appears with the corrupted Tails and Knuckles are riding the tornado, as they foreshadow Sally.exe: Continued Nightmare - Eye of Three.

Worst Ending #1

This ending is achieved when you run out of lives in Destroyed Mind, prompting Exetior to kill Sonic's friends and harness the Master Emerald's power.

Worst Ending #2

If Sonic chooses to end his life in the bad ending, he will jump on the bed of spikes in front of him.

Sally.exe: Continued Nightmare - Eye of Three

Exetior once again appears as the main antagonist of the sequel. The sequel shows more of Exetior's daily life in his lair and the treatment of his servants, whilst also revealing his motives and sending out his minions to kill Amy, Cream and Sally. After capturing the three girls, Exetior sends them into a simulation to torment them.

Endings: Continued Nightmare (Part 1)

Worst Ending

In the worst ending, Exetior plays a minor role as he sits outside his lair with Knuckles and Tails. After Knuckles pushes Tails away, Exetior is approached by Amy, Cream and Sally, fully demonized and under his control as he smiles wickedly.

Amy and Cream Duo Ending

After Sally tricks Amy into killing Cream, she kills Amy herself as they both disappear. Sally then gets a call from Exetior, congratulating her on her victory whilst simultaneously taunting her. Exetior tells Sally to prepare an apology gift for the two when they are resurrected and hangs up the call.

Amy and Sally Duo Ending

After killing Sally and Amy, Cream gets a call from Exetior, acting nicer to her and praising her successful efforts, he then tells her that she will soon see her friends again.

Cream and Sally Duo Ending

After killing Cream and Sally, Amy gets a call from Exetior congratulating her on her successful mission. He tells her to come back to the base to watch the demonization process and asks her who to demonize first, to which Amy responds by picking Cream. Exetior complies and hangs up.

DSF Ending

Sally arrives at Exetior's main area at his lair where he sees her demonized friends being guided by Exetior. Exetior then says that his work will be easier as Amy and Cream jump down and kill Sally.

Endings: Continued Nightmare (Part 2)

Exetior reveals that Tails had killed Vanilla out of rage and that she is unable to be demonized. Exetior is about to start the demonization ritual when a Highest seemingly possesses Exetior for a few seconds, making the cages the girls are in vanish and letting them escape.

True Ending

Exetior has a minor, yet pivotal role in the true ending, as after the girls escape his lair he is seen by Amy, Cream and Sally (who is possessed by the Highest "Stich-Lite") sitting defeated next to an unconscious Negagen. In front of him is his co-worker Sark, who utters "Now die..."

End of Hope Ending

If none of the girls survive, Sonic will be fueled by his determination inside his mind and turn into his fleetway form, attempting to kill Exetior. Exetior tries to relay the facts that he is only trying to save Mobius, but Sonic doesn't believe him. This can lead to two different outcomes.

  • Sonic loses the will to fight and suffers a heart attack, plummeting to his death and destroying his soul.
  • Sonic survives and falls to the ground below, breaking out of his super form and coming into contact with the demonized Sally, who blames him and tries to incriminate him, saying that Exetior is not real. She vanishes and Sonic takes his own life by jumping down to his death out of guilt, as Exetior appears, revealing that he ordered Sally to do this to break Sonic's spirit.

Betray-Tion Ending

Exetior plays a minor role in the "Betray-Tion" ending. Exetior talks to Knuckles through a screen about Amy's behavior and revealing that she had killed Cream due to Negagen's illusions, he gets worried about Negagen not returning, unaware that Amy killed him out of rage. He orders Knuckles to have Cream kill Amy so she would be more compelled to join them. After Amy is killed, the final image of the game shows Exetior and Knuckles standing in front of the demonized girls, with calm smiles on their faces.

"Madness" Ending

In the fan-titled "Madness" ending, Sally is affected by the Eye and enters a delusional state, believing she has killed the negative-state Amy. Exetior orders Knuckles to check on the girls' state until Sally slides in and cuts Knuckles in half. She demands to meet Exetior in person so she can kill him, and Exetior tricks her after she comes into contact with him. She's teleported to another location and chased by her demonized friends until she is restrained and locked away. Exetior notes on her current state and that she may not ever be cured of the Eye's control.

Ex-Aitor Ending

In the "Ex-Aitor" ending, Exetior enters Sonic's mind to find Creep with his mask off, he tells Exetior that it's a trap as Stich-Lite appears in the form of Sally. Exetior runs as he sends a brainwashed Sonic, Amy and Cream after him, all the while Exetior is apologizing to Mobius and Sonic, promising to avenge them as the Stich-Lite erases Mobius and everything on the planet from existence. Exetior manages to escape and utters "I'm sorry, Mobius."

Secrets in Continued Nightmare

Exetior appears in a secret involving him taking in Sark's Amy (Rosy) due to Sark's torturous and abusive nature towards his servants. He instructs the girls to keep Rosy company while he attends to a meeting with Exeller. After his meeting he meets Rosy again, who starts flirting with him. Exetior attempts to deny these feelings and notes how she should be going back home. Exetior later returns to save Rosy from being tortured by Sark, starting Sark's hatred for the demon he thought was his friend.

Another secret involves Exetior dealing with Tails murdering Vanilla in a barbaric way prior to the girls waking up. Tails' murder leaves Vanilla unable to be demonized. Exetior scolds him for his foolishness but forgives him, and start to think about Amy and Sally's feelings towards each other. He also reveals the "Eye" is a program designed by Eggman to be the girls' weakness in their living state.

Role in Spirits of Hell

Exetior's only appearance occurs in Tails' solo ending. Upon entering Exetior's dimension, Exeller gives Exetior an update on how his search for Tails is doing. Exetior decides to supply Exeller with Pervision and Boddys, and he accepts.

Exetior is not seen again after.


Nightmare Beginning (original)

Why did you come here Tails? I told you to stay near the Tornado! Something happened, I don't know what, but someone killed all the animals in the area! We must find the killer! Come on Tails! Don't fall behind!
~ Exetior disguised as Sonic meeting Tails for the first time.
There you are Tails! Listen, I'm a bit tired... Don't let the murderer get away! Go now! I'll catch up with you in a second!
~ Exetior tells Tails to go on ahead before he tries to kill him.
Found you.
~ Exetior to Knuckles.
Exetior: What the heck?! Who are you?!

Creep: I'm Creep, the dark guardian of Sonic's mind. And I can see that you're trying to take control of his body. I won't do the work for you, but I can give you a tip...
Exetior: Just who do you think you are? I'm this world's god! His body belongs to ME! Now get out of my way.
Creep: Kill his friends, that will destroy his spirit. Destroy all of his hope, and the body will be yours for the taking. Now go away.

~ Exetior meets Creep for the first time.
You're not dead? Interesting...
~ Exetior when the trio clears Fatal Fog.
Exetior: Ha! Don't worry, Blue, they will be here soon.

Sonic: Leave them alone! You've already captured my mind, is that still not enough? Why do you want to still kill my friends?
Exetior: If I captured your mind you wouldn't exist anymore. The hope for your friends doesn't allow you to give up, you hope that they will save you, but that won't happen... Give me a few more seconds. (Exetior summons the Master Emerald in Sonic's mind.) There it is! (Exetior spindashes Sonic out the way) It looks like Knuckles is able to feel the Master Emerald, it's close by... With his strength, I'll no longer have to hide from any of the guards! This world will be mine! Yes, I'm close enough to start absorbing the energy! (Exetior hops on to the Master Emerald, absorbing it's energy and going super.) This is going exactly as I planned. The closer I get to the emerald, the stronger I become, after a minute I'll have enough strength to destroy your spirit. And finally take over your body! Then nobody will stop me! It's over for you.
Sonic: Enough! (He hops on to the Master Emerald and starts absorbing energy) You think you can defeat me if you have a super form?
Exetior: What?!
Sonic: You want to destroy my friends? You're going to have to get through with me!

~ Exetior and Sonic's last confrontation before they fight.
You fools! You decided to beat me by giving me the power inside the Master Emerald?! Very clever, Knuckles! But thank you for helping me find the emerald! It's time to end all of you!
~ Exetior to the trio of survivors before he fights them.
Tails: Oh... my... God...

Exetior: Wow, I'm impressed, the unlikely fox is still alive and well...
Tails: Y-You just... k-killed them like t-they were n-nothing!
Exetior: I know. Too bad that you're next... Now hold still and let me do this quick. (Tails jumps as Exetior spindashes towards him and collides with the wall, a spike from above falls and impales his chest).
Tails: I'm sorry Sonic, but... I won't let you get away with this!
Exetior: What?
Tails: Y-You killed all of my friends! Knuckles, the flickies. You're not Sonic anymore! I won't let you leave this place in one piece...
Exetior: (Laughs) Really now? I killed everyone you know easily. Do you really think you stand a-

~ Exetior confronts Tails in Fatal Fog.
Exetior: What's the matter Knuckles? Did I ruin your 'happy ending?'

Knuckles: You... I-I'll... I'LL KILL YOU!
Exetior: (Exetior launches Knuckles back and he walks up to him.) It was fun watching you struggle... any last words?
Knuckles: ... See you in Hell.
Exetior: What?

~ Exetior and Knuckles' confrontation before Knuckles executes him.
Exetior: Hey. You weren't going to leave without saying goodbye? (Metal Sonic shoots an electric ball at Exetior and picks him up.)

Eggman: You know, Sonic... You've always stopped my plans in the past, and I haven't been able to actually destroy you. But I have to say, 'thanks'. For every time you were able to actually defeat me, I was always improving after my defeat. My only motivation was killing you. But now, seeing that you've killed your own friends, Tails, Knuckles... I have to ask you: Who's the real bad guy here? If anything... I'm doing Mobius a favor by doing this to you.
Metal Sonic: I can't hold him for much longer.
Eggman: Well, it was nice knowing you. Goodbye Sonic, Metal Sonic, snap his neck!

~ Eggman and Exetior talking before Metal Sonic breaks his neck.
Get ready girls! We are going!
~ Exetior in the bad ending.

Sally.exe: Continued Nightmare - Eye of Three

Amy: Hello?

"Sonic": Hi Amy! It's Sonic!
Amy: Oh! Good to hear! Are you okay? After our last fight with Eggman's robots, your arm got broken!
"Sonic": Hehe... Don't be afraid! My arm's already been treated! Milla tried! I think she can be a good doctor! But I'd be more happy if you treated me!
Amy: I considered doing it myself! But Milla insisted that I rest after the battle! In addition, it is a great chance to experience how she can heal people!
"Sonic": You're right! Anyway, are you okay Amy? Don't you have anything to do today?
Amy: No. Sally said there was no danger. Only the spy-robots, but the rest of the Freedom Fighters should be able to handle it without me!
"Sonic": Excellent! I'm free today too! You wouldn't... *ahem* ... mind going on a date with me today?
Amy: Well... I was planning on sleeping all day today, but... I have to check on your condition! Because what if Milla didn't do her healing right? So I'll meet you there! But when?
"Sonic": We can meet in an hour at the Resort Island! It's very beautiful now!
Amy: Okay, Sonic! I'm coming!

~ Exetior posing as Sonic and charming Amy to follow him.
Exetior: Hehe... well done! You have a talent for dragging your friends through the worst scenarios, huh?

Sally: Shut your mouth! It was the fastest and most effective way to take them! If I hadn't done that, there would have been lots of trouble with Amy! You think I'm happy to slay those two in such a cruel way? Cream, and especially my dear Amy... I hope she forgives me... I'm ashamed of what I had to do.
Exetior: Don't be sad... The hard part is over! Now they need to go through the ritual and they will be with you again! But just in case, start preparing an apology gift for your lovely girls!

~ Exetior to Sally after he forces her to slaughter her friends.
Excellent work, Cream! Now go back and wait! As soon as I finish the ritual, you can see your friends!
~ Exetior to Cream after forcing her to kill Amy and Sally.
Amy: Mission accomplished! My friends are saved!

Exetior: Good job Amy! I'll start the demonization ritual! Hurry back to the base! What do you think - Who should be demonized first?
Amy: Hmm... Start with Cream... It's better if she gets through this faster... But be gentle with her... I'm worried about how much she can take...
Exetior: It won't be painless, but I will do it carefully! I'll see you when you come back.

~ Exetior to Amy after forcing her to kill Cream and Sally.
Oh, Sally! You're back? This is quite unexpected! But thanks: you made our work much easier!
~ Exetior in the DSF ending.
DAMN IT!! WHY IN THIS DIMENSION DOES EVERYONE RESIST?! WHY CAN'T YOU ALL JUST DIE?! Okay, get a hold of yourself Exetior... They met before the simulation crashed. Great! That should mea- (the three girls appear unconscious in front of Exetior) ... they appear right here.
~ Exetior's temporary villainous breakdown, shortly before realizing his plan succeeded.
Amy: Sonic! I did it?

"Sonic": Yes... you did...
Amy: S-Sonic?
"Sonic": (Exetior levitates Amy up in the air and cuts off her lower torso with a flying spike, another spike spawns from the ground and impales Amy as a buzzsaw cuts into Amy.) Sonic loved you...

~ Exetior brutally kills Amy.
Exetior: You know, Amy, I want to say that you're one of the most adequate versions of Amy Rose that I've ever talked to.

Amy: Oh, come on! You don't need to flatter me if I helped you heal some of your fighters. A simple "thank you" will be enough for me.
Exetior: But I'm not trying to flatter you! The other Amys are a lot less... acceptable for me.
Amy: What do you mean?
Exetior: (Exetior points to other holographic versions of Amy as he shapeshifts into Sonic.) Stand here and watch! (Exetior approaches the Amys.) Hi, Amy! How's my cutie doing?
Alternate Amys: Sonikku!!!
Amy: (Amy ducks as love hearts from the other Amys fly above her.) Holy Hell! Am I like this in other worlds?? Am I so obsessed with Sonic? It seems the other me as no pride at all... I wouldn't be surprised if Sally's versions of the other dimensions are probably looking down on these Amys. And Cream... When I get home, I'll hug my girls to death!

~ Exetior showing his charisma to Amy.
Old Exetior: Hey! What are you doing here you pathetic piece of meat?! This is my territory! And now I'm going to go and conquer more worlds! Luck, sucker!

New Exetior: Isn't he adorable?
Old Exetior: Shut up please!!
New Exetior: Hehe. Have I been like this before? But he's right - go away! You weren't invited

~ Exetior and his non-canon counterpart from the original Nightmare Beginning breaking the fourth wall.
The simulation was broken? How the hell did this happen? (Exetior reads a note left by Chaos Hunter with his name signed on it) W-what the hell??
~ Exetior reacts to Chaos Hunter's note.



  • Exetior is the first current .exe character's to be an incarnation of Sonic.exe with a different name begining with "ex" or "exe", in a reference to X's infamous nickname. 


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